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What is the ‘Trial Close’ function?

A trial close is a way to check for accuracy in the machine after filling it.

Can I own my ATM?

Yes, you can. Just call us or visit the ATM page on our website

How do I Clear Journal?

Clearing Journals varies from machine to machine. The journal clearing option is usually in the ‘Main Menu’. On newer ATM machines it is not necessary to clear the journal because it is automatically cleared when it reaches a factory-set limit.

Do I have to secure the ATM?

You will need to secure the ATM either by bolting the ATM to the ground or by bolting it to studs in the wall.

Do I need a bank account to operate the ATM?
You will need to have a bank account that funds can be transferred into.

Who handles loading the ATM?
As an ATM owner you are responsible for keeping the ATM loaded with Cash. Any withdrawals are deposited back into your bank account via the ATM Processor.

Can I link together multiple units?

Some games you can! Up to 6 Baytek games can be linked together for interactive competition. This requires the purchase of linking cables, contact us

Do you have the manual for my game?

Click the link for a Bay-Tek's Super Shot manual.

Are the basketball games on free play or pay to play with tickets?

It depends on the model that you choose. Make sure to read the description of the item so that you can make sure you are getting what you want! If you need further assistance do not hesitate to get in contact with one of your sales representatives.

Where can I get parts for my Bubble Hockey?

Game Room Guys sells parts for many makes and models of bubble hockey tables. Check out our parts page or contact us today so we can help you find the part you’re looking for!

Where can I get a copy of the Bubble Hockey service manual?

Shelti Bubble Hockey manuals can be downloaded here. This covers both Holland Bar Stool and Shelti Products.

How do I replace a gearbox?

Follow links for gearbox replacement video tutorials.

-Holland Bar Stool


-Other Bubble Hockey

Why are opposite goals scoring?

Sometimes the wires that go from the goals to the scoring unit get crossed or switched. Simply unplugging these cords and reversing where they are plugged into the scoring unit should eliminate this issue.

How do I replace the scoring funnel?

Follow linkfor a video tutorial of replacing a scoring funnel.

I only have one key and it doesn’t open anything?

Crane Games will typically ship with one key zip-tied to the joystick. This key will open the lockbox located under the control panel. Additional keys and other set-up supplies are provided in this lockbox. Please click the link for a pictorial explanation.

Where is the power cord?

The power cord for most crane games is stored inside the lockbox. The key to the lockbox is typically zip-tied to the joystick on the control panel.

When I put coins into the machine they fall through?

The coin mechanisms are most likely not set up to take coins yet. A quarter needs to be placed inside the mechanism to calibrate it.

How do I set to Free Play?

This process is different for every crane brand. This is most likely adjusted with dip switch settings. Most operator’s manuals will list the dip switch settings for free play.

How do I adjust the claw strength?

Some crane games will have claw strength settings in the dip switch adjustments. Without a service manual, the best way to navigate through the dipswitch settings is through trial and error. Other machines will have VR1 and VR2 knobs on the control panel of the game. VR1 controls the power going to the claw during the time the claw is being retracted to the carriage. VR2 controls the power going to the claw as the gantry returns the claw to the home position. Specific claw strength settings are dependent on the prizes that are stocked in the crane. Click the link for a How-to instructional on adjusting claw strength in your crane machine.

Where do I buy plush toys for my crane?

We provide plush for crane games. Follow the link for our selection.

How do I set to “Play until you win”?

On Telephone cranes (BMI Gaming) the ‘Play Until You Win Function’ is controlled by Dip Switch 2, #6. Turning switch from ‘On’ to ‘Off’ adjusts this feature.

Why isn’t my gas/brake pedal(s) working?

Pedals will stop functioning correctly when the potentiometer fails or because of bad or failing wiring.

What potentiometer does my steering wheel take?

If it is a Suzo-Happ- it is one of two potentiometers- both being 5K but with different shaft size and connections. Please contact us to find out more.

Can you repair my steering board?

We service and repair many driving game components. Please contact us to find out if we can repair your board.

What is the part number for or where can I find a replacement for my steering belt?

Many steering belts are universal on driving games. If you contact us with the name of the game we can see if we have the belt you need.

Are you seeing a white screen (on mobile) while trying to use our financing option?

It could be your pop-up blocker. Check out this useful how-to sheet to troubleshoot.

How do I take care of my Foosball table?

The owner’s manual should have a maintenance section that will be helpful. Basic maintenance will include lubricating the player rods where they meet the side of the table, cleaning the playfield, changing broken players etc. Note that warm water is enough to clean the playfield. Some cleaners will be too abrasive for the playfield and may even remove some of the decals if you aren’t careful.

How do I replace a man that is broken?

There are several different methods for replacing broken men depending on the make and model of table. Some use pins while others use normal hand tools. Look on the man that is broken to see which one. If it is a pin, contact us and we can help get you what you will need to replace the broken man!

My rods don’t turn easy like other tables. What can I do?

Lubrication is the likely culprit. Lubricating the rods will help the rods move freely inside of the rod bearings. You can buy lubricating oil here.

I lubricated my rods and they still are not turning freely. What now?

You may have a bad bearing. These are available for most makes of foosball tables. Please contact us and we can help get you the bearings that you need!

How do I create a cardless ID?

You will need to download the GT Caddy to create your cardless ID.

How do I register for my 3 month online subscription trial?

Your salesperson will provide you with the contact information you need to register your Golden Tee for your 3 month trial subscription upon purchase.

How do I use the keypad?

Don’t ever take your wallet out of your back pocket. With the keypad, Golden Tee players can now securely sign in without having a card handy. Best of all, you will be able use Player Wallet earnings through this new way to enter contests. All that is required is a 10-digit number along with a four-digit pin, both of which can be secured on or the GT Caddy app. When you play a game on Golden Tee, enter both items at the check-in screen and you’re all set. It’s quick, easy, safe and convenient.

Can I connect my game to my wireless network?

You can but you will need a wireless bridge or a network extender. Each home network is different and some products will work better with your network than others. If you need help figuring out what you need please contact one of our Technicians who can guide you through this process.

How do I access the online features in my Golden Tee Home Edition game?

In order to play Golden Tee Home Edition online you will need to register your machine and connect it online. You can do this either wirelessly (hardware not provided) or by running a CAT5 line directly to the game. Go To GT GOLF Online Home Edition: Online Access Configuration Guide and follow the instructions.

I have registered now how do I play with my own player?

Use any magnetic strip card on the card reader and it will prompt you to create a new user account or to log in to an existing user account.

What kind of a TV do I need to purchase?

Almost any TV that has an HDMI input will work with the Golden Tee Home machines.

What is the largest TV I can hook up to an IT Golden Tee Home Edition?

If you purchased a stand for the game from us the maximum size of TV that the stand will support is a 50” screen and the minimum size is 32". If you are mounting the game to the wall or using a projector you can operate with any size TV you wish as long as it has an HDMI input.

Can I move the game around?

The game does not come on casters. If you are going to be moving the unit it is recommended to use a dolly so you can minimize any damage to the game or your floors.

My guns don’t shoot where I am aiming. Do I replace the guns?

If your guns do not shoot where you are aiming you need to try and calibrate them first. Go into the settings or test mode and try calibrating the gun.

Which replacement gun will work on my gun game?

With each replacement gun we sell on our website, we provide a list of compatible games that specific gun will work on. This can be found in the description of the item. For a Big Buck Hunter Deluxe, the gun needs to have the infrared technology.

Why doesn’t the On/Off switch on my power supply work?

There are two switches on the power supply. One in front and one in back. Turn the back switch to the ‘Off’ position. Now the front switch will control the power.

When I turn on my AL3, the marquee lights up but the screen stays blank. Why?

Sometimes the unit will error and need to be reset. This can be done by un-hinging the control panel and sliding it out from the game. Once out of the machine, locate the yellow reset button and press it. This will reset the unit. The game should now power on normally. Follow the link for how-to directions.

Do you sell parts for my game?

We sell parts and accessories for many makes and models of games. We are more than happy to assist you in finding the part that works for you! A few things that will help in the search are: having the part number, the part name and where on the machine the part is for. Sometimes we have customers send in photos of the parts they are looking for, which is also very helpful.

Will this part work on my machine?

The best way to know if a part will work for your specific game is to reference the owner’s manual and match the part number to the part in question. We know that the manual isn’t always available so sometimes researching your game online is the next best thing. The only way to know for sure is if the part is exactly like the one it is replacing.

How do I set to free play?

Click the link for how to set to Free Play.

What is that screeching noise?

Sometimes customers will comment that they hear a loud 'screech' or 'pop' from their machine. This is most likely the 'Knocker' in the machine, a device that is set to sound when a free game is won or a high score is set etc. The volume can be adjusted on the knocker. Click the link for how to set Knocker Volume.

How do I reset the high scores?

Click the link for how to reset the high scores.

How to update my pinball machine to the newest software?

Click the link for how to install the newest update for your machine.

Why wasn’t my pinball already updated when delivered?

Sometimes software updates are released after the machine has been manufactured but before they are delivered to the customer. If you purchase and have us install a shaker motor or accessories we will update your machine to the latest code available.

How do I adjust the eject strength?

Click the link for how to adjust the eject strength.

How to adjust Stern Flipper Crank Arm?

Click the link for how to adjust Stern Flipper Crank Arm.

How to perform ball launch test?

Click the link for how to perform ball launch test.

Why isn’t my flipper working?

Click the link for diagnosing flipper failure.

How do I clear the balls from the trough?

Click the link for how to clear balls on Stern Pinball.

How do I perform a switch test?

Click the link for how to perform a switch test.

How do I change a switch?

Click the link for how to change a switch.

What are the extra plastics?

Key fobs for game keys and some extra playfield plastic pieces are in the coin box of new machines, in case any break.

Why are there two sets of keys?

There are two keys for the back-box and two keys for the coin door. We suggest keeping 1 set with the game and another in a secure location. Some customers will attach a hook (Adhesive hooks work well), high on the back of the game, to hang them from.

Where is the power switch?

The power switch on some Stern pinball machines is located on the right underside of the cabinet- about six inches from the front. Another switch location is on the bottom right side of the backboard.

Where is the key to the back box?

On a brand new machine, there will be 4 keys zip-tied to the ball plunger: two for the coin door and 2 for the back box. Sometimes there are small hooks on the back side of the coin doors, attached to the coin mechanisms, where service technicians may hang keys. Sometimes service technicians will put extra keys in the cashbox as well.

Where should I store the extra keys?

We suggest keeping one set with the game and another in a secure location. Some customers will attach a hook to the back of the game to hang them from.

How do I remove playfield glass?

Click the link for how to remove playfield glass.

Where is the serial number?

Stern machines have the serial number on the outside of the game cabinets on the backside of the back box. The serial number will also appear in the display upon boot up.

How do I obtain a Chicago Gaming Support ticket?

Please visit here for a Chicago Gaming Support ticket.

Is it hard to set up my pinball machine?

No, it is not. In fact, there is a series of video’s created by Stern to assist you in setting up your machine.

Do you offer pool table moving, recovery and rail replacement?

We offer all of those services here at Game Room Guys! Click the link to see our service areas, rates, and options!

How old is my table?

Depending on your table, some will have a maker’s mark underneath the table, giving the year they were manufactured. The manufacturer will also put a nameplate on an end of the table that will provide information. Finding the make, model and specifications (measurements, number of legs etc.) can help to find a close match online.

Does the size of the table matter when it comes to parts?

Yes. Different sizes and makes of tables have different measurements depending on the table. This will affect cushion rails, slate, center chute, side/end trim and top rail laminates. Be sure to measure any and all parts before ordering replacements.

How much is my table worth?

Tables vary in value depending on their age, make and condition.

I have a bumper pool table, can I get parts?

For most tables the answer is Yes. Game Room Guys sells parts for bumper pool tables of many makes and models. Follow the link for our selection of bumper pool parts and supplies.

I want to move my table, how do I take it apart?

When it comes to moving pool tables, we suggest you leave it up to the professionals. Pool tables are very heavy and unless you have experience taking them apart and moving them, they can also be very dangerous. Not only can you cause yourself personal injury but the table itself could be ruined. We offer pool table moving and recovery services here at Game Room Guys. Click the link for more information.

What kind of cue ball do I need?

The kind of cue ball you need only matters if you have a bar pool table. Depending on the table, bar pool tables will have either a magnetic ball or an over-sized cue ball, so the table can separate the cue ball from the rest.

Could you send me a parts break-down specifically for my table?

If we sell the table, yes but it depends on the manufacturer. Contact us for more details.

Could I get a key for my old coin door?

Sorry, no. We cannot offer keys for old coin doors.

Could I get a key for my ball view door or cleanout door?

If standard and never-been-changed, most likely yes.

Should I replace my cushion rails?

Cushion rails should be replaced when they are either very soft or hard. The edge of the rails will also start to curl downward as the rail ages. Rails will often become unreactive or ‘dead’ when they need to be replaced.

Will new rails fit my old table?

Not necessarily. Over the years manufacturers will alter their production methods and change how certain parts are made. This will impact how the rails are attached to the table. It is also important to measure your rail’s dimensions to compare and contrast with replacement options.

I’ve only got one dead rail; why can’t I just buy one replacement?

If only one rail is replaced, the remaining rails will all seem 'off' or not as reactive. This will result in inconsistent play from the pool table.

What rail are cushions no longer available?

Rail cushions are usually no longer available because they were made by a smaller manufacturer that either no longer exists or only made that rail cushion for specific tables.

Do you have information or parts for different manufacturer’s older model pool table?

Yes, we do carry parts for different manufacturer’s older tables. Knowing the make, model and year the table was manufactured is extremely helpful in finding parts and information on your older table.

How much space/room do I need for a pool table?

      AArea required for a 48" cue. Deduct 10" from minimum room size dimensions listed below.
      B Area required for a 52" cue. Deduct 6" from minimum room size dimensions listed below.
      C Area required for a standard 58" cue.
  • Seven foot table: 3.5' x 7'
    (Playing area: 40" x 80")
    Minimum Room Size: 13' x 16' 6"
  • Eight foot table: 4' x 8'
    (Playing area: 45" x 90")
    Minimum Room Size: 13' 6" x 17' 6"
  • Nine foot table: 4.5' x 9'
    (Playing area: 50" x 100")
    Minimum Room Size: 14' x 18' 6"

How do I return my order?

In order to return an order, you must contact Game Room Guys and obtain a return authorization number. When you receive the return authorization number, you will also receive complete instructions on how to package and return the item.

How long do I have to return an item?

The return policy varies from item to item. Returns are usually accepted on most parts and accessories for up to 30 days, assuming they are returned in new, unused condition. Returns are not accepted for games and items which are not in new condition.

Do you have a holiday return policy?

Parts bought between 11/1-12/31 can be returned up until 1/31. Returns are not accepted for New or Used games.

For information regarding shipping, please visit our Shipping Information page

How will my item be shipped?

When items are purchased from Game Room Guys and “Free Economy Shipping” is selected, Game Room Guys will determine the most economical way to ship the order. Generally, small packages ship via UPS, FedEx, or USPS, and large games will ship via an LTL freight carrier.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes, we do. It is available upon checkout or can also be arranged by contacting a Game Room Guys customer service representative

Do we ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

Yes we ship games to these states! For games being shipped to Alaska and Hawaii, the customer is responsible for all taxes and duties associated with their purchase. The customer is also responsible for all shipping and handling charges to these states. We can help provide recommendations for navigating the land and sea shipping process.

What is the maximum size table that I can fit in my home or business?

Shuffleboard tables can come anywhere from 9’ to 22’ long. It is recommended that 36” is left free on each end of the table to accommodate players.

What is a climate adjuster? How to adjust?

Climate adjusters allow you to change the convex and concave nature of the board. Not all tables have this feature but if yours does, click the link for climate adjuster how-to instructions.

What happens if the table is in drastic temperature changes?

Dramatic changes in temperature and humidity will have an impact on the shape of the playfield. Depending on the environment and duration a table may change a little or a whole lot. Many shuffleboards will have climactic adjusters underneath the playfield just for this purpose.

What speed wax should I use?

The shuffleboard powder (wax) is one of the most important elements of playing the game. Shuffleboard powder is ranked by the speed at which the puck will travel on any given powder. The powder has a number rating system with 1 being the fastest and 7 being the slowest. The more experienced players tend to like the faster wax where beginners and intermediate players will favor slower, more controllable powder. The length of the table is also a factor, with shorter tables having better gameplay with slower speed powder.

How do I apply the silicone spray?

First, clear the all of the wax off the playing surface. Next, spray a light coat of the Game Room Guys shuffleboard silicone spray on the playing surface, holding the can 8 to 10 inches from the playing surface. Then, use a clean dry cloth to spread the silicone evenly. Let the silicone dry for 15 minutes. Once the silicone has dried, sprinkle on a new coat of wax, then have fun!

Can I link together multiple units?

Yes, you can link up to 12 alleys.

Do the games come in pieces so I can fit in my house?

Each alley bowler comes in two pieces. Dimensions can be found under the specifications tab on our website.

Why do quarters/tokens keep falling through the roll down coin mechanism?

The coin mechanism is not set up yet. You can find a How-to here.

How much electricity is needed to run these games?

Standard 110 Volt Household outlet.

Why are my Skee-balls getting stuck?

Sometimes in shipping, the playfield (where the scoring holes are located) will slip down into the game and the balls will become stuck while playing. The playfield just needs to be moved back into its original position.

Do you offer tech support?

If you purchase your game from Game Room Guys, you can trust that we will help keep your game up and running with our lifetime phone tech support. When you call, a case will be created and assigned to a technician. The technician will respond promptly and assess your issue. With the advancement in technology, we are usually able to diagnose the problem virtually and provide recommended next steps. Often times, it is a straightforward fix, which can be performed by you once you receive any required replacement parts.

If it is a more complex problem and your game requires repair beyond what you are comfortable performing, we can assist in finding a qualified technician in your area.

If you did not purchase your game from Game Room Guys, we are unable to offer technical support at this time. However, you are not out of luck. We would be happy to provide any recommendations we have to assist you in finding a qualified technician in your area.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

Yes, we do. Warranties vary from item to item and may include both a manufacturer warranty and a Game Room Guys warranty. Please check item specifics for detailed warranty information or call us at 866-794-GAME.