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Foosball Tables in Metro Detroit

Foosball tables come in an array of different shapes and sizes for all skill level of player. From the toy-like table top foosball games for kids, to the weighted professional tables that are built like tanks, there’s a foosball table for everyone.

Game Room Guys specializes in carrying quality-built foosball tables, in a variety of styles that are competitively priced and made to withstand the beating that these tables can endure.

The game of foosball is a wonderful pastime because of its access to players of all ages, sizes and abilities. With the drop of a ball and the flick of a wrist the fast action game begins and plastic men start spinning. (Or they don’t, depending on the rules you are playing by.)

Foosball started in the early 19th century and has evolved through the decades into the game we know it by today. Throughout the years manufacturers have made minor tweaks and adjustments to perfect the tables for the best play and longevity arriving at the fantastic tables that are available at our Detroit store today!

Tornado T-3000

Industrial in appearance and built to withstand the rigors of the game, the American Made Valley-Dynamo T-3000 is a competition level table that comes both for homes and commercial venues.

Quality construction from solid materials means better ball reaction and better over-all game play. Built to be as tough as the Motor City itself, this table is for the intermediate to pro-level player that needs a product that is going to last game after game.

Put your skills to the test on this top-of-the-line table! The table boasts counter-balanced men (meaning they stay in the position you leave them), sweat absorbing wooden handles, convenient side ball return, virtually indestructible legs with leg levelers and redesigned player ‘foot’ with better ball control and square sides for sharp, quick shots on goal. The table weighs in at a hefty 355 pounds, so it can take the craziest of games without so much as budging.

The rugged design features your choice of Platinum, Matte Black and Crimson Pro finishes that all bring their own unique character to the table.  The cabinet design makes it so the table ships nearly assembled and goes from box to first match in as little as 30 minutes!

Tornado Classic

Everyone can tell a classic when they see one. Whether it’s a mint ’53 Corvette, that Motown hit song that finds its way into your head or this sweet foosball table that’s ready for years of fun and games!

Gameplay that is faster and smoother than a new Mustang, this model is a good middle-of-the-road choice for customers looking for a quality foosball table but not Tournament level table prices.

Blending contemporary looks with tank-like construction this workhorse features counterbalanced men with improved corners for better ball control and passing, sweat absorbing wood handles, single side ball return, scoring abacus, commercial grade leg levelers and quality construction you would expect from an American Made Product.

A quality gaming table from a quality gaming manufacturer that’ll give you years and years of quality fun with your friends and family!

Tornado Sport

Designed for the beginner to more experienced player the Tornado Sport has all of the quality of a commercial unit made to be played at home or in the office.  You could think about this table as the ‘Sports Car’ of the Tornado foosball family: fun, fast, no-frills action!

Sporting a Mahogany Melamine finish, the table fits right in with many wood decor themed rooms and venues. This solid table is made with sturdy legs to withstand the abuse foosball tables will endure over the years. Instead of screw-out leg levelers the Sport features foot ‘boots’ with shims that can be placed inside the boots to adjust the height and level of the table. Because of this feature the Sport can be set to a lower height than other Tornado tables, this allows for kids and smaller adults to enjoy the game as well and as an added bonus, the table can grow with your kids!

Unlike other Tornado tables the men are not counter balanced, so they will tend to settle back to their ‘at rest’ position when not in use. The table isn’t as beefy or heavy as other tables meaning it might move more during game play but it also makes it easier to tuck out of the way when not in use.

The Tornado Sport is perfect mix of commercial quality with all the looks of a home unit.

Tornado Venetian

The Cadillac of foosball tables is here to blend class with functionality and style. The signature design gives this table an unmistakable look that will be hard for your guests to ignore and have everyone asking where you got it.

Looking absolutely nothing like other models in the Valley-Dynamo line (or most other foosball tables, for that matter), the Tornado Venetian is perfect for the discerning foosball player who wants the table to look as good as it plays. The furniture-quality craftsmanship coupled with its unique design sets this table apart from the rest.

Featuring sweat-absorbing classic wood handles, counter balanced men, Abacus scoring and the solid construction that Tornado is known for, this table sets the bar for all other high-end foosball tables.

Add another level of elegance and fun to your game room today with this classic game table.

Roberto Sport College International

Roberto Sport has been making foosball tables since they were founded in 1947 in Turin, Italy.  They have remained a dominate foosball manufacturer ever since with their slick design and quality construction.

The Roberto Sport College International is built to last with a 5mm sandblasted, tempered, unbreakable glass on the playfield, players molded onto the rods, legs made from powder coated metal and aluminum table tops. Roberto Sport equips their tables with double chromium plated, 18mm telescopic rods that making it safer for shorter players and children to play by collapsing instead of protruding out from the table during game play.

Players can feel the quality of this table when they compete because of the excellent game play and smooth mechanics of the bearings and rods. Available in various colors to match almost any game room, the Sport College can take the action of a dorm but also be right at home in your man cave. All Roberto Sport foosball tables come with a standard 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for worry-free gaming fun!

Roberto Sport Roby

Table soccer with small dimensions and only 4 rods is perfect for locations where space is limited! Great unit for close-quartered head-to-head action for kids and young adults.

Equipped with Roberto Sport’s telescoping rods, for safety, this one-of-a-kind table provides hours of entertainment in an incredibly small package. Easy to move with folding legs, so mobility has never been greater, this unit can be moved around the house or brought to the next tail gate.

The dimensions of the playfield make this an ultra-fast game for quick matches and hours of unplugged family fun! All Roberto Sport foosball tables come with a standard 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty for worry-free gaming fun!

Looking For a Foosball Tables in Metro Detroit?

The best way to find the perfect foosball table for your home or business is to play a few games on them yourself. That’s why we have all of these tables set-up and ready for action in our huge Detroit showroom that also features, pinball, billiards, ping pong and more! Stop by and see what game will fit your room today!