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Top Golf Simulators and Golf Video Games In Metro Detroit

There’s nothing like the first round of golf at the start of a new season.

The smell of freshly cut grass on a cool summer morning as you tee-up your shiny, white, dimpled ball on the first tee. The rising sun on your back, breeze on your face, a buzzing lawnmower from a distant green and knowing you have this, along with 17 other beautiful holes in front of you. It can really make for the perfect start to the perfect day.

One thing that can ruin a great day on the links like this is being out of practice from months of inactivity due to a long winter.

For those of us that live in climates where an activity like golf is only available a few months a year, it can be difficult to get any momentum going with your game. As soon as you fix your wicked slice the season is just about over and that driver goes back into your bag for another 6 months.

Golf simulators are a great way to take your favorite seasonal sport and play it year-round! There are no rain-outs or blizzards or gale force winds when it comes to owning a golf simulator, just the option to grip-it and rip-it any time, any day! A good golf simulator will take those down months in the winter and turn them into a highly productive golf workshop, so when spring rolls back around, you’ll be ready!

Simulators can also turn into home movie theatres and simulate much more than just the sport of golf. TruGolf’s Multisport Package allows for more activities like Rally Baseball, Slap Shot Hockey, Foot Golf and Breakaway Soccer. The games accommodate up to 8 players at a time, feature several modes of play, have difficulty settings for younger players, voice activation and even include equipment. This makes a TruGolf simulator something the entire family can enjoy!

Game Room Guys is proud to carry TruGolf Simulators for our customer’s year-round golf enjoyment! We have simulators on display and ready to play at our Grand Rapidsshowroom.

Check out the article below to see what simulator best fits your game, then come down to our showroom and play a round!

TruGolf Vista Series

The TruGolf Vista Series is a portable golf simulator that is offered in a number of options to fit all of your golf simulator needs. All of the Vista Series models come with E6 Software and TruTrack2 technology.

E6 Software

All TruGolf Simulators come with E6 software and subscription. The TruGolf Vista series comes with a 1 year E6 Connect subscription (Vista 12 Pro has 2 year sub). The cutting edge technology of the E6 Connect software is the highest quality, most lifelike and customizable golf software on the market today. E6 can be used with launch monitors to teach or train, to compete in leagues and online events for commercial uses or just used for fun with family and friends at home. The software comes standard with 27 beautiful golf courses.

The E6 Connect features spectacular 4k graphics (optional) and more customization and options than ever before. With the subscription players are able to connect and compete with golfers around the world, play private peer-to-peer golf with friends and even play in global tournaments.


Each simulator features TruTrack2 Technology* for shot analysis and feedback. Using 3 rows of optical sensors TruTrack2 uses data captured at the point of impact to measure your club path and clubface angle during impact. This information is instantly displayed for players to study on the Swing Analysis screen. The TruTrack2 uses a ‘real-feel’ golf mat that allows players to swing down and through, for some of the most realistic practice possible.

*Portable Units are equipped with patented sonic triangulation technology. Ball flight characteristics are captured by utilizing sonic triangulation positioning technologies in conjunction with data captured by TruTrack2.

The Vista series all feature TruGolf’s revolutionary new screen tension system. The result is an impact screen that is held firmly in place for a clear, crisp image. The impact screen is made from 100% polyester material.

The 21” touch-screen monitor makes setting-up your round easy as pie, so you can start working on your swing sooner. The touch-screen is included with all models of the Vista series except the Base Vista 8.

TruGolf Vista 8

The most affordable golf simulator option from TruGolf is the Vista 8 simulator. With its compact size (9’ W X 12’ D X 8’ H) it gives owners more versatility in placement at the desired location. The Vista series is portable, meaning it can be used as a seasonal feature or simply set up and taken down with relative ease for smaller venues where floor space may be at a premium. The lightweight aluminum frame makes set-up and tear down, along with transport, even more manageable.

Sporting the smallest impact screen at 116”, the graphics and game play don’t suffer in the least. The TruTrack2 tracking system uses point of impact technology to analyze swing path, face angle, launch angle, back spin and club head speed. This attention to detail means you get the most accurate readings and stats to help you tweak and improve your golf game.

The Vista 8 is a fantastic option for those who want to keep their game on point but also want the flexibly of a smaller footprint, the advantage of portability and a more affordable option.

The Vista 8 Base model does not include a computer, monitor or turf.

TruGolf Vista 10

The Vista 10 is a great choice for someone looking for a mid-level golf simulator. A larger impact screen (136”) provides a bigger target and larger views of your favorite courses. A slightly larger footprint (10’ W x 15’ D x 8’ H) than the Vista 8, allows a little more room to swing your club and move about.

Like the Vista 8, the entire simulator is portable, making it great as a seasonal installation, for trade shows, mobile golf lessons and more! The aluminum frame is easy to set up and take down, along with being light-weight for ease of transport.

The Vista 10 has a deeper enclosure for a brighter, clearer screen image.

The Vista 10 is a great option for those who want a quality mid-tier golf simulator but need it to be a little larger than the Vista 8 while still being mobile.

TruGolf Vista 12

At the high-end of the portable models TruGolf offers is the Vista 12. With a 16:10 aspect ratio, 174” wide screen, players are presented with an immersive golf experience. With a slightly larger footprint (12’ W x 14.9’ D x 8.8’H), the Vista 12 is the largest simulator in the portable Vista series.

The Vista 12 is offered with the same great technology that is offered with the Vista 8 and 10 models respectively but is only portable model that has the 1080p projector option with the Pro model.

For situations where you might have enough room for a full-sized simulator but not the need for it all year-round or you may be transporting the unit regularly, the Vista 12 is a great option!

*All 3 Vista Pro Models include Frame Storage Duffel, Component Rack, Containment Brim, Side nets or Wide Screen Projector Box. These are only available on the Pro Models of the Vista Series.

TruGolf Free-Standing Golf Simulators

Larger and even more impressive than the portable Vista Series but without the commitment of a built-in simulator, the Free-Standing line offers the best experience in golf simulation, but if you ever need to relocate, you can take it with you. Free-Standing units are all equipped with TruFlight2 and TruTrack2 technologies for the most accurate shot analysis with every swing.


TruGolf’s Free-Standing units come equipped with TruFlight2 and TruTrack2 technologies. TruFlight2 features the latest technology from TruGolf that allows users to play every shot just like they would on the golf course. The 3 camera system captures both club and ball data for a complete analysis of player performance. The club and ball data that is collected by the flight engine allows users to tweak their swing and shot to improve their game. The system is designed for indoor use and removes hardware from the floor, making TruFlight2 perfect for commercial locations. Mounting easily to the ceiling of the hitting bay, it provides uninterrupted play for right and left handed golfers.

TruGolf Signature

The TruGolf Signature simulator is a Free-Standing unit which gives it a more permanent look and presence in any venue or room. Impressive as it is fun to play, this unit invites anyone with an affinity for the game of golf to come play a round and fall in love.

Measuring at a full 2 feet wider than the largest Vista model(14’1” W x 18’ D x 9’8” H), the Signature edition utilizes a full enclosure, with premium green turf, TruFlight2 and TruTrack2 technologies, a sound bar (Pro Model) and an easy-to-use touch screen monitor for a completely immersive golf simulation experience. The impact screen is a whopping 136”, for a great view of your upcoming shot on one of the 27 standard courses. With the additional size of the unit you’ll notice a new freedom to stretch it out and swing your club with the extra space.

The commercial grade high-impact, nylon mesh screen displays the brilliant graphics for the beautiful courses that is projected from the HD1080p (Pro Model) projector.

A great option for those looking for a more permanent fixture in their home or location but with the option to relocate at any time. The Signature looks great with its large canopy and impressive size, it attracts attention and will definitely be the focal point of any room or venue.

TruGolf Premium

The TruGolf Premium golf simulator is the best of the best when it comes to Free-Standing simulators. This is a top-of-the-line simulator that can be used for leagues, lessons, practice, club fitting and more! The Premium is slightly larger than the Signature (15’ W x 20’ D x 10’ H) allowing for even more room for playing.

With a complete enclosure that closes-in 3 of the 4 sides and is the only model that comes with Sound Dampening Carpet Panels, so you can practice anytime you want, without waking the neighborhood. The sound dampening carpet also cuts down on noise in a showroom or golf center, so as not to disrupt other customers.

The touch screen interface makes navigating the amazing E6 software a snap and the HD1080p Laser (Pro Model) projector displays brilliant images of your favorite courses on the huge 174” commercial grade, high-impact, nylon mesh screen display.

Comes standard with the TruGolf Level 2 Computer for better graphics and CPU performance.

The Premium is also offered in a 4k Model that comes with a 4k compatible computer, a 4k Touch screen and a 4k projector.

The only way a golf simulator gets more serious than the Premium is if it is built-in, like TruGolf’s Horizon model…

TruGolf Built-In Horizon Simulator

For the ultimate in golf simulation experience the Built-In Horizon is the centerpiece to any game room, golf center or venue. Comes standard with a HD 1080p Laser projector for crystal clear graphics and can be upgraded to a commercial or 4k model. This the largest of TruGolf’s simulators and measuring at 16’2” W x 20’ D x 10’4” H this is the mother of all golf simulators!

With a huge 220” screen and built into your venue or home, the Horizon is everything you love about the Free-Standing units but bigger with more permanence!

Customers can choose their custom built-in design and custom trim for their simulator to make it all their own. The Commercial and 4k customers have the option of a Custom Wrap Square awning, so they can customize it to their game room, store theme or color scheme.

The sound bar and subwoofer provide the best sound for all of course noises or whatever you choose to play through them, or you can upgrade to the 4k model and have the sound integrated.

The 4k Model comes with a 4k compatible computer, 4k Touch Screen and a 4k Projector for amazingly clear graphics and excellent CPU performance.

The Horizon Golf Simulator is the crème de la crème of golf simulators. Beautiful presentation, powerful software and shot analysis, that’ll make your golf game and your golf simulator the envy of the club house.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, we have a TruGolf simulator ready-to-play in our Grand Rapidsshowroom, so come down and see for yourself why TruGolf leads the golf simulation industry. TruGolf Simulators are some of the best on the market and will improve your game in ways you didn’t know possible, plus give you hours and hours of entertainment.

Game Room Guys carries TruGolf simulators as well as pool table supplies, pinball machines and accessories, ping pong tables and everything else game-room-related. That’s why when it comes to all of your game room needs, we’re the guys!