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About Game Room Guys

A Brief History

November 2000- Achievement Unlocked

Game Room Guy’s founder, Doug Wildey, retires from a career at AT&T as sales manager. Time to reset, retire and relax… (Spoiler Alert: Doug doesn’t retire!)

January 2001- New Game- Player 1: Push Start

Doug decides retirement isn’t his speed and begins looking for a business to purchase. After finding and buying a small video game route company, Caledonia Coin, Doug starts servicing 13 locations out of his garage.

Name Your Character

After a hotel front desk clerk refers to the company as “Game Room Guys”, Doug knows a good thing when he hears it and the name sticks.

March 2003- POWER UP!

By putting the focus on their customers, Game Room Guys grows quickly to over 20 locations. Running out of space and having to store games in friend’s garages, Doug moves the business into a 2000 sq. ft. rented space in downtown Comstock Park, Michigan. The Service Department begins to expand with the hiring of Carl Reed. (Carl is still Tech Support Manager!)

September 2003- First Person Showroom

Game Room Guys notices that customers are coming in and asking where they can purchase games. Seeing the opportunity, Game Room Guys opens their first retail showroom.

2003-2006- Time Warp!

Great growth and prosperity for Game Room Guys as they set a model for superior customer service for their family business. Company starts selling and servicing a wider variety of games and now boasts 80 route locations.

Fall of 2006- Invite Player to Join Game

Long time family friend, Jeff Smith, joins Game Room Guys as a partner to help manage growth.

Fall of 2007- Programming Update

Company moves down the street to 8000 sq. ft. warehouse to better serve their growing customer base.

2008- Challenge Mode

Game Room Guys starts selling products online. With the beginning of the Great Recession many changes are needed to move the company forward to remain competitive and viable...and we survived!

2012- Player 3 Has Joined the Game

Growth in online sales and overall business leads to the addition of Eric Wildey to manage back-end operations and make it a multigenerational family business.

November 2013- Level Up!

Game Room Guys builds a brand new 20,000 sq. ft. showroom and state-of-the-art warehouse facility in Comstock Park.

January 2016- Sell in-game items

Amusement Route sold to better focus on customer service for retail customers.

June 2017-Bonus Stage!

An additional 6,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space is added to Comstock Park facility to accommodate growth.

March 2018- Player 4 Has Joined the Game

Brian Wildey starts working in the family business as Purchasing Manager.

March 2020 - The World Vs. Superboss Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic changes life and business as we know it. The company continues to successfully forge ahead despite challenges posed by the pandemic. Game Room Guys uses this perceived set-back to grow stronger as a company and learn from the process.

2020-2022- Real Life Game: Supply Chain?

As the world continues to navigate the COVID Pandemic, supply chain issues reduce inventory and test what we’re made of. Resulting in creative solutions to continue delivering world class service.

January 2022 - Special "Addition"

Game Room Guys acquires Shelti/Gold Standard Games to continue the tradition of producing high quality games for homes and commercial establishments made right here in the great state of Michigan, USA.