Ms Pac Man Arcade Game Bar Stool

$99.00 to $109.00

Product Code: 66488
Condition: New
Brand: Bandai Namco Amusement America

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Ms. Pac Man Arcade Game Bar Stool

What better way to play Ms. Pac-Man than from an Official Namco Ms. Pac-Man stool?!

Awesome chrome stools feature a comfortable seat with classic Ms. Pac Man game graphics, for hours of gaming enjoyment!

LICENSED ARTWORK: Ms Pac Man game screen is printed on the seat.
PERFECT SIZE: This stool is either 19 or 30 Inches tall and is the perfect height for a Ms Pac Man arcade game.
SWIVEL SEAT - The seat swivels 360 degrees.  It is functional and fashionable.
STURDY FRAME:  This stool is built to last.
FLOOR PROTECTION: There are rubber protectors on the feet of the stool.

Available in 19" and 30" stool heights.

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