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The Perfect Table Tennis Table for Christmas

In today’s world of smartphones and Wi-Fi, distraction and entertainment are always just a swipe away. Too many times I walk into the living room and see 3 or 4 of my family members each staring at their phones, completely disengaged from the world around them. The holidays are a magical time of year to come together with family and ignore each other as you crawl into the safe-space of your pocket computer/big brother tracking device while periodically glancing up to nod at whatever-the-heck that person you see twice a year just said to you. Right? Right???

Well, not in the world I want to live in!

I want to interact with my cousins I haven’t seen in 3 years! I want to high-five my dad after an exciting ping pong victory! I want to involve everyone in the room in the excitement of the game! I want to buy my family a new ping pong table for Christmas!

Why a ping pong table you ask? Well, first of all, if you want to unplug, there are few better ways to disconnect from the digital hustle and bustle world we live in than with two paddles and a couple ping pong balls. There are no power cords to worry about, no lighting or scoring units to set-up and no data fee for overages- just a flat surface, a net, a ball and a couple of table tennis paddles.

Secondly, it’s simple- which means with a little bit of practice, anyone can play! This makes it span generations, so little Timmy and old Uncle Bob can play a set or two against each other, as well as Grandma and Grandpa. It’s also a ‘choose your own speed’ kind of game. You want to turn up the heat on Aunt Betty with a wicked fast attacking push return shot? Do it!

Lastly, it’s just good, clean fun! Depending on who you play, table tennis can be a nice relaxing sport or a fast-paced serving frenzy! Ping pong tables run the gamut in quality and price but no matter what table you get, it’s the same family-friendly, fun game! (However, higher quality units will last much longer.)

Game Room Guys carries quality table tennis tables for our customers who want a unit that will entertain their friends and family for years to come! With the amount of abuse these tables are accustomed to taking, it is important that the table is built to last and withstand the punishment. We also carry Table Tennis Parts and Accessories, so you’ll never be short a ping pong ball or not have Torque AQ Glue on hand to repair your paddles!

Check out a few samples from our table tennis table selection to see if one sounds like it might be a good fit for you and your game room!

California House Austin Table Tennis (63151)

Made to order right here in the United States, California House Game Room Furniture is second-to-none when it comes to craftsmanship and mouth-watering design. The premium solid hardwood table tennis and dining table features a gorgeous aesthetic that transforms from a top-of-the-line ping pong table to an elegant dining room table with the simple removal of the solid walnut table tennis net. By sliding the table top apart and removing the wooden net from the under-the-table storage, it takes a matter of seconds to go from game time to dinnertime.

Coming in at 20% smaller (48” x 86”) than a regulation table tennis table (but available in a larger 108” x 60”), its convenient size makes it a great option for smaller rooms or homes that need a dual-purpose piece of furniture. The optional solid beech wood top features butcher block construction for stability, beauty and unmatched durability, so you know you’ll be playing and dining on this table for years to come!

Available in a variety of stains with the option to upgrade from a Standard Maple to Beech top the California House Austin Table Tennis Table is customizable to fit your home to your liking. Perfect for the ping pong player that wants all the fun of table tennis while keeping with the elegant theme already established in their home. A great gift for the family that might want to up the entertainment value in their house while also wanting to dine in style!

Killerspin MyT4 BlackPocket Ping Pong Table Tennis Table (56080)

Perfect for the basement, game room, dorm or tournament, the Killerspin MyT4 BlackPocket Ping Pong Table is a table for the active household that wants quality and performance without destroying their budget.

The unit starts where it matters most with a super-consistent 15mm MDF board table top that delivers predictable bounce with every serve, stroke and smash! The table top is supported by a thicker table frame than previous models, so the unit can take even more ping pong games than before. The high-quality casters and razor-sharp engineering make folding and transporting the table a breeze. (Half of the casters have breaks, so the table doesn’t run away in the middle of a match!)

The new ping pong paddle and ball storage on either end of the table provides a great place to keep extra table tennis balls and protect your ping pong racket. At each end of the table Killerspin has added convenient storage for up to 8 ping pong balls and 1 ping pong paddle built directly into the table frame. This cuts down on having to track down the paddles and balls every time you want to play a table tennis match.

The table can fold for space-saving and storage purposes, but players can also leave one side down and play themselves making for a great training tool.

The all-black appearance looks awesome in almost any room with the red, white and blue clamp-on ping pong net offering a brilliant contrast for better visibility for players.

A terrific table tennis table at an attainable price, the Killerspin MyT4 BlackPocket is a great Christmas gift that the entire family can enjoy!

Killerspin Revolution SVR Ping Pong Table Tennis Table (21385)

A serious ping pong table for some serious table tennis fun! The Killerspin Revolution SVR Ping Pong Table is perfect for the family that already loves to play ping pong but might want to take their table tennis game to the next level. The unique table design makes it perfect for more modern homes and is a vast departure from the clunky ping pong table designs of the past. Tournament-level performance and quality ooze from this cutting-edge table with a design twist that makes it the focal point of almost any room.

The arched main support elegantly holds the table top level for the perfect table tennis serving surface to get your next match going! The clean lines and bold design entice players to try their skills on this awesome-looking and terrific playing table.

With tournament-level play comes tournament-level quality and craftsmanship. The 2-1/2” thick arch metal frame provides a sturdy base for the 22 mm MDF table tennis table top that provides better consistency and less wear over time. The blue top is specially designed with Killerspin’s Repeat Roller Coating process that provides a glare reducing finish for an industry-leading playing surface that makes for better games and even more fun!

If you have a modern game room and a family of ping pong fans, the Killerspin Revolution SVR Ping Pong Table is a must-have this Christmas season!

Killerspin MyT7 Breeze Ping Pong Table Tennis Table (56084)

What could be better than a fun game of table tennis with your friends? How about a fun game of table tennis with your friends OUTSIDE! The Killerspin MyT7 Breeze Ping Pong Table Tennis Table is a completely weatherproof outdoor ping pong table that lets you enjoy the game of ping pong anywhere!

The foldable frame supports an aluminum-plastic, weatherproof table top that can store up to 16 table tennis balls and 4 table tennis paddles, so no having to search the great outdoors to start a match. The regulation size table (9’ x 5’) is just like any unit you play indoors but with the ability to stand up to the elements unlike any other table can.

The top provides the same consistent Killerspin bounce and ball control you are used to while the familiar folding design makes storage a snap. The folding feature also allows players to fold up one side and get in some solo practice to lock-in their serving technique.

The MyT7 doesn’t have to go outside and can work just as well indoors when the weather might be a little too harsh for outdoor ping pong.

The blue ping pong table top makes the unit stand out while the red, white and blue clamp-on ping pong net provides excellent contrast for better visibility during intense matches. Locking casters keep the unit in place during play and allow easy mobility when not in use.

A great option for those who might want to play some table tennis in the sun, the Killerspin MyT7 Breeze is as much fun to play inside as it is outside and with its added durability to stand up to the elements, it’ll be entertaining your friends and family for many Christmases to come!

Stiga Fusion Table Tennis Conversion Top T8101 (2840)

A fantastic option for people who might already have a full game room but just enough room for a little more fun!

The Stiga Fusion Table Tennis Conversion Top T8101 is a regulation table tennis top that converts your pool table into a table tennis table in a matter of seconds! Sponge rubber strips protect your pool table rails from damage and hold the conversion top firmly in place.

Designed to fit 7’ and 8’ long pool tables the conversion top comes in two pieces for easy storage and application to your desired pool table. Side stripes ensure proper table alignment while the corner pads prevent further damage and stop clothing from snagging. The overall playing dimensions are 5’ W x 9’ L and you have to provide your own net and posts.

A great way to add yet another game to your game room entertainment arsenal while not having to find more room in your home, the Stiga Fusion Table Tennis Conversion Top is perfect for the family that already has it all but needs one more little thing to complete this Christmas season!

2-in-1 VersatilityPaddle and Ball StorageIndoor/OutDoorCollapsible DesignSizeTop Thickness
California House Austin Table Tennis (63151)XIndoor48” x 86”N/A
Killerspin MyT4BlackPocket Ping Pong Table Tennis Table (56080)XIndoorX9' x 5'15mm
Killerspin RevolutionSVR Ping Pong Table Tennis Table (21385)Indoor9' x 5'22mm
Killerspin MyT7Breeze Ping Pong Table Tennis Table (56084)XOutdoorX9' x 5'4mm Alu-plastic weatherproof
Stiga Fusion TableTennis Conversion Top T8101 (2840)XIndoor9' x 5'12.7mm

As you can tell, there are plenty of options and features to think about when it comes to buying your family a new ping pong table for Christmas. Here at Game Room Guys we stock quality ping pong tables for customers who not only want a fun game but something that will look great and last them for years to come.

We also carry all of the table tennis parts and accessories to keep your family fun flowing for your next holiday function! We stock and sell pinball machines, air hockey tables, pool tables, billiard supplies, darts and dartboards, foosball tables, bar room furniture and so much more! That’s why when it comes to all your game room needs, we’re the guys!


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