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New Buying Guides

The Best Electronic Dartboards For Your Home Or Office

If you’re looking for a fun game or activity that has universal appeal, nearly endless game options and relatively little investment an electronic dartboard is right on target! Electronic dartboards are brilliant additions to any game room or office. With little more than a nail on the wall and a line on the floor, set-up is simple, the game operation is basic and the fun can be started literally minutes from opening the box. [Read More...]

Best Game Room Games for a Pandemic

With most of the country trapped inside trying to navigate the pandemic through shut-downs and social distancing measures, more of us are trapped inside with our families than ever before.

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Top 5 Arcade Games From Game Room Guys

We sell a lot of arcade game cabinets and pinball machines every year at Game Room Guys. In fact we are one of the biggest pinball and Golden Tee distributors in the nation! These are the games that regardless of reviews, trends or advertising are the most popular with our customers, year after year and you can’t argue with the numbers! Here are our Top 5 Arcade Games from Game Room Guys and why they are so popular!

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The Best Car and Racing Arcade Games From The 1980's

If you’re like me, your first driving lessons where at the arcade. (This might explain my auto insurance rates.) I’d have to sit on the edge of the seat to reach the pedals and my little blonde mop barely peaked over the top of the worn rubber steering wheel so I could drive my virtual vehicle into the very first wall I saw. Yeah… I was terrible at arcade racing games as a kid… and don’t even get me started on trying to figure out the ‘manual transmission’ option on some of the arcade racing games. That, coupled with the fact I didn’t believe in using the brake pedal, made for some pretty incredible last place finishes.

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Best Arcade Games To Play With kids

Nothing brings out competitive spirit and laughter from kids quite like arcade games. Simple rule sets make learning how to play fast and easy. With so many available at Game Room Guys, we can boldly say that we have a game for every type of child, whether they’re a fan of classic or modern arcade games. These games are perfect for families and children of all ages. Continue reading to look into our extensive lines of some of the best arcade games to play with kids!

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Why Arcade Legends Is The Best Home Arcade Gaming Cabinet

Most of our customers want at least one arcade gaming cabinet in their home game room and usually they want it to be a retro arcade game. And why wouldn’t they? Classic arcade games, like Pac-Man, look cooler than heck, they bring back a flood of nostalgia and provide hours of throw-back entertainment.

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Game Room Equipment For Your Bar

Bars and taverns can be places where friendships are created, good times are had and memories are made. This is the ideal atmosphere for a hopeful bar owner. There are a number of things that can determine whether or not your bar is the talk of the town - anything from original cocktails, scenery, and even the furnishings of the bar itself. Some people like to stand or sit while others may want to play games. When patrons want to play, having games available for them can be the deciding factor in whether your bar is empty or full of customers. Because of this, Game Room Guys carries the best game room equipment for your bar.

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Most Profitable Arcade Games For Your Business

If you are old enough, you can remember a time when there was at least one video game arcade in every shopping mall. I remember ours was by the food court and I’d stand just outside, gulping down my fountain soda so I could toss it in the trash next to the “ABSOLUTLY NO FOOD OR BEVERAGE” sign and make my way into the dimly-lit world of sticky buttons and jammed coin slots.

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The Best Pinball Machines of 2019

Every year we are lucky enough to have multiple pinball machine releases arrive in our showroom for our customers to play and we get to test them out too. Each machine is different than the last and its own challenge to play and master. We compiled this handy list of the best new pinball machines of 2019 to help you decide what one is best for your game room!

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The Perfect Table Tennis Game For Christmas

In today’s world of smartphones and Wi-Fi, distraction and entertainment are always just a swipe away. Too many times I walk into the living room and see 3 or 4 of my family members each staring at their phones, completely disengaged from the world around them. The holidays are a magical time of year to come together with family and ignore each other as you crawl into the safe-space of your pocket computer/big brother tracking device while periodically glancing up to nod at whatever-the-heck that person you see twice a year just said to you. Right? Right???

Well, not in the world I want to live in!

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Gun Games For Hunting Season

If you are from where I grew up, the first day of deer hunting season is practically a holiday. Schools are cancelled, the roads deserted, pick-up trucks can be seen parked on the side of fields every few miles and bright orange camouflage is the uniform of choice.

Fall is a great time of year. The leaves are changing, hoodie and jeans weather is in full effect and more time can be spent in the warmth of the indoors with your family and friends. With all of this quality time spent indoors what could be better than having an arcade gun game to practice your marksmanship and challenge your skills?

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Why Golden Tee Is The Best Line of Arcade Games On The Market

When it comes to golf arcade games, there are very few that come as close to bridging the gap between fun and competitive spirit as the Golden Tee arcade series. Having been originally released in 1989 by Incredible Technologies, this game has grown into a fan-favorite for both young and old gamers across the united states and world. As it has become one of the longest-running arcade game series to ever be produced, it has maintained a very large following and a growingly-competitive online tournament scene.

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Tips To Repair Your Arcade Game On A Budget

Old school arcade games are just plain fun! All the classics like Pac-Man and Galaga have basic controls, easy game concepts and wicked-awesome cabinet art make them a great feature to have in your bar or home game room. It’s easy to see why people collect and repair arcade game cabinets, but if you’ve ever tried to have any work done on one, you know that it can get really expensive, really quickly. So we’ve made a list of tips and general advice to get you started on repairing your arcade game without breaking the bank! [Read More...]

Bottelsen Dart Buying Guide

We think it’s time to unleash the champion within you: Game Room Guys is proud to announce that we now carry Bottelsen’s line of Fantastic Darts. Bottelsen has created a finely constructed army of darts and dart accessories that make you a champion, literally. [Read More...]

Golden Tee Present On Father's Day

My dad is my best friend and the worst to shop for. He worked hard his whole life to provide for his family and was able to provide for himself in the process- so when it comes to buying him presents, every year is a new lesson in futility. What he doesn’t already have, he doesn’t want or need. [Read More...]

Golden Tee 2019 Arcade Home Edition Review

The undisputed king of arcade golf games is back and ready to blow you away for the 30th year in-a- row! Building on 3 decades of arcade golf innovation, the Golden Tee 2019 Home Edition takes what you’ve always loved about Golden Tee and adds even more fun features for you to enjoy. [Read More...]

Arcade Machine Buying Guide

At Game Room Guys we’ve heard all of the stories; from the woman who used to play Galaga while trying to keep balanced on her roller skates, to the guy who won his first kiss after showing off his Pac-Man skills. Arcade games have this ability to conjure up so many memories from the best parts of our childhoods. They take us back to a time where worries were less and magic was real. [Read More...]

Pinball Machine Buying Guide

Whether you fell in love with pinball as a kid or are just getting acquainted, pinball is making a resurgence in a big way. And it’s no wonder why. In a world where everything is digital, pinball is an analog throwback to a simpler time. Yet even so, technology has brought many awesome new features to pinball. Now that you’ve decided it’s time to buy a pinball of your own, and save on all those quarters, here are the top things to consider in the pinball buying process: [Read More...]

The History Of Bubble Hockey

Picture this: It’s winter in Lake Placid, New York, 1980. The Cold War is in full swing, Soviet troops are in Afghanistan, and the Iranian Hostage Crisis has been going on for 4 months. And at this very moment, the United States Olympic Hockey Team is facing off against the Soviets. The odds of the US beating the Soviets is low. Really low. The Soviets are more than an ‘amateur international hockey’ team; they are part of the Soviet military, where their lives are dedicated to the sport. They have taken home gold medals in the last 4 Winter Olympic games and even beaten a number of NHL teams in exhibition games. [Read More...]

Shuffleboard Table Buying Guide

Shuffleboard tables are a pretty hard bar room game to miss. Usually taking up an entire wall of your favorite watering hole or in your friend’s basement, they can be a great addition to any game room and one that can last decades! Shuffleboard is a great game because it takes only a few minutes to learn and provides endless hours of fun! When playing shuffleboard the object of the game is to slide, by hand, all of your pucks alternately against those of an opponent. [Read More...]

Golf Arcade Game Buying Guide

Arcade golf has been featured in a variety of different arcade games over the years in different forms and functions. From Golden Tee arcade cabinets at the bar, to simulators that take up an entire room, there is a golf video game for every level of enthusiast. Back in 1978 Magnavox was the first to try to digitize the game of golf for the masses with ‘Computer Golf’. Then in 1984 Nintendo took a swing and released ‘Vs. Golf’, the first arcade cabinet to feature golf. It would be 5 years before Incredible Technologies would develop and release the next golf arcade cabinet game, the still incredibly popular ‘Golden Tee’. [Read More...]

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

One mainstay of any great game room is an air hockey table! Between the game speed and multiplayer action, an air hockey table can be a fun addition to any game room. But where do you start? With hundreds of options on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we at Game Room Guys put together this list of questions and tips to make it a little easier. Here are some things to look for and think about when purchasing your next air hockey table: Let’s get started! [Read More...]

Foosball Table Buying Guide

If you’ve ever been in a game room or pub chances are that you’ve seen or played a foosball table. You’ll know because it’ll be the game surrounded by people shouting and the sound of loud ‘cracks’ from the lightning-fast gameplay. The simple, yet competitive game, is fun for all ages with minimal maintenance required, making it a great addition to any game room! What type of foosball table do you need? [Read More...]

Pool Table Buying Guide

High quality pool tables, like those sold by Game Room Guys, are often passed down from generation to generation and with dozens of games to play, owning your own pool table is a great entertainment investment. From 9-Ball to Snooker, there ís a game for everyone and every skill level. But what do you need to know when buying a pool table? If you're overwhelmed by all the options out there, look no further then this handy guide to buying the perfect pool table! [Read More...]

Pool Cue Stick Buying Guide

Are you a pool shark? No? Pool piranha maybe? Not yet either? Well, do you want to be a pool player that is compared to an aggressive fish? I thought so! The first step to improving your game and understanding billiards is purchasing your first cue stick. “But Game Room Guys blogger! There are literally thousands of choices! Where do I even begin?!” Calm down, I’m here to help now. Everything will be okay…everything will be okay…. So how much do these pool cues cost? [Read More...]

Dartboard Buying Guide

The pub game of darts is one of the most popular games in the world! With a gentle learning curve and dozens of games to choose from, they can be great for a night in with your partner or for an all out party with your best friends! Darts is the great game that anyone can play. Regardless of your age, shape, size, physical ability or athletic prowess- the game of darts requires none of those to be competitive. Just the ability to throw a pointed object at a round board and hope it lands where you want it to! [Read More...]

Used Buying Guides

Used Air Hockey Buying Guide

If you want a fast-paced used game, look no further than an air hockey table. There are several different styles of air hockey tables from multi-game units, arcade tables to table top models that are made for children. Because air hockey is such a high intensity game you are going to want to avoid the ‘toys’ and look for something in the intermediate range that will take the game play that an air hockey table is prone to. [Read More...]

Used Arcade Games Buying Guide

Maybe that game room you’re filling up is missing something. Something that sets it apart and over- the-top from other game rooms. Something like an arcade game! Used arcade games for sale run the spectrum of shapes, sizes, costs and objective. First off- what kind of arcade game are you looking for? Let’s take a look at the various types, shall we? Here is a brief list of the more popular kinds of arcade game machines: [Read More...]

Used Foosball Buying Guide

A foosball is a splendid addition to any gaming area. Safe, unplugged, competitive and easy enough for the entire family to enjoy. Looking for a quality used foosball table, which is in good condition, can be a difficult thing to do, but if you have patience (and know what to look for) you can get a great table for a great price! Foosball tables are pretty simple in design: 4 legs, a boxed-in playfield and 26 plastic men impaled on 8 metal rods. Simple enough right? Right. So inspecting a table for defects is just as simple. [Read More...]

Used Pinball Machine Buying Guide

Pinball is a timeless game that has seen a resurgence in the last few years, with new pinball arcades popping up around the country. Something about the flashing lights, ringing bells and lightning fast silver ball draws people in and won’t let them go. Most avid pinball players have their favorite machines to play and the ultimate goal is to have your very own inside your home. With brand new machines starting at about $5,500 a used machine might be the route for you. [Read More...]

Used Ping Pong Table Buying Guide

Spotting a good, used ping pong table is fairly easy being that they don’t hide their flaws very well. You will easily see if a table is unleveled or missing parts just by looking at it. So it really depends on what you’re looking for and where you plan on putting it. [Read More...]

Used Pool Table Buying Guide

There are a few reasons why someone might consider purchasing a used game. The most obvious reason is cost. Generally used machines are less expensive than their brand-new shiny counterparts, but not always. This can vary depending on the age and type of game. Some games have become collectables while others are just still fun to play after all these years. The following is a guide to help you through the process of buying a used game for your entertainment area. [Read More...]

Used Shuffleboard Buying Guide

A shuffleboard arcade game is a great game room addition that can provide hours of entertainment while also being an attractive piece of furniture in your home. Buying a used shuffle board is a good way to get a long lasting show piece for your home at an affordable price. [Read More...]