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Shuffleboard Tables in Metro Detroit

Shuffleboard really is the perfect game for a state like Michigan. With our long winters keeping us inside for months on end (is it summer yet?), we need something entertaining and fun, that’s easy-to-learn but takes years to master. Shuffleboard checks all the boxes and is a great way to spend a cozy evening with friends and family for some light-hearted competition on some hardwood.

There are places to play shuffleboard in Metro Detroit but you have to know where to go and make sure you don’t show up on league night. Then there’s drive-time, parking, food, beverages and, of course, the cost of playing the game itself. All of this is followed by a possibly snowy, late-night drive home- trying to dodge the other guy. Sounds terrible, right? So what’s the solution?

Well, if you have the space, the best solution is having your very own shuffleboard table at home! Ranging in length from regulation 22’ to the relatively short 9’, you don’t need to own a castle to fit one of these into your home- just a little extra square footage and some friends to play against.

The Game Room Guys’ showroom in Grand Rapids, Michigan has a wonderful selection of shuffleboard tables we offer to our wide range of customers to fit their needs.

So let’s take a stroll around and look at a few of the models we have on display…

9' Destroyer Shuffleboard Table - Graphite - Matte Black

Looking for a shuffleboard table that will fit in your house and match almost any decor? The 9’ Destroy Shuffleboard Table might be just the table for you!

Sporting a beautiful 9’ playfield, the Destroyer Shuffleboard Table is made to provide hours of quality fun for your friends and family. Thick-walled, rounded corners and solid legs give the table a sturdy aesthetic with quality construction to match. This makes for a shuffleboard table that will endure game after exhilarating game, while looking as good as the day you got it.

A perfect table for beginners the 9’ length is less intimidating and easier to navigate for the inexperienced player, while varying the speed of shuffleboard wax can add difficulty for the more serious shuffleboard enthusiasts.

Inside walls and under playfield is covered in carpet for a quieter shuffleboard experience. Scoring is simple and easy to keep track of with the abacus scoring units on each end of the table. The shuffleboard playfield is made of birch veneer over MDF and measures 1.5” thick by 16” wide. A ⅛” poured polymer playfield makes for smooth play and a lifetime of fun.

A level playing surface is paramount when playing table shuffleboard, so the Destroyer has 4 leg levelers, as well as Climate Adjusters to fine tune the table to your exact specifications. Perfect for tweaking your shuffleboard to the perfect level.

The sturdy legs open up to reveal convenient storage cabinets for the perfect place to store your shuffleboard wax, shuffleboard glaze, shuffleboard pucks or any other shuffleboard accessories you might have on hand. A handy feature that keeps your supplies out of the way while also easily accessible.

Whether you’re looking for another quality game to add to your game room lineup or just getting into the sport of shuffleboard, the 9’ Destroyer Shuffleboard table is the ideal unit for your game room. Attractive design, quality components and classic game play means you’ll be enjoying this table with your family and friends for years to come!

Arachnid Disc Glo Shuffleboard Bowling Home Arcade with Marquee

Is shuffleboard something you want to play but feel like it might be too much work? Maybe you want all the fun of a shuffleboard table without the maintenance?

Maybe you want an Arachnid Disc Glo Shuffleboard Home Arcade Unit!

The perfect union of technology and classic shuffleboard gameplay come together in one magnificent unit that anyone can enjoy!

The Disc Glo Shuffle is small enough to fit in almost any room (5.5’ length) and is lightweight (225lbs) due to its rugged plastic cabinet. Two molded black bases support the translucent cabinet that is illuminated by crisp, bright LED lighting.

Up to 4 players can enjoy the Disc Glo shuffle with the LED lighting changing color with each player, so knowing who’s turn is next is simple. The double-laminated playing surface never needs shuffleboard wax or shuffleboard glaze and it’s easy-to-clean!

A heavy-duty, urethane rubber band conveniently rebounds the shuffleboard puck after each turn.

The large 32” LCD TV display shows puck path after release, displays scores and acts as the virtual ‘other half’ of the game unit. Patented laser electronic scoring system includes semi-translucent pucks with an embedded ball bearing designed to ensure accuracy and a smooth, even glide with every turn.

Not only does the Arachnid Disc Glo look cool and require minimal maintenance but it comes pre-loaded with fun-filled shuffleboard games - from ‘First to 21’ to ‘Classic Bowling’. Something for the whole family!

Looking For Shuffleboard Tables In Metro Detroit?

These are just a couple examples of shuffleboards we think are great for providing maximum fun for your family and guests! Not only do we carry shuffleboard tables but all of the fun shuffleboard parts and accessories that go along with the classic bar game!

In addition to shuffleboard tables we also carry pinball machines, golf simulators, pool tables, foosball tables and more! So call today or visit us online!