Pool Tables & Billiards Tables in Metro Detroit

When it comes to pool tables and billiards accessories in the Metro Detroit area, Game Room Guys is bringing the goods! Our showroom in Grand Rapids features many of the tables we’ll talk about below, plus a variety of billiard accessories as well as pinball machines, air hockey tables, dartboards, foosball tables and more! We like to have a little something for everyone in our showroom to display our wide selection of products and knowledgeable sales staff.

If you’re looking for a place to play pool in Metro Detroit, you probably don’t have to look all that far. In a hard-working, blue-collar town like Detroit, the pool table is a fixture in any local watering hole. Whether it’s the gold-felted tables at the Loving Touch or racking ‘em up at Kozy Lounge- locals like to unwind after a hard day’s work by hitting the slate for a few games. These places are great for a game or two after work with your friends or co-workers but lack the family friendly atmosphere of home.

Billiards is a great game for your home because there is one initial purchase and then decades of enjoyment, with relatively minimal maintenance. Investing in a pool table for your home is a great way to get your family into the sport while providing competitive entertainment for your guests as well. Home pool tables can really tie a game, dining or living room together and make for a great focal point. We stock various makes and models of pool tables with an array of customization options to fit your home perfectly.

If your home has a darker Contemporary Southwestern theme, the Mustang 8’ pool table in Black Onyx might fit your tastes.  The solid hardwood rails and strong square legs make this table deliver a statement of quality and strength with its defined lines and sharp corners.

Six drop pockets present an old-world feel while the Diamond Pearl rails sights make lining up shots a breeze. The Mustang’s detail and quality are exceptional when compared to its competitors and makes a great intermediate table for families looking for a great table at a good price.

A once-popular design movement that has come back into vogue is the Mid- Century Modern trend and the 8’ Destroyer pool table will fit perfectly into any retro or throw-back themed room or establishment with panache. With a name like Destroyer, you’d expect a wrecking ball before an 8-ball but it brings a cool design that’ll make you want to grab a martini and the nearest smoking jacket as you grab a cue to break the first rack.

Ball return system with end return makes racking for games easier than ever before, with an end ball return for easy ball retrieval. Black onyx finish gives the table a permanent formal appearance, with chrome caps accenting the rounded corners.  The sturdy solid wood top rails allows you more hand support for tough shots.

Blending Mid-Century style with quality construction and unmatched play- ability for the price, The Destroyer is a great meeting of style and sport for your family to enjoy.

Many pool tables you see will have ornate designs and intricate details that really bring out the elegance of the table at hand… and some are built like tanks: Meet the Shelti Bayside Pool Table.

Similar to what you would see in a bar or pool hall, though no coin mechanism, the box cabinet is covered with a hard laminate that resists scratches and dents, that are all too common in high-traffic game rooms. The chrome corner caps and trim give the table a sharp look while also protecting the table from other possible damage.

The tournament level game play and high quality construction this table offers makes it great for camps, dorms or game rooms that might get a little more action than your normal family rec room. Solid slate supports make sure structural integrity is sound, as the easy-to-adjust leg levelers give you an even playfield no matter where the location.

Yet another advantage to the Shelti Bayside is its single piece slate design allows for the table to be moved without un-leveling the slate or table.  Many home pool tables will have a 3-piece slate system, which is a great design, but does not allow for the unit to be moved without disassembly- so if mobility is an issue for your pool table, this is the unit for you!

For a space that might call for some rich wood tone and grand proportions the 8' Blazer Pool Table will fill the void with style.

Large, bold legs give way to strong detailed edges that are accented with wood trim along the table’s dignified exterior. A beautiful focal point for any room, the table is almost as much fun to admire as it is to play on!

The solid wood cabinet creates a stronghold to support the sturdy premium slate, that gives consistent roll and game play with every shot.  The Blazer's rails provide perfect hand-stability for hard-to-make shots and provide excellent response and bounce.

A true innovation in pool table design, The Aramith Fusion pool table can’t decide if it’s a cutting edge, modern-styled billiards table or a contemporary dining room table for the entire family to gather around. Well, guess what? It’s both!

In a matter a few minutes the Aramith Fusion table can go from hosting 8-10 of your family and friends for a delicious dinner to hosting your family and friends for a friendly game of pool.

Solid wood, interlocking table leafs (available in a variety of wood stains and finishes) simply lift off the top of the pool table rails to reveal a top quality billiards table, waiting to be played, underneath.

The rising leg design allows the table to rise from the standard 29” dining room table height to billiard regulation height of 32”, in a matter of seconds with minimal effort. The table is so easy to raise and lower, it can be done by one person.

When not being used for pool the nylon pockets are braced to hold the balls without stretching while the sticks and triangle will fit conveniently under the table leafs.

Matching benches are also available for this table that not only functions as both a dining and billiards table but also makes a great conversation piece!

At Game

Room Guys we provide quality entertainment for every walk of life and there’s no better example than the modern day pool table. The simple to learn, yet hard to master game of strategy, skill and a little luck is a sure crowd pleaser at any gathering. Stop in today to talk to our friendly sales staff and play the table you’ll take home to your family today!