Aramith Tournament Set with Nylon Case, Ball Cleaner and Cloth


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Aramith Tournament Set with Nylon Case, Ball Cleaner and Cloth

Aramith Tournament Pool Balls

Set of Aramith Tournament Billiard Balls.  Aramith Duramith Resin.  New Hi-tech engineered molecular structure.  Increased ball life due to higher dent and ding resistant resin.  Built to minimize the wear of the table cloth.  Made in Belgium.

Aramith Billiard Ball Cleaner

Regular use, recommended after each game, of Aramith Ball Cleaner will keep your Aramith phenolic billiard balls polished and lustrous for years to come!

Directions for use:
Shake well.
Apply the cleaner upon the ball. For best results, apply with a micro-fiber cloth.
Rub well.
Make the ball shine with a piece of dry cloth or paper or with an electrical buffer.

Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth

The Aramith Micro-Fiber Cloth is much more than a regular cloth!

High cloth resistance: strong fiber with "w" anchorage within the textile structure; this velvet structure means no fibers will be lost on the ball surface.
Absorption: absorbs 4x its weight in water, 8x its weight in grease.
Fiber thickness: 0.6 g/10.000 m insures excellent cleaning performance; even inside small surface defects or scratches.
Fiber shape: the curly shaped fibers easily remove dust from the ball's surface and capture dust into the microfiber through electrostatic effect due to friction on the ball's surface.
Fiber height: 3 to 4 mm.
High fiber density: 40,000 fibers/cm2, insure excellent cleaning and polishing.
High dimensional stability: no shrinkage after hot wash (60 C/140 F).
Flexible protective under-layer coating: will keep your hand dry during ball cleaning.
High fiber crush resistance: recovers its initial volume and absorption after use.

Wash at 60 C / 140 F when suitable.
No ironing: ready to use after washing.

Aramith Nylon Pool Billiard Ball Carrying Case

A shoulder strap for easy carrying
17 Ball foam padded spaces which allow you to cradle each ball individually
A free space for a personal cue ball or Jim Rempe training ball or Pro Cup cue ball
A free space for the Aramith ball cleaner
Specifications below:
Weight (lbs.): 10.28
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