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American Pinball Galactic Tank Force Pinball Machine - Deluxe Edition


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Brand: American Pinball
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American Pinball Galactic Tank Force Pinball Machine - Deluxe Edition

Get ready for an out-of-this-world Adventure as American Pinball unleashes “Galactic Tank Force”! With live actors, cutting-edge graphics and gripping gameplay, these cosmic exploits guarantee non-stop laughs, thrills, and excitement for pinball fans everywhere!

Travel to the distant moon of Lumina in the far-off Namdron Galaxy as the newest member of the Galactic Tank Force. Tasked with patrolling and protecting the recently established lunar research base, your mission is to defend it from the ruthless Empress Annoya and her invading forces. Experience challenges and close calls from far, far away as you embark on this incredible journey through space and time!

Take control of the Model 375A Battle Tank and fend off massive enemy tanks, robots, and UFOs, all sent by the evil Empress Annoya to destroy you. Feel the rumble of approaching enemy tanks and prepare to face them head-on with Major Duke Moonwalker guiding and supporting you from the orbiting space station.

For those seeking the traditional pinball experience, the Deluxe Edition is designed with the classic pinball cabinet design, ensuring a familiar, yet exhilarating, pinball experience.

Deluxe Edition Features Include:

  • Interior Side Art
  • Playfield Lighting
  • Shaker Motor
  • Knocker
  • Magic Glass

Game Features:

  • Space Station AIR Lock - Fighter pilots assemble here.
  • Plotnik’s Lab - Shoot here to get your fighter pilots ready and earn mystery awards.
  • L-A-B Lanes - Complete lanes to open Plonick’s Lab
  • Reactor Bumpers - Beware of meltdowns!
  • Accelerator Targets - Supercharge Scoring!
  • AIR Lock Targets - Spell A-I-R to light locks.
  • AIR Spinner - When your mission time is running out, shoot to add more!
  • Alpha Flank Targets - Hit these to advance features and increase left side shot values.
  • Mission Lanes - Complete these to qualify an ice cream mission.
  • Tank Battles - Destroy all tanks to reach Tank Zulu.
  • Atomic Shield - Protects you from danger when active.
  • Planet Spinner - Add even more mission time when it’s running out!
  • Controlled Diverter - Use the third flipper button to divert ramp shots.
  • Advance Rank Lanes - Complete these lanes to earn a promotion.
  • Mission Control - Shoot this saucer when lit to accept an ice cream mission.
  • UFO Moving Target - Stop cows from being abducted!
  • Enemy Tank - Defeat the enemy force! Watch out for its attacks and defenses!
  • Bravo Flank Targets - Hit these to advance features and increase right side shot values.
  • Missile Strike Lanes - Can you fight back?
  • Achievements - Prove yourself!
  • Ice Cream Missions - Do your duties to save the ice cream!
  • Lucky Break - Do you feel lucky?
Specifications below:
Length: 76
Width: 29
Height: 52
Weight (lbs.): 275
# of Players: 1-4
Voltage:120 Volts
Coin Operated?: Coin-Op and Free Play
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