Arcade Legends 3 Game Pack 532

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Arcade Legends 3 Game Pack 532

(for games produced before 12/2015 and Motherboard not labelled AT5)

Here are more games for your Arcade Legends 3

These are the games you loved to play. Simple to install in just minutes, this game pack will add hours of play to your Arcade Legends™ multi-game system. These are the games you really want – all in one add-on pack.

This pack only works in Arcade Legends 3.

It does not work in any earlier versions of Arcade Legends.

Installation involves removing screw in current USB, removing the USB and replacing it with the new USB and inserting the screw.

21 Additional Games:

1943 (Capcom)

Bionic Commando(Capcom)

Captain Commando(Capcom)

Carrier Air Wing (Capcom)

Defender(Warner Bros.)

Gorf(Warner Bros.)

Gun Smoke(Capcom)

Joust(Warner Bros.)

King of Dragons(Capcom)

The New Zealand Story(Taito)

Ghouls 'n Ghosts (Capcom)

Rampage (Taito)

Robotron (Warner Bros.)

Rootbeer Tapper (Warner Bros.)

Satan's Hollow (Warner Bros.)

Section Z (Capcom)

Spy Hunter (Warner Bros.)

Spy Hunter 2 (Warner Bros.)

Streetfighter 2

Streetfighter 2 CE

Strider (Capcom)

Toobin' (Warner Bros.)

Wizard of Wor (Warner Bros.)

Once you have installed this upgrade, you will have the following games:

1942, 1943, 10-Yard-Fight, Alpine Ski, Anteater, Arkanoid, Arkanoid 2, Armored Car, Asteriods and Deluxe, Battle Chopper, Battle Road, Battlezone, Berzerk™, Bionic Commando, Black Widow™, Boogey Manor, Bubble Bobble®, Calipso™, Cameltry, Captain Commando, Centipede®, Chack ’n Pop ™, Cheyenne™, Clay Pigeon™, Combat, The Combatribes, Crack Shot™, Crime City™, Crossbow™, Crystal Castles™, Defender, Double Dragon, Double Dragon 3, Dragon Breed, Elevator Action®, Fax™, Final Blow™, Final Fight, Food Fight™, Frenzy™, Gallop™, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Golden Tee Golf ®, Golden Tee Golf 2®, Golden Tee Fore! - 28 courses, Gorf, Gravitar®, Great Swordsman®, Gun Smoke, Hammerin’ Harry, Hard Hat™, Hit ‘N Miss™, Joust, Jungle Hunt™, King of Dragons, Klax, Kung Fu Master™, Liberator™, Liquid Kids™, Lost Tomb™, Lunar Lander®, Lunar Rescue™, Magic Sword, Major Title™, Millipede®, Minefield™, Missile Command®, Moon Patrol™, Moon War™, Mouse Trap™, Nastar™, The New Zealand Story, Ninja Kids™, Ninja Spirit™, Pepper II™, Pirate Pete™, Plotting™, Plump Pop™, Puzzle Bobble®, Qix®, Rainbow Islands™, Rainbow Islands Extra™, Rampage, Rastan®, Red Baron™, Rescue™, Return Of The Invaders™, Robotron, Rootbeer Tapper, Satans Hollow, Section Z, Showdown™, Side Trak™, Space Duel™, Space Invaders® and DX®, Spectar™, Speed Coin™, Spy Hunter, Spy Hunter II, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II CE, Strider, Super Breakout®, Super Qix®, Targ™, Tazz Mania™, Tempest™, Toobin, Venture™, Warlords®, Water Ski™, Who Dunit™, Wizard of Wor, World Class Bowling™, X-Multiply™, Zippy Race™, Zoo Keeper™.

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