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The Best New Pinball Machines of 2019

The Best New Pinball Machines of 2019

Every year we are lucky enough to have multiple pinball machine releases arrive in our showroom for our customers to play and we get to test them out too. Each machine is different than the last and its own challenge to play and master. We compiled this handy list of the best new pinball machines of 2019 to help you decide what one is best for your game room.

The Munsters

A new pinball machine based on the classic TV show The Munsters! Join Herman, Lily and the family as you pop, bump and bounce around their hauntingly-cool residence at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. With the iconic theme song playing in the background and laugh track with sound clips from the actual show, Stern's Munsters Pinball Machine will transport you into the world of the Munster family for a great family-friendly pinball experience.

Featuring a huge Herman Munster toy that reacts when hit, this machine comes loaded with unique ramps and cool toys. A playfield magnet in front of the Herman toy locks balls for multiball challenges while a pop-up Spot comes out of the staircase, begging you to smash it with the pinball. The two steel and wire ramps wind and dip around the playfield, with the right ramp featuring a 180 degree flip that is monstrously exciting to hit.

A custom-sculpted Drag-U-La toy car adorns the drag race ball shooter feature that rockets the ball into the upper portion of the playfield and can score big bonus points. The playfield art includes all of your favorite Munsters family members in stunning detail and vivid color.

Premium models were originally only available with black and white cabinet and playfield are but Stern Pinball released a fantastic Munsters Pinball Premium color version that looks amazing!

The Premium and Limited Edition models both feature Grandpa’s Laboratory lower playfield. The playfield is unlike any other lower playfield because it has actual miniature balls, a miniature ramp and even miniature flippers that act like a little pinball machine within the pinball machine. A super fun and unique feature!

The LE models also feature anti-reflection pinball glass, a mirrored backglass, high definition speaker system, shaker motor, black laser-cut spider web armor with gold legs and exclusive art blades. Limited to 600 machines, all LE models come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Gary Stern and are signed by game designer John Borg.

With a theme as fun and familiar as The Munsters, this machine is sure to be a hit in any home or game room!

Black Knight Sword of Rage

With a pinball machine like this, who needs enemies? The insult-hurling Black Knight is back for the 3rd installment of the Black Knight game series.

Based on the popular original Black Knight (Williams, 1980) and Black Knight 2000 (Williams, 1989), Black Knight: Sword of Rage picks up where the last Knight left off. Just like the first two inceptions of the game this was designed by pinball innovator and veteran Steve Ritchie, accounting for the intense action and crazy game speed.

Featuring the Magna-Save ball-saving magnet and Black Knight toy with Spinning Flail and Power Shield, this super-fast and super-fun machine challenges even the most experienced pinball players. With voice work done by designer Steve Ritchie, Ed Robertson (Bare Naked Ladies) and others, the machine features taunting language that’ll have you ready to fight as you try to smash the Black Knight’s spinning flail and Power Shield. Flail will spin in the ramp lane entrance, effectively blocking your shot, unless you out-shoot the Knight and get it passed him and his flail- a challenging but fun obstacle.

Knight toy in center of playfield features light up eyes that sync with game voice-overs to enhance the overall game play.

The LED panel in the back of the game simulates fire as you burn down the Black Knight’s castle while the playfield LED’s put on a jaw-dropping light show as you try to defeat the Black Knight.

Stainless steel and chrome ramps come standard on all models with a sick rock soundtrack composed and performed by Scott Ian of Anthrax.

Premium and LE models will feature a Lexan upper playfield with a full-sized flipper, orbit lane, target and 3-ball catapult multiball lock mechanism. There is a halfpipe shot to the upper playfield at the end of the flail lane and a castle up-kicker that launches the ball from lower playfield to upper playfield. The upper playfield is a great feature that adds another level to the Black Knight game play and makes the game that much more challenging.

The LE models are limited to 600 units and come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by Gary Stern and game signed by Steve Richie. Exclusive hand-drawn mirrored backglass art compliment the “Battlefield” art blades that add color and depth to the playfield. LE models will also come with a shaker motor so you can feel the action as you play and the high definition speaker system with 3-channel amplifier will leave your ears ringing with aural pinball playing pleasure.

Fast, fun and insulting, the Black Knight: Sword of Rage from Stern pinball is great for the pinball fan that loves the classics and an absolute must for anyone who already owns one of its predecessors.

Star Wars The Pin

A great pinball based on the timeless movies, Stern Pinball'sStar Wars The Pin is a real pinball machine for home use!

With a theme as loved as Star Wars it’s hard to go wrong with this machine. All of your favorite Star Wars friends are waiting for you to hit the start button, plunge the silver ball into orbit and save the universe from the Dark Side.

Very reminiscent of other Stern Star Wars pinball machines but with a new playfield art package, real Star Wars toys (Death Star and TIE-Fighter) and cabinet art work that uses details from the Pro and Premium models that you see in arcades.

Two high-quality, all metal ramps are prominently on display but there are also 3 drop targets, 3 pop bumpers and a spinner that round out the playfield features along with terrific artwork from the movies that engrosses the player in the Star Wars Universe.

With four multiball modes, a captive ball feature, bonus multipliers, color-changing playfield inserts and audio and video from the original Star Wars Trilogy, this pinball has everything you want, at a price that is hard to beat! The game has an access door in the front but does not come with the coin mechanisms you’re used to seeing on other machines.

If you’re looking for an interstellar experience at a price that doesn’t ground the Millennium Falcon, Star Wars The Pin is just what you’ve been waiting for!

Star Wars Comic Art Pinball

A re-release of the incredibly popular Stern Star Wars Pinball (2017), the Star Wars Comic Art Pinball is a reimagining of the art work as done by Star Wars comic book artist, Randy Martinez.

Randy Martinez started providing art for Star Wars in their Kid's Magazine and continued creating cartoons and caricatures for Star Wars Insider.

The pinball will feature all of the same great modes and toys as the original but with incredible hand-drawn comic artwork on the playfield as well as the cabinet. Stern Pinball offers the Star Wars Comic Art in the Pro and Premium Editions.

The models still include dialogue and footage from the original Star Wars Trilogy as well as feature two LCD screens, a sculpted TIE fighter and color-changing LED lighted inserts. The Premium models will feature art showing an exploding Death Star, an LED-lit Millennium Falcon and a hyperspace loop that encircles the playfield and can hold up to 5 pinballs at once!

Stern’s very own high definition graphics and animations play on the beautiful LCD display that also shows player scores and game information.

Harkening back to the art on the original Data East Star Wars Pinball, this is a great variation on an already classic pinball machine!

The perfect addition to any serious Star Wars collection, this pinball machine will provide hours of entertainment and look great in any room!

Elvira’s House of Horrors

One of the most unique and fun characters of the last 40 years is back with another pinball experience not to be missed! Elvira (Cassandra Peterson, AKA- Mistress of the Dark) was best known for hosting horror movie presentation Movie Macabre in the 1980’s but she has since evolved into a cult figure and a favorite among pinball fans. Her first two pinball machines, Elvira and the Party Monsters (1989) and Scared Stiff (1996) are considered to be classics and are still highly collectable, so we were thrilled to hear about Stern pinball’s latest Elvira installment, Elvira’s House of Horrors.

In this brand new machine Elvira is trying to sell her house but it is haunted by movie characters from her past! As the player (and the hero) it’s up to you to beat these characters and send them back to the movie they came from.

Gain access to Elvira’s house through various access points like the cellar, garage and front door to beat the “House Haunts” featured in the game. The house has a spinning attic turret and lighted windows that add to the already awesome color changing RGB lights.

Players also can interact with the “Deadhead Family Crypt” that ‘holds’ game characters and acts as a bash toy as well as a ball release. Combined with Elvira’s “Junk in the Trunk” toy that locks balls for a two ball multiball, there is no end to the fun that can be had on this petrifying playfield.

The pinball is one of kind and even has exclusive video scenes that were custom shot for the pinball featuring Elvira herself. The pinball also has the amazing “Make Your Own Dang B-Movie Trailer” feature that builds a movie trailer based on each player’s individual gameplay!

The game is available in 3 editions: Premium, Limited Edition and the highly collectible Signature Edition.

This is a must-have for any Elvira fan and of course for anyone who already has one (or both) of her other machines. Stern and Elvira have done it again and made a wonderfully fun, well designed pinball that anyone can get into!

Jurassic Park

Relive one of the greatest movies ever made with Stern’s Jurassic Park Pinball machine!

Dennis Nedry has sabotaged the park and it’s up to you to save the day! Based on the classic original first Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic Park pinball has you rescuing park staff, recapturing escaped dinosaurs, out-running a ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex and more!

Each machine features four durable steel and wire ramps, a spinning kinetic newton ball Jungle Explorer Vehicle, three flippers and a custom T-Rex sculpted toy. The cabinet features the hand-drawn artwork of Johnny Bergeron (AKA Johnny Crap) and every game played is serenaded by the famous Jurassic Park theme song by John Williams.

The Premium and LE both have an articulated animatronic moving ball eating and ball throwing T-Rex head while the Pro T-Rex is simply an awesome-looking static toy. The game also features a Raptor Pen, a Raptor Tower with a half-pipe steel ramp, 3 flippers and 3 pop bumpers with Mosquito in amber pop bumper caps so there’s no shortage of things to shoot at on this prehistoric playfield.

Large LCD screen displays scores, game information and killer graphic scenes created by Stern pinball and their artists, inspired by the movie and brought to life in stunning fashion.

The LE is limited to 500 units and will feature a serialized number plate, limited edition backglass and cabinet art, inside art blades, a high definition speaker system with 3-channel amplifier and a shaker motor so you can feel the action as you play.

One of the best pinballs to come out in years, this is sure to be a classic and a collector’s item for years to come!

Stranger Things

Last but in no way least is Stern’s Stranger Things Pinball, which was released in late December. Designed by Brian Eddy (Attack from Mars, Funhouse, Medieval Madness) the latest in Stern’s line of pinball machines is sure to entertain and will impress any fan of the show.

Based on insanely popular streaming Netflix show, the new Stranger Things pinball is one of the most fun machines we’ve played in a while! Cashing in on all things 80’s nostalgia, the show is based in the fictional small town of Hawkins, Indiana and stars a group of friends who are caught up in paranormal mysteries of the town and their friend, Eleven.

As you play the game leads you through 12 Chapter modes (6 Chapters from Season 1 and 6 Chapters from Season 2) that recreates scenes from the show and challenges you to complete each chapter as you go. The game features a drop down ramp that is activated by clearing the drop targets beneath it. Once the ramp drops you must battle the Demogorgon and shoot a pinball in its mouth- a fun challenge that isn’t always an easy one.

Ramps on either side of the middle drop down ramp lead to multiball locks and will start modes when prompted. The “Upside Down” mode will happen at random times throughout the game with the goal to shoot the hurry up shots to score points, a fun side game mode to master but an easy way to lose a ball down the middle.

The playfield and cabinet feature amazing hand-drawn artwork from artist Bob Stevlic, showcasing the cast and creatures of Hawkins, Indiana.

The Premium and LE Editions will have a first ever video projector that displays images and animations directly onto the playfield that creates a whole new level of interactive gameplay. The images and graphics change as you play adding yet another layer of visual appeal and some seriously unique pinball action.

The game is full of fun and features five (yes FIVE) multiball modes, two pop bumpers, one sling shot array, three wizard modes, intense film clips from the show, custom speech call-outs by actor David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper) and the unreal projection feature on the Premium and LE models.

As much fun for pinball fans as it is for fans of the show, this pinball is a sure bet when it comes to entertainment value and instant brand recognizability!

These are the best new pinball machines of 2019 and we have almost all of them in our showrooms, set up and ready to play. So stop into either of our Grand Rapids or Metro Detroit showrooms to play a couple games for yourself! I will warn you though: these games are highly addictive and easy to fall in love with, so be careful!

Here at Game Room Guys we love our pinball but we also love billiards, ping pong, shuffleboard, video games, darts, foosball, air hockey, bubble hockey and all the game room parts and accessories that come with them! That’s when it comes to all of your game room needs, we’re the guys!


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