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Best Arcade Games to Play with Kids

Nothing brings out competitive spirit and laughter from kids quite like arcade games. Simple rule sets make learning how to play fast and easy. With so many available at Game Room Guys, we can boldly say that we have a game for every type of child, whether they’re a fan of classic or modern arcade games. These games are perfect for families and children of all ages. Continue reading to look into our extensive lines of some of the best arcade games to play with kids!

Pac-man Cabinets

You can never go wrong with the classics and we have them all. Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man cabinets are just some of the classic arcade games we carry that never fail to bring out joy and laughter in those of a younger age group. Both of these games have retro arcade game artwork along both sides of the cabinet and bring you back to a time when they were some of the most cutting-edge technology the world had to offer. The freeplay Ms. Pac Man & Galaga contains four hidden games and the classic visual artwork that made these games so popular almost forty years ago. Meanwhile, Pac-Man Pixel Bash contains 32 different arcade game titles to choose from and has an optional built-in beverage cooler. Don’t forget to check out the matching 30” Pac-man bar stools, too. These make it so any child can hop up and be eye-level with the game they are playing. If there’s something Game Room Guys can provide to make a child’s experience with these games more easily enjoyable, we intend to make it happen.

Along with these classic arcade cabinets, we also carry the Pac-Man Pixel Bash cocktail table and Pac-Man Battle Royale that may be more suitable for your kids or lifestyle. Of course you can make the best of this purchase by including two 30” Pac-Man stools with the purchase of a Pixel Bash cocktail table or including four Pac-Man stools with the Battle Royale game. These deals are perfect for a family with multiple children or individuals who love to host family gatherings.

Pac-man Basketball Shooter

We understand that arcade games or prize-oriented games may not exactly fit the interest of your sporty child. This is why we also carry an exciting basketball game that is sure to bring out any kids’ competitive spirit. This would be the Pac-Man basketball arcade shooter. We offer coin-operated arcade machines as well as free-play arcade machines. Although they're ideal for children, this basketball game is fun for all ages. While most arcade basketball games make you practice the same shot over and over again, our Pac-Man basketball game has an option to make levels progressively harder so that with practice, your child will be going pro in no time!

Crane Machine Games

In addition to these classic arcade games for kids, we carry another all-time favorite; the crane machine game. This coin-operated game is a timeless staple of many restaurants and arcades. With easily-maneuverable arcade controls, your child can win their way to a fantastic prize. Nothing beats the smile on a child’s face when they win an item of their choosing from a arcade crane machine. At Game Room Guys, we carry many versions of this game including Prize Cube, Hot Stuff Crane, Zoo Catcher, and many more arcade crane games. We even offer the Prize Cube Crane a two-player version that is sure to get the kids in the competitive spirit. No one plays to lose and your child will not want to walk away from one of our crane machines until they have won.

Games Based On Popular Entertainment

Besides the classic-style arcade games children still adore, we also carry TV and movie-based kid arcade games. Your child may want to ride along in the Jurassic Park movie arcade game while they try to avoid becoming a snack for over 30 dinosaurs in nine different levels. This visually-stunning experience, combined with the easy-to-learn gameplay, makes this a fan-favorite for children looking to advance from the realm of 80’s arcade games. If dinosaurs aren’t your child’s thing, we also have The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game for kids who love their cartoons. This unique game is an improved version of the cabinet made many years ago. It contains incredibly smooth graphics and voiceovers by the original cast members from the classic TV show. With easy-to-use arcade controls, any kid can fight to save the world as Donatello, Raphael, Leonardo or Michaelangelo!

Nerf Redemption

We never shy away from the unique gaming options we can carry for the kids. That is why we carry the Nerf Redemption arcade game. When I was younger, I almost always exclusively played with Nerf guns and I know there are quite a lot of kids out there who feel the same as I did. This one-of-a-kind arcade game mixes the enjoyment of Nerf guns with the jovial energy that comes from a competitive arcade game. This is a game appropriate for all ages and your child can also win special awards by playing a lot or achieving high scores. This game offers four exciting levels and skill-based play that is sure to keep any kids interested for a long time - potentially more than their actual Nerf guns!

Why We Do it

It is truly amazing how much fun a child can have when playing one of our exciting children's arcade games. That's why we carry so many kid-friendly arcade games. On top of the others mentioned, we also carry versions of arcade Yahtzee, the classic Whac-A-Mole, Paw Patrol Arcade Redemption Game and many more. Introducing the fun of arcade games to the children of this world is something very important to us. This is because the kids who played arcade games years ago are the reason that we are in business today. Yesterday’s players are today’s players, too. We see the impact that classic arcade games can have on people when they’re children because they come and visit us as adults to find a way to relive the exhilarating feelings of winning a prize or beating a hard level on one of their favorite games. We want these individuals to share their arcade memories with their children, and hopefully those children will want to do the same - later in life. We wish for kids of all age groups to feel this same level of excitement and to continue playing well into their adulthood.

With any arcade game comes maintenance and we are here for your maintenance needs as well. We carry arcade video game parts and accessories for every style of arcade game, so if a machine isn’t performing as well as it should, you can easily pinpoint the problem and fix it. For more information about our kid-friendly arcade games and their respective maintenance needs, visit our website here, or come in and see us at our Metro Detroit or Grand Rapids locations.


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