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Guide to Buying Used Shuffleboard Tables

A shuffleboard arcade game is a great game room addition that can provide hours of entertainment while also being an attractive piece of furniture in your home. Buying a used shuffle board is a good way to get a long lasting show piece for your home at an affordable price.

The first order of business in shopping for a shuffleboard new or used is measuring the space you are planning to place it. Shuffleboards can range from 9’ to 22’ long and require 24”-36” of open space around the unit for game play. This is a sizeable chunk of your living space so make sure you’re willing to give it up and that you have ample room for the unit itself and the players.

The playing surface is very important when it comes to shuffleboard. The playfield is usually made up of many pieces of hard maple on higher end tables but with advances in polymer coating technology, the hardness of the wood used on the table has become much less important. Shuffleboards used to use shellac or lacquer to finish the top of the table but these coats would only last 3-4 years before having to be refinished. With the new polymer finish the surface usually comes with a lifetime warranty. As an added bonus the use of softer woods cuts down on the cost of the table. If possible, try to get a polymer finished shuffleboard.

The playing surface on shuffleboards is ever-changing because of variances in climate and environment. The playfield surface should always have a concave shape but will move over time. This is why all good shuffleboard tables will have Climactic Adjusters on the underside of the playfield. These bars with adjustable nuts allow for the table to be tweaked back into form if it happens to lose its shape over time. As stated, these can be found under the table and any table that you are considering should have them. If the table doesn’t, don’t waste your time or money.

After you’ve inspected the playfield, take a good look at the cabinet or cradle. This is almost as important as the playfield because this is what holds it all together. It is important that you inspect the cabinet for what material it is made from. Is it solid wood or MDF with veneer or laminate? Being that we are discussing used items it is important to note that MDF and particleboard only have a set amount of times they can be taken apart and put back together. After even one time the joints and screws will not fit as snugly as they did the first time it was assembled. Solid wood will not have this issue. Solid wood will be much stronger as well, making it even better for supporting the playfield. If possible try to find a solid wood cabinet for your shuffleboard.

Over-head electronic scoring units will often be mounted in the center of most higher-end shuffleboards with scoring controls located on either end for players to use to adjust scores. These are the nicest scoring units but should still be tested for functionality when inspecting the table. Scoring unit issues are usually easy to fix depending on the age of the unit and faulty mechanism. There are also abacus style, smaller side mounted electric units, and slide-rule type of scoring methods as well.

Having a shuffleboard in your arcade will provide endless hours of entertainment for you and your friends. If you can find a used one at a good price, that just makes it all the more enjoyable!

Buying a used game can be difficult but you know what to look for it can be a little easier. Hopefully Game Room Guy’s Used Game Buying guide helped you with enough information and tips to get that perfect game at the perfect price! Good luck and have a fun search!