American Changer Super Universal Board Kit - AC1067.1-SUB-KI


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Brand: American Changer
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American Changer Super Universal Board With Meanwell Power Supply Kit - AC1067.1-SUB-KI

New American Changer Universal control board, display, power board and main power cord. 

Part Number: AC1067.1-SUB-KI

AC1067.1-SUB-KI - Super-U w/Meanwell Power is an upgrade for older 24 volt and 110 volt machines. 

For 110 volt machines the validator(s) and Hopper(s) would have to be replaced

Compatible with following American Changer products: 

AC1001, AC1002, AC101, AC105, AC2000, AC2001, AC2002, AC2002.1, AC2005, AC2006, AC2007, AC2009, AC201, AC205, AC2207, AC2221, AC2225, AC250, AC250-CRR, AC6000, AC6003, AC6007, AC7702, AC7705, AC7802, AC7805, AC8002, AC8004, AC8005, AC8009, AC8225
Specifications below:
Weight (lbs.): 2
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