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Definitions, explanations, a pool table diagram and much more are available here for any terms you may not already know! [Read More...]

Bank Pool is exactly what you’d expect it to be: An easy and fun pool game in which you try to beat your opponent by making only bank shots! The goal is to be the first player to make 5 bank shots (or 8 if played with full pool ball set) in any order to win. [Read More...]

The game of bumper pool is played on an octagonal bumper pool table or rectangular bumper pool table with fixed bumper obstacles on the playfield. Bumper pool tables are definitely different from ‘regular’ pool tables with their small size and only having two pockets, as opposed to the usual six on regular pool tables.” [Read More...]

Eight Ball Pool is played by 2 players with a complete pool ball set, 1-15 numbered pool balls and the cue ball. Typically the game is a ‘Call Shot’ game, meaning that the players call their shots before they shoot. “7 Ball, Corner pocket.” [Read More...]

American Style Eight Ball is a pool game where the 15 object balls and the cue ball are all in play. Players win the game by legally pocketing the eight ball after they have pocketed all of their own group (solids or stripes) of balls. [Read More...]

Kelly Pool, also known as Pea Pool, Pill Pool, Keeley, the Keilley game and Killy was invented by Calistus “Kelly” Mulvaney in Chicago in 1893 and rose to popularity during the early to mid-20th century. The game was chastised for being known as a game of gambling but has survived for over one hundred years and remains a popular pool game today in American’s pool halls and home game rooms. [Read More...]

If you have researched any pool games in any pool table games books or online, you might notice that their names are very specific to the object of the game and Speed Pool is no different! The object of Speed Pool is to see how quickly (or speedily) you can break and pocket a full set of pool balls. A great game to sharpen your skills, challenge yourself against personal best times or against competitors [Read More...]

Straight Pool is played with one cue ball and a full set of pool balls. Players may shoot at any ball on the table using the cue ball with the goal to reach a set number of points determined before play begins. [Read More...]

As the name implies, Nine Ball Pool is played with numbered pool balls 1-9 and the cue ball.  On every shot the cue ball must contact the lowest-numbered ball on the table, but the balls don’t have to be pocketed in that order. The first player to pocket the 9 ball is the winner. [Read More...]