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Arcade Games in Metro Detroit

Finding quality time to spend with your friends and family gets harder and harder every year. Everyone has obligations: the kids are involved in sports or clubs, the parents work until their heads spin and weekends are a blur of yardwork and fleeting moments of relaxation.

In this digital age, with everyone walking around glued to their smartphone and access to entertainment at the swipe of a finger, it’s hard to hold anyone’s attention, let alone convince them to spend actual time with you! What you need is a form of family entertainment that is modern enough for the teens but familiar enough for the adults.  You need an arcade gaming cabinet!  

Arcade gaming cabinets are a great way to have all the fun of a night out, spent in. There are some options for arcade games in Metro Detroit but by the time you get everyone in the car, find parking, grab drinks and hit ‘Start’, the night is almost over. That’s why at Game Room Guys we have a variety of arcade cabinets in our showroom built especially for your home.

Arcade gaming cabinets come in a variety of styles, from dedicated, single game units that run the newest games, to multicade gaming cabinets that feature a variety of your favorite retro games all in one unit. 

Multicade video gaming cabinets are full-sized arcade games that feature multiple video games in one arcade style cabinet, ranging from a few dozen games to over a hundred. These games are all the old favorites you remember from your youth and might be just wacky enough to hook your kids as well!

There are a lot of multicade options on the market but the best games are licensed by the manufacturer and produced by professional gaming companies. Game Room Guys has been specializing in the home multicade market for over 4 years and know that one of the best multicades around today is Chicago Gaming’s Arcade Legends 3.

Arcade Legends 3 is one of the most popular multicades available today. It features 130 games including 29 Golden Tee Fore! Complete courses- so it even has the most popular golf game ever created included - a huge bonus for any golf fan! With 130 games there are too many classics to name but we’ll start with Asteroids Deluxe, Centipede, Arkanoid, Food Fight, Jungle Hunt, Missile Command, Tempest, Space Invaders and the list goes on and on. (Go to our website or stop in to our showroom for a full listing of AL3 Games.)

The AL3 is second-to-none when it comes to game controls for the plethora of titles they offer. Utilizing real arcade controls, the unit features a trackball, two joysticks and fifteen pushbuttons to accommodate for all of the various control combinations. The multitude of arcade classics are all displayed on a crystal clear LCD, flat screen monitor, which has these games looking even better than you remember them. 

Your kids will marvel at your unrivaled retro video gaming prowess, as all of your muscle and teenage memories come flooding back. Feel the nostalgia as AL3’s built-in cabinet speakers provide the ‘Bleeps’, ‘Blops’ and ‘Boings’ that you remember hearing all those years ago. 

Not only are multicades fun for the family but good luck getting your friends off of this when they come over! Always a smash hit with people who remember playing these games when they were brand new, AL3 isn’t only perfect at family game night but with its universal appeal, it’s popular at any gathering.

With all its games, The Arcade Legends 3 is a great multicade but some people like to keep things simple or don’t need quite so many titles. For those who might just want 30 or so games in their multicade, and a slightly smaller footprint, we suggest the Pac-Man Pixel Bash Home Upright (Formally the Pac-Man Party) and Cocktail multicade cabinets.

The Pac-Man Pixel Bash free-play multicade is the only way you’re going to play Pac-Man like you remember it! All of the games are officially licensed under Namco, so no need to worry about knock-offs or cheap imitations.

Slightly smaller than normal arcade gaming cabinets, the Pac-Man Pixel Bash units are available in both upright (standing) and cocktail (sit-down) style home models. (Game Room Guys even offers matching Pac-Man stools to go along with your cabinet!) This unit offers an entire arcade neatly packaged in quality built cabinet that only takes-up a small amount of floor space, leaving more room for competitors and spectators alike.

Showcasing 31 classic arcade games, Pac-Man Pixel Bash has all of the favorites and a few you may have forgotten. Relive the glory days as you chase ghosts Pinky, Inky, Blinky and Clyde around the crystal-clear, flat screen monitor. Test how your skills have held up over the years and try one of the other one-dozen games on this family fun machine. (See the full list on our website or stop into our showroom and experience the game in person!) Cocktail cabinet is available in wood grain and black to match almost any decor.

Maybe you love arcade games but you were always more of fan of Pac-Man’s better half? Let us introduce to you the Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga multicade cabinet!

Just like you remember them from the arcade but now with the option to choose ‘regular’ or ‘speedy’ Ms. Pac-Man and ‘original’ or ‘rapid fire’ Galaga. It’s everything you loved about the classic games but now with even more action!

The beautifully designed, full-sized arcade cabinet features a half-and-half design layout that displays one side with Ms. Pac-Man graphics and Galaga art on the other, perfectly replicating the retro look of the original arcade games. The controls were all kept the same as well, so there won’t be any surprises when you turn it on and start playing.

The unit also features four hidden bonus games: Pac-Man, Speedy Pac-Man, Speedy Ms. Pac-Man and Rapid Fire Galaga. Giving you 6 games to choose from out of this single, space-saving, fun-filled cabinet.

Multicade cabinets are a great option if you’re looking for a variety of titles and are into the retro gaming world, but some video game enthusiasts are all about the newest games with the best graphics and most engaging game play. For those fans there are new arcade games being released all the time! A staple of the modern video game industry is the hugely popular Golden Tee Golf game.

A fantastic option for family video gaming, Golden Tee Golf is challenging, kid-friendly and easy to learn. You’re probably familiar with Golden Tee from your local pub or sports lounge, seeing the occasional group of players laughing and enjoying a cold beverage while playing a quick ‘round’ with their friends.

Golden Tee has been around for almost 30 years, making it a fixture in many establishments and the clear leader in arcade golf today. Many people don’t realize, however, that you can also purchase Golden Tee for your home game room as well.

A great addition for any golf-minded family’s rec room, Golden Tee Home Edition offers multiplayer action with subscription options for online competitions, world rankings, private money contests and apps to monitor your progress.

In the 3 decades since its inception Golden Tee’s graphics have changed by leaps and bounds. Starting with the typical clunky colored pixel blocks on the old tube monitors, the new graphics are displayed on high definition flat screens that make it difficult to discern if you are watching a golf tournament or playing a video game!

Children and adults alike will love customizing their characters with unique clothing, zany putters, special ball effects and colorful new accessories. Then you can put your players to the test on one of 65 beautifully designed courses with more courses and game modes released through-out the year- making this an ever-evolving form of entertainment right in your home!

Golden Tee Golf is undoubtedly a great arcade game but it can be a little too serious for some gamers. That’s why the makers of Golden Tee created PowerPutt Golf- with all the great golf action of Golden Tee but with the fun twist of mini golf.

PowerPutt is a putting-focused golf game that features the same great golf game play and stunning course graphics that Golden Tee has perfected over the years. Utilizing an arcade trackball for precision, PowerPutt puts players in control of their putting game as they play on one of 3 hyper-realistic, 9-hole, 3D mini golf courses, with up to 8 of their friends. Tournament mode offers play for 4-16 players.

PowerPutt is perfect family entertainment that offers great graphics, game play all while only taking up a small footprint in your home. Shot-by-shot commentary (with language content controls for the kiddos) adds another level of energy and entertainment to the game. Its sturdy construction of quality materials ensures it will be around for years to come.

Take on friends and family as you play through all kinds of crazy mini golf holes with flaming hoops, ramps, gallows, cannons, lava and so much more! There are never-ending trick-shots and techniques, so every round is different from the last, making this game fun to play night after mini golf-filled night!

Looking for arcade games in Metro Detroit?

With our Grand Rapids, Michigan, showroom only a short drive away and full of fun and games, Game Room Guys is the perfect spot to stop in and see which arcade game fits your family and home the best. Whether it’s a multicade or a Golden Tee, there are endless hours of family fun to be had on all of our gaming machines and tables. Our friendly sales staff will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. For all of you game room needs, we are the guys!