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Speed Pool Rules (Speedball Pool)

If you have researched any pool games in any pool table games books or online, you might notice that their names are very specific to the object of the game and Speed Pool is no different! 

The object of Speed Pool is to see how quickly (or speedily) you can break and pocket a full set of pool balls. A great game to sharpen your skills, challenge yourself against personal best times or against competitors. Speed Pool is also a great pool table game for kids and adults, so the whole family can get in on the quick shot game of action and excitement. 

Played by one player at a time with a full pool ball set. The pool balls are racked in a triangle rack with the eight ball in the center position. 

A stop watch is typically used to keep track of game time.

The timer starts the second the player hits the cue ball for the break.

The cue ball must come to a complete stop before the player can hit again, however, object balls can still be moving when player is shooting.

Speed Pool is a call-shot game meaning each shot and pocket must be called before the player shoots. 

A legal shot consists of the cue ball contacting one of the object balls and driving the ball into a rail cushion or pocket. If neither occurs the cue ball must contact a cushion after contacting object ball. If a shot does not qualify as a legal shot then a 10-second penalty will be added to the final time for each foul. 

Any ball may be pocketed in any order as long as the eight ball is last. 

For every infraction a player commits a penalty is incurred. The following is a list of fouls and the penalty assessed for each:

Scratching the cue ball- 10 Seconds
Scratching on the break- 5 Seconds
Cue ball falls from the table- 10 Seconds
If you miss the 8 ball while shooting you final shot- 10 Seconds
Object ball falls from table- 10 Seconds, Ball goes into pocket
Cue ball misses all balls- 10 Seconds
Push Shot- 10 Seconds
If the cue ball is shot directly at the 8 ball - 10 Seconds
8 Ball Pocketed out of turn- Loss of game

The player who gets all the balls in, 8 ball last, in the shortest time wins!


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