Skee-Ball Classic Alley Bowling - 10'

$6,499.00 to $6,999.00

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Condition: New
Brand: Skee Ball

$6,499.00 to $6,999.00
Skee-Ball Classic - 10'

Available in home and coin-op editions.

For that special touch of nostalgia, Skee-Ball classic provides its traditional game play with the industry-standard 10-foot ramp.

Game room owners...can link a bank of alleys and add the marquee (item #59628) to finish off the look, drawing in players of all ages.

Homeowners...can take original Skee-Ball alley found in game rooms, carnivals, fairs, and boardwalks worldwide. The free play button comes standard for the home market so you and your friends can play over-and-over for high score!

Lanes sold individually.

Don't Mess With A Good Thing
Skee-Ball was the first alley roller ever made; patented in 1908. That means it’s the oldest arcade game currently being produced in the amusement market. Which is why we didn’t want to mess with the classic alley roller we all know and love. 

A Real Winner
Skee-Ball Classic fits well in any type of setting, but it really shines in vintage or retro-styled locations; whether barcades, game rooms, lobbies or homes. To satisfy the authentic Skee-Ball purists, it keeps the front and side metal cages, the classic sounds, and the simple point scoring metrics.

Assembled: 2’6” W x 10’2” D x 7’1” H
Weight: 645 lbs.
Ship Weight: 695 lbs.
Ships on 1 skid, 2 pieces
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