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Official Game Room Guys’ Dart Game Rules

Official Game Room Guys’ Dart Game Rules

Have you ever wondered “What are the rules to that dart game?” Well, now you have an answer! Here are some rules for some of the most popular dart games! Hang them on the wall or in your dartboard cabinet. Give each one a try and let us know your favorite! Each game is based on players throwing three darts per round.


Normally played with two players but any number of players can join in the fun! (You can form teams as well!)

Each player starts at 301 points, subtracting points from throws, with the goal to reach zero (exactly) first.

Players must ‘double in’ to start scoring. This means that the player’s dart must hit one of the ‘double’ scoring zones on the dartboard. Once the player has ‘doubled in’, all of their dart scores will count toward the goal of zero.

Players can aim and hit any number they wish to on the board with 19 and 20 generally being the most popular targets.

To end the game the player must ‘double out’ as well. For example, if a player has 30 points left, they would have to hit a double 15 to win. If they accidentally hit 16 points, leaving 14 points, the player would have 7 to win the game. If the player scores more points than needed it is a bust, their turn is over and their score is reset to before their turn.

Once a player has ‘doubled out’, they have won and the game is over.


This game is usually played with 2 players or 2 teams.

Each player starts with 501 points, subtracting points from throws, with the goal to reach zero (exactly) first.

Unlike 301, players do not have to ‘double in’ to start scoring points. Players can start subtracting right away with any number they choose to throw at.

To end the game a player must ‘double out’ exactly at zero. For example if a player has 40 points, they would have to hit the double 20. If they hit a single 20, bringing their score to 20, the player would then have to score a double 10 to win the game. If the player scores more points than needed it is a bust, their turn is over and their score is reset to before their turn.

Once a player has ‘doubled out’, they have won and the game is over.


Generally played with 2 players or 2 teams.

Throwing at the numbers 15-20 and the dartboard bullseye, the object of the game is to ‘close’ each number before your opponent and score the most points.

To close a number a player must score 3 times on that number. If the player hits it with 3 separate darts or one triple it counts as 3 and the number is closed for that player. If the number is not closed out by the other player or team, the player that has it closed can now score points on that number. If both teams hit the number 3 times the number is closed and can no longer be scored on.

Bullseyes can be closed by hitting either the single outer bullseye ring or the inner double ring to score a total of 3 hits on the bullseye. Bullseyes score 25 for the single and 50 for the double.

Points are added cumulatively throughout the game as they are scored on various numbers.

Numbers can be closed in any order, leaving it up to the players to determine what they want to aim at for their strategy.

Three marks on any number will close the number. If a player hits a double, it is counted as 2 marks and a triple as 3.

If a number is closed and the team that has it closed hits a triple or a double, it will triple or double whatever the numerical value of the zone is.

The game can be won in a number of ways:

1) If both teams are tied or there is no score, the game is won when one team closes out all of the numbers and the bullseye.

2) If one team closes out all the numbers and the bullseye and has more points than the other, they are the winners.

3) If one team closes out all of the numbers but is behind on points, they must score points until they win by outscoring their opponent. If the opponent closes out the numbers before they can catch up, they win.

Once a winner has been determined a congratulations and handshake are encouraged!

(This is a standard scoreboard for the game of darts.
Although it is set-up for Cricket, any number of games
can be scored on a board such as this.)


Usually played by 2 participants or teams.

As you might have guessed dartboard baseball is heavily based on the real-life game of baseball. Players play 9 rounds or innings and aim at the corresponding number to the inning they are playing. So in the 1st inning, players are aiming at one’s, in the second inning- the players would shoot at the two’s and so on.

Scoring doubles or triples count as 2 or 3 runs. So hitting a triple 5 in the fifth inning would count as 3 runs.

When the players have thrown a full 9 innings the player with most runs wins! If players are tied ‘extra innings’ can be played until someone wins!


Though two players can play this dart game it is way more fun with 3 or more!

The players choose what numbers are in play by throwing at the dartboard using their opposite throwing hand. (Example: A right-handed dart player would use their left hand.)

Whatever number the player hits is ‘their’ number for the game. (If the dart bounces out or misses the board, the player can throw again.)

First each player tries to hit the double on their own number. When a player has hit the double of their own number they are then a ‘Killer’ and a ‘K’ is placed next to their name on the board. Once a killer, the player starts shooting for the other player’s numbers. When the double of another player’s number is hit, that player loses a ‘life’. Each player has 3 lives and when all 3 are taken, the game is over for that player.

If a player hits their own number it counts against them and it is possible for a player to kill themselves.

The game is over when only one player is left.


Any number of players can play this game and it is sometimes played by 12 or more players.

Players are aiming at numbers 1 through 7 starting on number 1.

Each player throws their darts trying to hit the number as many times as possible, to score the highest. The highest score any one player can score on any number is 3 times that number. (Example: On 1’s the highest achievable score is 3, while on 6 it is 18.)

Players can win in one of two ways:

1. Have the highest score at the end of the game.
2. The player hits a Shanghai- Hitting the single, double and triple of any one number in play in a single round. When a Shanghai is hit, the player instantly wins and the game is over.

(The scoring zones of a dartboard.)


This game is great because any number of players can join in the fun!

Players can aim at and hit any number they want to in the dart game of Legs but typically the higher numbers, 19 and 20, are focused on by players.

Determine an order of play and the first player attempts to score the highest score possible in their round with their 3 darts.

The next player must exceed the previous player’s score or they will ‘lose a leg’. Each player begins the game with 3 legs.

If a score carries over back to the player who set it, they again shoot, add their score and that is the new score for the players to best. Players must beat the score, a tie does not count.

The game is won by the last player with legs left.

51 by 5’s

Another great game that any number of players can participate in!

Players can aim and hit any numbers they choose to on the board, but the goal of each round is to score the highest total score that is devisable by 5. This means that numbers divisible by 5 are commonly hit like 20, 15, 10 etc.

When a player’s round is over, if their score is divisible by 5, then they are awarded a point for each time 5 goes into their score. (Example: A score of 45 would be a total of 9 points.)

If the player’s score after a round is not divisible by 5 then the round is not counted.

Triples, doubles and bulls are all counted.

The game is won when the first player scores fifty-one fives and all 3 darts must score on the last turn.

Around the World

A fun and simple game that is designed for 2 players.

Players are to hit each number on the board at least once. Any part of the number segment counts toward that number. The numbers are hit in order and players must hit a number before they can advance to the next number.

The game is won when a player hits all numbers 1-20.

English Cricket

The game can be played with 2 players or 2 teams.

All numbers on the board are used but higher numbers are usually targeted.

One player is designated the batter while the other is the bowler. The batter goes first.

Ten vertical lines are drawn on the dartboard scoreboard to represent ‘wickets’.

The bowler’s goal is to erase the wickets by hitting bullseyes. Each single will erase one wicket while doubles will erase two.

The batter’s goal is to score as many points as possible while the wickets remain. The catch is that only scores over 40 points count. For example, a score of 35 would not count, a score of 43 would score 3 runs while a score of 60 would score 20 runs.

The scoring stops when all 10 wickets have been erased by the bowler. The batter writes their final total points on the scoreboard.

Now players switch roles and play the 2nd round- meaning each player plays a round as a batter and as a bowler.

After the 2nd round the player who scores the most points or runs as batter is the winner!

These games are all great weather you're playing on a bristle board or an electronic dartboard. So grab some friends, grab some darts and get throwing! And remember, for all your dartboard accessories and needs, we're your guys!

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