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Guide to Buying Used Ping Pong Tables

Spotting a good, used ping pong table is fairly easy being that they don’t hide their flaws very well. You will easily see if a table is unleveled or missing parts just by looking at it. So it really depends on what you’re looking for and where you plan on putting it.

Are you going to be playing inside or outside? Outside tables are normally thinner and often made from aluminum, plastic/composite or weather-proofed wood. Depending on the climate you live in, these materials can be enough to stop nature’s

destruction on these outdoor tables but not always. Everyone seems to agree that covering or storing these when not in use is the best way to make sure the weather doesn’t ruin the table. Some players say that moving an indoor table outside in nice weather is the best way to enjoy the game in the sun without exposing your table to the elements.

Most ping pong tables are collapsible and will store fairly easily but they will have varying designs on how they breakdown. Depending on the manufacturer some designs are better engineered than others. When inspecting a prospective table ask the seller to show you how it folds or breaks down. This is an important consideration when deciding on how much you think you will be using the game. If you think the table will be set-up to play most of the time, the storage of the game isn’t as important. If portability and storage are a factor, be sure that the folding mechanisms are in good shape and that the wheels or casters still function reliably.

Next take a look at the surface of the table. Is it level? If not, see if the table has adjustable levelers. Most table tops will be either ¾” or 1” thick depending on the make. Most serious players will insist on a 1” surface though there is little discernable difference between the bounce on either thickness. Pay attention to the thickness of the frame underneath the table top. Depending on the thickness of the frame the table may be more or less durable. A good solid frame under the playing surface is key to a long-lasting unit.

Inspect the net and its components for tears or defects. Nets and their hardware are fairly inexpensive to replace, so this doesn’t have to be perfect. Depending on your ping pong needs nets can have various options like net tension and net height adjustments if it needs a replacement.Another option for table tennis players is the convertible ping pong table. These usually sit on top of a billiards table or a dining table. If you plan on using your pool table or dining room more often than you plan on playing ping pong, this might be just the option for you. This is a good option for players with limited space as well. Inspecting a used convertible is even easier because you don’t have to take the legs or folding components into consideration.

Finding a good used ping pong table for your family will give you hours of enjoyment with a gaming unit that doesn’t always have to take up a lot of space.