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Why Arcade Legends is the Best Home Arcade Gaming Cabinet

Most of our customers want at least one arcade gaming cabinet in their home game room and usually they want it to be a retro arcade game. And why wouldn’t they? Classic arcade games, like Pac-Man, look cooler than heck, they bring back a flood of nostalgia and provide hours of throw-back entertainment.

There are retro arcade gaming cabinets for sale all over the internet and they sure are fun to play, but they come at a cost. The originals are getting harder and harder to find as well as older and older. That means arcade replacement parts are getting more rare and the originals are getting even harder to repair to playing condition.

So what are you to do if you want all the fun of those retro arcade games in a package that won’t take a complete overhaul to get playing again?

Let us introduce to you Arcade Legends 3 by Chicago Gaming!

All of the retro, old school, throw-back arcade gaming action but in a brand new arcade cabinet with a crisp and clear 26” Liquid Crystal Display that brings these arcade classics back to life in a big way!

Loaded with 130 classic licensed arcade games ( over 150 games with Arcade Legends 3 Game Pack Upgrade! ) there is almost no end to list of old school classics you can play with your family and friends. All the arcade hits like 1942 (1984, Capcom) where you can win WWII in the Pacific Theatre or the timeless Asteroids (1979, Atari) where you’ll blow apart space rocks in an intergalactic shoot-‘em-up frenzy!

It doesn’t stop there! Test you skills with the original Arkanoid (1986, Taito) or maybe launch back into space with the unforgettable Missile Command (1980, Atari) or just play a round on one of the many Golden Tee Fore! (2000-2005, I.T.) courses. Then you can go back in time and post some high scores on Millipede (1982, Atari) and relive some awesome teenage memories.

Not only will you be reliving some great old memories but making some new ones along the way! What better way to introduce your kids to the video gaming world of your youth than with almost every single game you played as a kid?! Instill in them that love for the blocky graphics and beep-boop-bop electronic clatter that has been imprinted in the fiber of your being since your childhood. This cabinet is more than just a bunch of games, it’s like looking through a vintage video game year book.

Not only is the Arcade Legends 3 jam-packed with arcade classics but it also looks great in any game room, man-cave or she-shed. The full-sized arcade cabinet houses all of the components safely inside and is plastered with classic arcade game graphic art from your favorite video games. The coin door gives your machine that classic arcade appeal, but is just for looks, so you never have to worry about quarters, tokens or making change. ( Arcade Legends 3 is for home use only.)

The commercial-grade control panel features authentic arcade controls that feel and look just like you remem… actually, probably way better than you remember them looking in the arcade! The control panel easily lifts up for maintenance and upgrades, so you spend less time accessing your game and more time playing it!

Unlike the original retro video games where parts will be hard to find, Arcade Legends 3 is still in production as I write this! That means if you ever need any video game parts or accessories you won’t have to scour the dark corners of the internet to find them! In fact, Game Room Guys carries all the game room parts and accessories you need! Weather it’s a joystick for your arcade game or a flipper for your pinball machine, we have what you’re looking for. That’s why when it comes to pinball machines, ping pong tables, air hockey tables, foosball tables, pool/billiard tables, pool cues, bar furniture, theatre seating, shuffleboards and anything else for your game room needs, we’re the guys!


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