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Skee-Ball Games in Metro Detroit

Growing up in the 80s and 90s I went to a lot of Showbiz Pizza birthday parties. (Now called Chuck-E-Cheese for you that didn’t get a chance to get into the ‘Biz.) I remember trying to split my time between the fun of the disgusting ball pit (I now gag at what must have been in those pits- yuck!) and maximizing my ticket earnings by the end of the party so I could invest my winnings in a fake tattoo or a kazoo. 

The games that I always gravitated to were the line of Skee-Ball machines, dinging, flashing and usually occupied. These were one of the ticket redemption games that I knew I could use my (very limited) little kid skills to get the most tickets possible. (And no, I wasn’t one of the kids that walked up the lane and cheated! I was too scared of getting in trouble…) All of the other games seemed to be based on chance, and I guess I’ve never been a big gambler- which explains why I play these and not slots at the MotorCity Casino.

I couldn’t tell you a single kid’s name whose birthday party I attended but I can still remember the fun I had scoring sweet ticket jackpots on the Skee-Ball machines! Even after all of these years, if I’m at an arcade I always throw a few games of Skee-Ball to get the night going. There’s something about chucking those nine, hand-sized balls down the Skee-Ball alley and watching them take flight off the end that still makes me smile. 

That’s the thing about a game like Skee-Ball: It doesn’t have an ‘age’. You will see 20-somethings having just as much (or more) fun than the tweens right next to them, while no one is having as much fun as the ‘Boomers making a ruckus on the end. This is what makes it such a great game for commercial establishments and home game rooms! The appeal spans generations and that leads to more revenue and more great times!

One of the coolest things about Skee-Ball Machines is that everyone knows what one is but they aren’t something you see in every bar or home game room. Think about the impact that having one, or even two of these machines side-by-side will have on your guests! Not only do they look impressive with their slightly imposing size and lit-up allies but they are a source of hours of fun and entertainment.

Another awesome feature on Skee-Ball tables is no matter what model you buy, it will be built for heavy commercial use. The only difference between one that you see at the arcade and an alley you install in your home is the coin mechanism or dollar bill validator- everything else is exactly the same. (Home units are equipped with Free Play buttons.) That means that these machines are built-to-last and there’s no shortage of parts or repair advice. In fact, Game Room Guys stocks and sells Skee-Ball parts and accessories, so a replacement ball set can be found and purchased before the big party!

So maybe you have a more modern bar or home game room and the look of a Skee-Ball arcade game isn’t quite the aesthetic you are going for? Don’t fret because Skee-Ball machines come in enough shapes and styles to fit almost anywhere! The Skee-Ball Modern is a more up-dated take on the classic alley design that incorporates a cool color scheme and futuristic design elements that look great in black-light-soaked game rooms.

Then there’s always the classic appeal of the original! Instantly recognizable and designed to invite guests to try their skills, there’s something iconic about the look of the original Skee-Ball games that draws people in. And what’s better than one Skee-Ball arcade game? That’s right two…or even THREE! With the ability to link units, operators can add a marquee to finish the look and attract more players.

With easy-to-understand gameplay, quality craftsmanship and eye-catching design, it’s no wonder why Skee-Ball has been a mainstay in game rooms and bars for over 100 years! So if you’re looking for a classic game that makes a strong visual impact and provides hours of good times, a Skee-Ball machine might be just what your home or venue needs. 

Game Room Guys sells the Skee-Ball units mentioned in this article plus pinball machines, arcade cabinets, pool tables, shuffleboards, ping pong tables and all of the game room supplies and accessories you need to start having fun today! Shop at one of our retail stores today or check us out online! You’ll see why when it comes to all of your game room needs, we’re the guys!