How to Play Shuffleboard

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How To Play Shuffleboard

Shuffleboard is the classic multiplayer game room game of skill, accuracy and finesse. Great for entertaining guests or bringing the family together for some fun and games, shuffleboard only takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master.

The Object

The object of shuffleboard is to have fun! Players take turns sliding all four of their weights, by hand, to the opposite end of the table. Players want their weights to stay on the playfield and to cross the closest foul line. Player’s weights must be further down the board than their opponent’s weight(s) to be scored. Players may use their weights to knock opponent’s weights off the playfield or to strategically protect their own weights. Games are usually played to 15 or 21 points.


The shuffleboard is divided by into 3 scoring zones: 1, 2 and 3 point zones, respectively. Points are scored by getting a weight to stop in one of the scoring areas. A weight has to completely cross the zone line to count for that score. (Ex. If a weight is on the line of 2 and 3, it is counted as 2 points.)

If a weight makes it to the end of the table and hangs over the edge of the 3 point zone, it is referred to as a ‘hanger’ or ‘shipper’. Hangers carry a score of 4 points.

If a weight doesn’t pass the foul line closest to the player it is removed from the round. If a puck falls off or is bumped off the playfield into the gutter it is removed from play for that round.

Points are scored at the end of the round.

When players have shuffled all their weights, the player with the puck closest to the far edge of the table scores points for all pucks that are ahead of their opponent’s furthest shot. The other player does not score points. The player who scores will shoot first the next round.

Head-to-Head (One-on-one)

Each player is assigned a color weight. Both players stand on the same end of the table and alternate sliding their weights to the opposite end, trying to stop their puck in one of the 3 zones to score points. In doing so players are trying to knock off the weights of their opponents, possibly trying to push their weights further down the board and even strategically blocking their own weights to protect them. When both players have shuffled all their weights the ‘round’ is finished. Players walk to other end of table and tally their points. The player who scores will shoot first the next round. When a player reaches 15 or 21, they win the ‘frame’. A ‘match’ consists of a predetermined number of frames by the players.

Team Play

Players typically form two teams of two players and stand on opposite ends of the table, taking turns playing every other round. This means that two games are basically being played at once with the team scores combined. The game is over when one team reaches the predetermined score of 15 or 21.