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Chicago Gaming Pulp Fiction Pinball Machine -21000-SED Special Edition - Shaker Motor(DBA Ready)


Product Code: 67772
Condition: New
Brand: Chicago Gaming
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Chicago Gaming Pulp Fiction Pinball Machine -21000-SED Special Edition - Shaker Motor(DBA Ready)     

***There is a $1,000 deposit requirement on Pulp Fiction SED Pinball machine orders. Adding the item to your cart and processing the transaction will authorize the full sale amount. The full authorization balance, less the $1000 deposit, will be released the next business day. The balance due will be collected when the game is ready to ship. If you wish only to have the $1,000 deposit authorized, please call us at 616-785-7353.***

*This machine is the Special Edition with Start Button installed on the cabinet, dedicated Happ Coin Door, 12V Dollar Bill Validator Harness*

Pulp Fiction is a retro-inspired full-featured modern pinball machine. Developed at the request of Quentin Tarantino who wanted an 1980’s style Pulp Fiction themed pinball machine for his home. Tarantino’s continued involvement throughout the project shaped the final game. Tarantino rarely licenses his intellectual property, it is a unique privilege to produce a game which pays tribute to this masterpiece.

Pinball designer Mark Ritchie masterfully crafted a playfield which on its surface appears comparable to games from this era but outside of initial perception features more mechanisms and greater depth than most games produced today. David Thiel forcefully pulls the player into this world utilizing over 250 iconic lines from Pulp Fiction’s legendary cast, five licensed songs from the original movie soundtrack, and a number of original compositions. Josh Sharpe developed an approachable rule set that is both intuitive and deep enough to engage even the most skilled player.

  • 250+ Iconic Lines of Pulp Fiction Dialogue Featuring 19 Movie Characters
  • Dollar Bill Acceptor Ready
  • 5 Licensed Songs from the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack - Comanche, Jungle Boogie, -Misirlou, Son of a Preacher Man & You Never Can Tell
  • Mirrored Backglass with Custom Hand-Drawn Artwork from Pulp Fiction’s Legendary Jack Rabbit Slim’s Dance Scene
  • RGB LED General Illumination Lighting, 15 RGB LED Featured Inserts, RGB LED -Lower Arch Lighting
  • Vintage Stainless Steel Coin Door with LED Pulp Fiction Logo & Start Button on Door (Non-Coin Operated Models ONLY)
  • 4 Memory Drop Targets, 3 Drop Targets, Pawn Shop 3-Ball Subway Lock, Briefcase -3-Ball Lock;  Knocker Assembly
  • 5 multiball modes - Including: Briefcase Boogie & Pawn Shop Panic
  • 3 Mini Wizard Modes: Cast Chaos, Pulp Fiction Frenzy and The Shot.
  • Ultimate Wizard Mode: Divine Intervention
  • Gun Magnet - Catches and Throws pinballs around the playfield. 
  • Kickout Hole & Drop Target with 5 game modes: Twist Contest, BMF Wallet, Gold Watch, Clean the Car and The Shot.
  • Custom sculpted Jules Winnfield
  • Rotating, illuminating briefcase with Vincent Vega
Specifications below:
# of Players: 1-4
Voltage:120 Volts
Coin Operated?: Coin-Op and Free Play
This manufacturer offers a limited warranty for 180 days after purchase, dependent on the game, model, and part. If you have any questions or would like more details about this warranty, please give us a call and we will be happy to help.a call and we will be happy to