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The Best Electronic Dartboard for Your Home or Office

If you’re looking for a fun game or activity that has universal appeal, nearly endless game options and relatively little investment an electronic dartboard is right on target!

Electronic dartboards are brilliant additions to any game room or office. With little more than a nail on the wall and a line on the floor, set-up is simple, the game operation is basic and the fun can be started literally minutes from opening the box.  

The best thing about dartboards is their ability to go anywhere! We’ve seen them in garages, barns, bars, living rooms, kitchens, offices, hallways, bathrooms and pretty much anywhere you can think to hang one. Once the unit is hung and the throw line is marked, all you have to do is turn it on and choose your game! 

Electronic dartboards run the spectrum of quality and cost, ranging from inexpensive, toy-like boards to the stand-alone units you will see in bars like the Shelti Eye 2 or Arachnid Spider 360 dartboard

Most electronic dartboards will come with soft tipped darts included and some will even be housed in their own dartboard cabinet and loaded with dozens of pre-installed dartboard games like Cricket and 301.  

Game Room Guys carries an array of electronic dartboards to fit whatever need and space you might be shopping for so you can get the dartboard that is right for you.

Keep reading to see some of our best-selling dartboards and what they have to offer!

Arachnid CricketPro 800 Electronic Dartboard Cricket Pro (52919)

The Arachnid CricketPro 800 comes with all the dartboard parts and accessories you need to get started, including soft-tip darts, extra plastic dart tips, an AC power adapter and even the dartboard mounting hardware! (You will need to pick up a dart throw line marker with this unit.)

One of the best features of electronic dart boards is that the computer automatically scoring for you, so no messy chalk boards or math. All you have to do is throw your darts and press a button when your turn is over. 

The ChricketPro’s 4 player scores can be shown simultaneously while allowing for up to 8 dart player’s scores to be displayed if more players join in the fun! Meaning the entire office or your extended family can get in on the dart action! 

The Arachnid CricketPro 800 features over 30 dart games including 7 Cricket games, so there’s no shortage of game variety!  With a solo play feature, player handicap option, bounce-out amend function and a regulation electronic dartboard 15.5” target area, this unit is a great choice for anyone looking to get into darts or the casual player.

Dart Tip: When buying a new set of dart board darts for your electronic dartboard remember that you want to get soft tip darts and not steel tip darts, which are used on traditional bristle dartboards. It’s also important to know the size of your soft tips which are usually 1/4” or 3/16” (2BA).

Arachnid Volt Electronic Dartboard (52942)

The Arachnid Volt Electronic Dartboard is an awesome board for beginners and those on a budget! If you’re looking for an affordable dartboard with plenty of features, this is the electronic dartboard for you. 

With 20+ games to choose from there is sure to be something for everyone on this cool-looking dartboard. Up to 8 players can participate at once while the solo play feature also allows you to hone your skills. The board is battery operated (3 AAA) which makes it perfect for situations where access to power outlets might be limited or if the board needs to be mobile. 

The crisp and clear LCD score display features Cricket marks and makes it easier for players to follow the games and who’s next to throw. For even more entertainment enable the ‘Heckler’ feature and be trash-talked for your sub-standard dart play, something everyone can enjoy! 

Including mounting hardware, 6 soft-tip darts and extra dart tips this board comes with the basics to get you started. You will still need a few other dart accessories so a Bull Shooter Throw Line or extra set of Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts might be a good pick-up to make sure you have everything you need to play on your new electronic dartboard! 

A great way to break your game room rut without breaking the bank, the Arachnid Volt Electronic Dartboard is perfect for the home or office that is looking for something fun and budget friendly! 

Dart Tip: The regulation dart throw line distance for electronic dart games is 8’, while the dartboard height is 5’8” (Center of bullseye to floor).  Dart throw lines can be marked with pencil, marker, tape or you can make it official with a Game Room Guys ‘The Bull Starts Here’ Throw Line Marker. There are also LaserLite throw lines that are marked with a laser if you don’t wish to mark your floor permanently. A perfect solution for temporary board placement or discerning homeowners.

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard (53839)

A quality electronic dartboard that has all of the features you need and it looks great with its built-in wood dartboard cabinet

Tournament quality 15.5’ professional regulation-sized dartboard target face with ultra-thin spider minimizes bounce-outs. So more darts hitting and sticking for faster games and more fun! 

With 57 games built-in and over 300 options to accommodate up to 16 players (including team play), the fun that can be had on this dartboard is almost endless. 

The Viper Neptune comes equipped with a back lit auto-scoring LCD scoreboard that shines bright red and is built into the board with cricket displays, so keeping track of scoring is a breeze. 

The Neptune comes with 6 starter soft tip darts and a power cord adapter, eliminating the hassle of batteries. 

A board that looks as great in the break room as it does in the game room, the Viper Neptune Dartboard is a perfect middle-of-the-road dartboard for those looking to get into darts or upgrade from their current board.

Dart Tip: The Neptune comes built into a cabinet but dartboard cabinets can be a great addition to protect and house your dartboard if it doesn’t already have one. Cabinets not only make your board look great, but also act as a place to store your darts, dart accessories, scoreboard and act as wall protector. Customers can also protect their expensive flooring with a Viper Vinyl Dart Mat (14233) floor protector and also put up dartboard backboards to protect against throws that might go outside the cabinet doors and damage walls.

Viper 787 Electronic Dartboard with AC Adapter Included (20532)

A great mid-tier option for those who want the regulation 15.5” target face and quality that Viper dartboards are known for. 

Get the whole office or family together because you can play up to 16 players at once on this electronic dartboard and choose from 40+ games with 240 game playing options. Includes classic dart games such as 301, 501, American Cricket, Baseball, Shanghai and more! With game options like that it is sure to keep the masses entertained for a while! 

Auto-player change means you don’t have to hit any buttons to advance the game, so no more pointless darts thrown when someone hasn’t hit the next turn button yet. Missed dart and bounce out buttons also make bounce outs and errant throws a cinch to take care of. (The ultra-thin spider heavily reduces the number of bounce outs.) 

The Viper 787’s built-in organization is great for holding your darts and dart accessories but remember if you want some added storage space and some protection for your walls, a dartboard cabinet like the Bulls Eye Wood Dartboard Cabinet (21676) is a great option. Dartboard cabinets not only look great but they protect your dartboard and dartboard accessories when not in use.

Bright backlit display lets you easily see player scores and game statistics from the throw line. The dartboard comes with two sets of starter darts and an AC power adapter cord, so you can start playing right away. The unit can also be powered by 3 AAA batteries for spaces where power may be limited or not accessible. (We also offer the Viper 787 dartboard without the AC power adapter.) The unit features sleep and auto-power off functions to conserve battery life and power. 

A workhorse of a dartboard from a Clydesdale in the dartboard industry, the Viper 787 is a great way to have some fun and maybe learn some new dart games with your family and friends!

Dart Tip: Many dartboards comes with sets of darts to start you off but these are usually beginner darts, which are great- for beginners. Once you’ve gotten better, or if you are already decent, you’re going to want a nicer set of darts that will represent your skill level. Viper V Glo Yellow and Blue Soft Tip Darts (53992) are a great set of darts for the casual player or you may want something a little more professional like the Elkadart Titanium Soft Tip Dart set (61801). 

Arachnid Spider 360 Galaxy 3 Electronic Home Dartboard (30019)

The leader of the pack when it comes to electronic home and office dartboards is without a doubt the Arachnid Spider 360 Galaxy. Who better to lead the pack than Arachnid?  Arachnid is the originator of soft tip darts!

Using industry-leading technology with commercial grade components and tank-like construction, this unit is built to be played and played often.  From serious darters to kids and casual players, this electronic dartboard has something for everyone. 

If you have an active game room or a larger company, this would be the dartboard for your breakroom or man cave. Able to stand up to literally thousands upon thousands of games, this unit will not disappoint when it comes to durability or longevity. 

The intuitive controls allow players to use buttons to select from over 40 game options (including 301, 501 and Cricket) on the easy-to-read 19” LCD color, flat, wide screen monitor. Target face is the same size the pros play on and is lit by tri-color LED lights for easy visibility. 

Using the latest in computer hardware and LED electronics for target illumination the Galaxy 3 eliminates shadows, so this unit can go into any environment without having to worry about lighting and the player’s ability to see the board. 

Up to 8 players of all ages can enjoy this top-of-the-line electronic dartboard and players can also hone their skills playing solo. 

Assembly is a snap, the board is already set to the appropriate height and it comes with 6 soft tip darts and 500 extra 1/4” tips, you’ll just need to mark the throw line and start playing!

The Arachnid Galaxy 3 Spider 360 dartboard is a great commercial-grade dartboard for rooms where the board is going to get a lot of use and be enjoyed for years to come. 

Playing darts is a great way to get family, friends and co-workers together for some relaxation and friendly competition. With dozens of game variations, multiple player options and price points that make it accessible to almost anyone, darts is a classic game that still has mass appeal in today’s game rooms and break rooms. 

We have all of these dartboards and more on our website and in our showrooms in Grand Rapids and Metro Detroit as well as knowledgeable, friendly associates to help you with any questions you may have. Game Room Guys also carries pool tables, pinball machines, ping pong, shuffleboard, air hockey, bubble hockey tables, multicades and more! Plus we have all the accessories you need to play them! That’s why when it comes to game rooms, we’re the guys!