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Why Golden Tee is the Best Line of Arcade Games on the Market

When it comes to golf arcade games, there are very few that come as close to bridging the gap between fun and competitive spirit as the Golden Tee arcade series. Having been originally released in 1989 by Incredible Technologies, this game has grown into a fan-favorite for both young and old gamers across the United States and world. As it has become one of the longest-running arcade game series to ever be produced, it has maintained a very large following and a growingly-competitive online tournament scene.

Golden Tee has been the premier golf arcade game since before many of its players were even born. Over the years, many have referred to it as the most interesting and competitive arcade game in the world - one that allows the user the ability to easily learn and compete with friends and strangers alike.

It was introduced to the arcade market in 1989 and by 1996, over 1,250 Golden Tee cabinets were installed across 32 states. Today, these games reside in every state. The reason this game was widespread so quickly is because the game could be fitted into the same arcade cabinet over and over again so you never have to buy a new cabinet when an updated version comes out - this practice really sets it apart from other arcade games.

A lot of their success came from the release of Golden Tee 3D in the mid 90’s. This game gave an increased realism to the already-successful Golden Tee series and drew in people who weren’t even interested in playing real golf in the first place. After the release of this version of the game, the co-creators realized that this arcade games was going to be as big of a staple at a bar or arcade as a dartboard or Pac-Man video arcade machine.

There are a number of reasons that Golden Tee saw such relatively quick success that still continues on to this day. Rather than utilizing joysticks and buttons like most regular arcade games, Golden Tee uses a 3-inch trackball which increases your sensory interactivity of the game and offers a unique way to delve into the virtual golf world. Besides the controls, the game offers a large web-connected interface that allows you to not only compete online with your friends, but players around the world as well. These gameplay features, combined with the unique location settings of the game which allows you to play unique courses at places such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or at the Great Wall of China, make for an incredible gameplay experience.

In addition to the unique and industry-dominating golf games, Incredible Technologies has also created versions of the Golden Tee golf series available for PC and mobile phone gaming. Over time, they have also introduced popular professional golfers into the game such as John Daly and Peter Jacobsen. This just one more way that the creators of the game have bridged the gap between a fun game and a competitive one. Incorporating the real-life competitors of professional golf allows for a certain degree of realism added to the video golf experience.

The creation of the Golden Tee Home Version has also brought a whole new level of excitement to this game as well. Once this was introduced, people realized they did not have to sit in a crowded bar for hours to play their favorite game; they could simply purchase a version of the game with no coin slot for their living room or basement. This could very well be for you.

In contrast to the TruGolf simulator (otherwise known as the most realistic virtual golf game on the market), the cost of a Golden Tee game is significantly more affordable and the arcade cabinet takes up much less space in your home or commercial property. Due to it being more easily accessible and playable than a TruGolf simulator, it gives players who may not be the most talented golfers in real life a chance to be competitive with their friends in the same nature as a regular round of golf is.

While a TruGolf simulator is the most realistic virtual golf game on the market, these two major distinctions typically target people who are trying to find relatively more inexpensive entertainment that has the ability to include everyone interested in playing a game with their friends or family. These are the benefits of the Golden Tee arcade series. A TruGolf simulator yields many benefits such as realism, visual impact, and the ability to build a golfer’s skillset, but there are many reasons why Golden Tee may be the more appropriate option for you and your needs. To better understand more on what your golf arcade game needs are and why this is the game you need in your home - visit our Golf Arcade Game Buying Guide here.

Aside from the many benefits of purchasing a Golden Tee arcade game, performing maintenance on these games will be little to no trouble for you. Here at Game Room Guys, we are able to supply all the spare parts and accessories you may need from new trackballs and adapter cables to monitor stands and pushbuttons. If you’re having trouble with you Golden Tee game, give us a call or stop in at our Grand Rapids location to find out how you can get your machine running perfectly once more.


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