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Patented, Dual Tracking Technology

Witness the Evolution of Precision Ball Flight & Club Head Tracking
Full Swing Golf has developed a third generation extension to its existing infrared tracking system. Utilizing a single high-speed camera to focus solely on ball spin and club head data, Full Swing Golf has truly mastered the art and science of ball flight.
  • Intuitive Club Head Data: Ion2 Vision technology gives you club head speed, club face angle, and club path information with an intuitive on-screen illustration of your club, so you can better understand your swing.
  • Taking Ball Spin Seriously: Ion2 collects real-time spin data, including back spin, side spin, and spin axis. Displaying spin rates on screen allows you to make better equipment choices and shot decisions.
  • Work Your Ball Your Way: Full Swing Golf prides itself on ball flight accuracy and realism of the golf shot. Focusing only on ball spin and club head, Ion2 allows the ball path to be shaped exactly as if it were outdoors.

Dual Technology Tracking: A Revolutionary Step in Ball Flight Accuracy

Only Full Swing Golf combines infrared and camera technologies, giving you the most realistic ball flight available with no lag between the time the ball hits the screen to when it enters the virtual world!

Tracking Technology #1

Infrared Lightwave Technology for superior speed and trajectory measurement

  • The Flight- As your ball crosses the two infrared light wave tracks, we measure your ball speed, launch angle, and direction at the speed of light.
  • The Screen- When the ball hits the screen, you instantly see the direction of your shot, exactly as it would be outdoors.
  • The Reality- No other simulation technology or indoor launch monitor can measure these ball flight characteristics more accurately or rapidly.

Tracking Technology #2

Ion2 High Speed Camera, 3 Measurements, for superior spin and club head data

  • The Hitting Area- Largest detection area available, ball is instantly located and ready to play.
  • Club Head Data- As you swing, we capture your club head speed, path, and face angle.
  • Ball Flight- As your ball takes flight, the technology captures back spin, side spin, and spin axis.