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Foosball Tables in Metro Detroit

Foosball tables come in an array of different shapes and sizes for all skill level of player. From the toy-like table top foosball games for kids, to the weighted professional tables that are built like tanks, there’s a foosball table for everyone.

Game Room Guys specializes in carrying quality-built foosball tables, in a variety of styles that are competitively priced and made to withstand the beating that these tables can endure.

The game of foosball is a wonderful pastime because of its access to players of all ages, sizes and abilities. With the drop of a ball and the flick of a wrist the fast action game begins and plastic men start spinning. (Or they don’t, depending on the rules you are playing by.)

Foosball started in the early 19th century and has evolved through the decades into the game we know it by today. Throughout the years manufacturers have made minor tweaks and adjustments to perfect the tables for the best play and longevity arriving at the fantastic tables that are available at our showroom today!

Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table - 3 Goalie

Foosball? Check!

Fun? Check!

Affordable? Check out the price!

No where else can you get the quality of the Shelti Foos 200 Foosball Table for your hard-earned money.

Counterbalanced men stay-in-place on the lustrous chrome-plated rods that glide effortlessly over the nylon bushings housed in the sturdy 1” thick walls of this immaculately built foosball table.

High-strength ABS constructed players rocket the ball around the playfield at break-neck speeds for unmatched fast game play and hours of fun beating your friends and family!

Men are securely locked-onto the chrome rods with double-wound spirol pins for a tight feel and no sloppy game play.

Stay-in-play field trim assures that there’s never a dull moment while the rattle board behind each goal makes sure the team you just scored on hears the impact of your shot.

Melamine Mahogany cabinet apron surface looks fantastic and protects the unit from the high-intensity matches that are sure to unfold on this awesome game piece.

Quality components and attention to detail make this table the perfect addition to your family’s game room.

Shelti Pro Foos II Foosball Table

Designed for competition but fun for all skill levels of play the Shelti Foos II Foosball Table is commercial-quality arcade gaming in the comfort of your home!

3-Man Goalie set up for full field play get ready for some scorching foosball action with the Pro Foos II! The chrome rods ride on nylon bushings with just 4 points of contact which deters binding in high-intensity foosball games.

Octagonal black polymer handles proved excellent grip and won’t break down with time, meaning less maintenance and replacement parts for more time playing foosball.

Compression bumpers quiet down the gameplay and won’t ‘walk’ on the rod. Protects unit from players smashing into side walls and extends the life of the game.

Easily retrieve balls from the side ball return and chalk up a point on your opponent with the easy-to-use abacus scoring units on both ends of the table.

Featuring the stay-in-play field trim the ball will always be in motion so no more ‘dead spots’ interrupting game play.

A commercial quality table that’s built to last, the Shelti Pro Foos II might be the perfect table for your family!

Shelti Pro Foos III

Pro-level foosball fun for your bar or your home game room! The Shelti Pro Foos III Foosball table is a top-of-the-line foosball table with a cozy design that looks just as great in your home game room as it does at the neighborhood watering hole. Available as a coin-operated or free play unit, not only is it built-to-last but is also versatile.

The high-pressure Sovereign Cherry laminate exterior looks elegant but will stand up to the use and abuse of high traffic venues. This includes no exposed cabinet fasteners and the laminate is chip resistant for true furniture quality construction.

Full field play is on with the 3-man goalie set-up and the stay-in-play field trim keeps the ball rolling, so you don’t have to!

The split-cabinet design makes for easy assembly while the triple-fastened, premium grade 1.5” thick fiberboard constructed bushing walls ensure a sturdy gaming unit that will see thousands of hours of intense foosball action.

You don’t have to be a professional foosball player to enjoy the Shelti Pro Foos III but if you play it enough, you just might become one!

Looking For a Foosball Tables in Metro Detroit?

The best way to find the perfect foosball table for your home or business is to play a few games on them yourself. That’s why we have all of these tables set-up and ready for action in our huge showroom that also features, pinball, billiards, ping pong and more! Stop by and see what game will fit your room today!