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Warranty Information

Manufacturers' Warranty:

Manufacturers’ warranties will differ from company-to-company and product-to-product. As a customer of Game Room Guys, for more information regarding warranty information, please contact us and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Game Room Guys Branded Products Warranty:

Game Room Guys branded products are rigorously tested to meet our unique requirement of being "arcade quality".

Our products must have two basic qualities:
  1. Built to perform to the highest standard
  2. Built to last.

We believe in our product so much that there is a 180-day warranty on all of our Game Room Guys branded products. If our product doesn’t perform under normal conditions, please return the product to us for a free replacement.

This warranty applies to all manufacturer defects in workmanship, but does not extend to improper use or application of the product.

Products purchased from any third party, and not directly from Game Room Guys, will automatically void the warranty.

If you have a question regarding a specific product or manufacturer warranty, please contact us.