American Changer Universal MDB Validator Harness - AC1065-2H


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American Changer Universal MDB Validator Harness 30" - AC1065-2H

Universal Validator Harness for American Changer machines.

Length: 30"

Part Number: AC1065-2H

The Universal MDB Val Harness 30" - AC1065-2H is compatible with all changers that use Multi Drop Bus 24 volt validators, if your changer uses a 110 volt validator it will not work.

Compatible with following American Changer Products:

AC1001, AC1002, AC101, AC105, AC2000, AC2001, AC2002, AC2002.1, AC2005, AC2006, AC2007, AC2009, AC201, AC205, AC2207, AC2221, AC2225, AC250, AC250-CRR, AC6000, AC6003, AC6007, AC7702, AC7705, AC7802, AC7805, AC8002, AC8004, AC8005, AC8009, AC8225
Specifications below:
Weight (lbs.): 0.5
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