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Kelly Pool

Kelly Pool, also known as Pea Pool, Pill Pool, Keeley, the Keilley game and Killy was invented by Calistus “Kelly” Mulvaney in Chicago, in 1893 and rose to popularity during the early to mid-20th century. The game was chastised for being known as a game of gambling but has survived for over one hundred years and remains a popular pool game today in America’s pool halls and home game rooms

Pool players of all skill levels can participate in Kelly pool making it a great pool table game for kids and adults alike. A minimum of 2 players is required to play but is best with between 4-6 players, however, up to 15 players can join in! Making it a great game for large gatherings.

The peas are put into the Kelly Pool Shaker Bottle, shaken and players select a pea at random.  The pool peas are numbered corresponding to the numbered balls in a pool table ball set. Whatever number the player selects is their numbered pool ball. This is to be kept a secret from opponents. Your ball is also known as your ‘Private Number’.


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