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Golden Tee Arcade Games For Sale In Metro Detroit

If you’re looking for a Golden Tee Golf arcade game for sale in Metro Detroit, chances are you’ll find one but finding the RIGHT one is the hard part. There are plenty of companies that will sell you whatever you want but will they be there for you when you have a question or need some help setting up your new purchase?  

Game Room Guys has been playing and selling Golden Tee Golf arcade games since we started in the business of fun over 18 years ago. All of our games we sell come with FREE LIFETIME PHONE TECH SUPPORT from our friendly techs on staff who are ready to answer your questions Monday through Friday. So if you have any technical issues you can call and talk to a real person and get a real solution. That’s game room peace of mind and something you can’t put a price on. 

In a climate like Michigan you don’t have to search very far for a golf simulator or golf arcade game. With our long, long, long, long winters and roughly 20 minutes of daylight in February, golfers of all walks of life try to beat the winter blues by playing whatever golf simulation they can get their frost-bitten fingers on. 

Golden Tee arcade golf is without a doubt the leader in arcade golf today. Over the last 30 plus years they have perfected arcade golf game play. Each and every year expanding and improving on the last year’s edition with new courses, options, cloths, tournaments and more! So when you purchase a Golden Tee arcade game you aren’t just buying a game, you’re buying years and years of an ever-evolving golf experience!

Golden Tee HOME VS. Golden Tee LIVE

So you’ve seen and played Golden Tee units since you first saw Golden Tee ’97 in the corner of your old watering hole but is that the model you want? Probably not. 

Gold Tee has two distinct editions of their Golden Tee golf arcade games: 
-Golden Tee LIVE 
-Golden Tee HOME

What is the Golden Tee LIVE Edition?

Golden Tee LIVE game unit is what you want if you’re buying it for a restaurant, bar or commercial venue like an arcade. These units are subscription-based and are updated yearly. They come equipped with bill validators, coin mechanisms and card readers. Golden Tee LIVE is a proven revenue stream for almost any establishment. With an instantly recognizable brand and intuitive game play, Golden Tee encourages repeat business and adds competitive fun to any environment. Golden Tee LIVE units can only be operated within a commercial venue.

What is Golden Tee HOME Edition?

If you are looking for all the fun that Golden Tee offers at your local bar but want that sweet action in your home, you’re going to want the Golden Tee Home Edition. The Golden Tee Home Edition is exactly like the LIVE unit without the bill validator or coin mech but it is built for commercial environments, meaning the game is going to hold up for years and years. Golden Tee HOME has a lot of features that the LIVE unit has but with a few more options and exclusive games like Skins Play. Players can compete against friends and players from all over in stats and glory tournaments with the online subscription. Owners can also choose to be offline but will not receive the time released content or have access to the stats and glory tournaments. Offline players can still take on their friends and sharpen their Golden Tee skills on one of the 80 plus 18- hole courses. There is also the option to purchase a Golden Tee Unplugged. These units do not go online and therefore are not subscription based. These units are perfect for the cabin up north that might not have the best internet access or if you just want a fun game you can simply step up and play anytime.

Should I Buy a Used Golden Tee Arcade Game?

With 30 years of producing arcade units there are plenty of used Golden Tee Classic arcade games on the market, but make sure you do your research. If at all possible play the game first. If the Golden Tee trackball isn’t functioning correctly it can be a problem, so make sure you play a few holes to get a feel for it. Sometimes just powering the game on and checking the boot-up process can tell you a lot. If nothing else this will make sure the Golden Tee unit’s power supply is still functioning. Is it noisy? Take off the back panel and see how dirty the computer fans and inside components are. If you uncover an ancient tomb of cobwebs and dust bunnies, it’s a good indication the game wasn’t cared for properly. Also, if you do decide to buy used make sure you can still get the arcade parts and accessories for your game. Finding Golden Tee Fore parts for that unit you picked up might be harder than you think. And we all know there’s nothing sadder than an out-of-order video game. 

There are a few Golden Tee-like games out there and even Golden Tee Plug and Play models but if you’re looking for the real deal there’s no replacement for a Golden Tee Arcade unit in your home or establishment. Buying a new Golden Tee LIVE or HOME unit will ensure that you won’t be inheriting problems from a past owner or settling for something a little less than what you really want. 

Game Room Guys carries Golden Tee LIVE and Golden Tee HOMEunits and we have a friendly sales staff that is more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Game Room Guys also carries pool tablespinball machinesair hockey tablesbubble hockey unitsshuffleboards and more plus all of the game room parts and accessories that you need to have maximum fun! Swing by one of our showrooms today or check us out online! And remember- When it comes to all of your game room needs, we’re the guys!