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Redemption Games In Metro Detroit

Redemption games are a great way to get people into your establishment and keep them there unable to escape the fun! They range in all shapes and sizes, from a small-footprint Whack-a-Mole games, to gigantic crane games, to games of skill like Skee Ball and Basketball. No matter what your audience there is a redemption game out there for them!

Any game of skill that rewards the participant proportionally to their score in the game is considered a redemption game. The reward is often in the form of tickets that one can redeem for prizes at the location. Some redemption games involve elements of chance and luck, making them all the more fun for your customers to play and enjoy!

Redemption games are also a great way to customize your game to your business, theme or venue. Many redemption games have the ability to customize the graphic art on the sides to advertise your company and you can put location-specific prizes inside your games to tie your theme into your game room! This is a great feature that can really set your establishment apart from the rest.

Game Room Guys has been playing, selling and stocking redemption games since we started in 2001 and we know just how much fun can be had on one of these great revenue-building machines. We offer a wide variety of redemption games to fit our wide variety of customer’s wants and needs.

Here are some of our best-selling games as well as some proven revenue-boosting units that are sure to get people into your establishment, winning prizes and having fun!

Telephone Toy Plush Crane 30" Claw Machine (50435)

One of our most popular redemption games, the Telephone Toy Plush Crane Claw Machine, is a great prize-grabbing crane game that provides guests with a chance to win a prize by testing their skill using the joystick and button to control the claw!

The all steel cabinet sports telephone booth graphics that will have you searching for a quarter to call a friend for some prize-grabbing help! Attractive running lights draw attention and the fun electronic sounds invite passers-by to engage with the unit.

Owners can set the pricing and options to their desired specifications. Machine features a pad lock bar for added security. ‘Prize detect’ feature allows owners to set a ‘Play ‘till You Win’ option, so everyone walks away happy!

Telephone Toy Plush Crane will excite and entertain your guests with the enticing prizes that are prominently displayed in the crystal-clear, see-through glass case. Players can observe the prizes through the glass and plot their course for prize retrieval.

Optional bill acceptor with stacker makes it more versatile, increases revenue and gives more options for venues to operate the unit. A modestly-sized unit with possibilities for big revenue and fun make this a great game for establishments looking add a little something to their game selection or for a small footprint with some earning potential.

Toy Soldier Plush Crane 30" Claw Machine (20375)

Virtually impossible to miss with a yellow and red all steel cabinet, electronic sounds and hypnotizing running lights, the Toy Soldier Plush Crane is hard to pass without trying to grab a toy for yourself!

Guests simply coin-up the machine, engage the joystick and use the drop button to control the crane and claim their prize! Prize detection feature senses when a prize has been dropped from the claw into the prize retrieval area allowing for a ‘Play ‘til You Win’ option. This way everyone walks away a winner!

Owner/operators will love the programmable pricing and options for complete customization of the unit to their location. The pad lock bar adds extra security for peace of mind. Optional bill acceptor with stacker allows for more payment options and greater revenue. The see-through glass case prominently displays the prize selection and entices guests to test their skill to get the one prize that catches their eye!

Large enough to notice but small enough to tuck into a corner or vacant spot in your arcade, the Toy Soldier Plush Crane is a great addition to any game room looking to add some light, color and action!

Sweet Shoppe Candy Crane Claw Machine

The one-stop-sweet-shop where your customers can get their candy cravings cured and curate their crane control skills while doing it!

Bright yellow Sweet Shoppe Candy Crane cabinet, electronic attract sounds and eye-catching running lights make this a hard game to miss in any venue, meaning more plays, more smiles and more fun!

The machine is inviting, intuitive and easy-to-use. Players simply pay the operator-set price, engage the crane with the joystick and pick just the right time to hit the button, drop the crane and grab a scoop full of candy goodness!

The machine also has a ‘Play ‘Til You Win’ feature that doesn’t let a guest leave without a handful of candy. This means that even if someone isn’t very skilled, they can still have fun and leave with some candy in their pocket- so everyone is a winner!

Optional bill acceptor allows for more payment options for better revenue. The Sweet Shoppe can be set to ‘Free-Play’ for free-for-all candy madness! A redemption game that can go into any retail establishment but with the ‘Free Play’ option can be used in a variety of other venues and situations as well!

A highly-visible, space-saving, versatile machine, The Sweet Shoppe candy crane will have your customers stuffing their mouths with sweets and their heads with sweet memories.

Whac-A-Mole Ticket Redemption Arcade Game

One of the most popular redemption games on the market, Whac-a-Mole is a classic and a must for any location! With a familiarity that spans the spectrum this is a game that will have everyone participating - whacking their way to more tickets and good times!

The bright yellow and red graphic theme pops in any location for ultimate visibility and more plays. Cartoon mole characters adorn the cabinet and attract younger participants with the fun graphics. The game is also customizable, so if the red and yellow isn’t your thing, you can choose what is!

The skill is progressive so as the player's skill improves, the difficulty increases automatically during play. So the game gets more and more difficult as the player gets better, making for more challenge and more playing!

As always, the better the player is at whacking the moles the more tickets they will win, keeping them coming back again and again for fun and prizes.

With a simple concept that anyone can play and enjoy, it’s no wonder why Whac-a-Mole is still one of the most popular arcade redemption games around.

SpongeBob Squarepants Pineapple Redemption Arcade Game

With his image and unmistakable voice ingrained into the popular consciousness for the past 20 years, the SpongeBob Squarepants Pineapple Redemption Arcade Game is sure to attract anyone who has an appreciation for the fun-filled cartoon under the sea!

Kids and adults will find this machine hard to pass without trying their luck at the pusher-style, card collecting redemption game from Andamiro. Players skillfully time the release of their tokens through the moving targets to push tokens, win free plays and score collectable cards that fall over the edge.

Unit has LED lighting for crisp, bright illumination of the colorful artwork and playfield for a better overall playing experience and a great, bright presence in any venue.

The colorful, eye-catching cabinet features brilliant cartoon art that stars Spongebob and his friends inviting your guests to join them in the nautical quest for tokens and collectable cards! The cards can be traded for tickets or players can collect all 9 for the ultimate super bonus!

The large unit is perfect for venues that need a showpiece or main attraction for their location. Two machines can even be put back-to-back to create an island of entertainment for your customers to play and enjoy.

This is one of the best-selling redemption games on the market today and here’s why: People love to play it! Bringing a familiar theme, intuitive gameplay with the chance to collect and trade cards for tickets, the SpongeBob Squarepants Pineapple Redemption Arcade Game is a great addition to any venue looking add a little more revenue and fun to their establishment.

Big Bass Wheel Pro Arcade Redemption Game

One of the most popular redemption games to be released in years, the Big Bass Wheel is a great way to reel in the customers and the fun!

The absolutely huge game cabinet makes a statement in any room and will be a head-turner for any guest in eye- shot, with only a little over 20 square foot footprint. So it’s a big game that doesn’t take up a big spot.

Players simply drop their coin, step up and pull the over-sized handle to spin the gigantic wheel. When the wheel stops, players are rewarded with tickets. For a bigger catch, a ‘Big Bass Bonus’ has been added where players can win up to 1000 tickets for a perfect spin!

Family-friendly unit also sports a video screen with a hilarious fishing blooper reel and a great sound package that’ll have guests laughing as they play and win.

In situations where space may be at a premium but you still need the proven revenue stream of Big Bass Wheel, there is the option of the Big Bass Wheel Pro that has a smaller foot print by about 5 square feet or 30%.

For added visibility owners can add the ‘Bobber’ or ‘Jackpot’ topper to increase earnings and the machines presence in the venue.

Dual ticket dispensers, high capacity ticket trays and an easy-to-navigate operator menu only add to the value of the unit and its ease-of-use for operators. The coin box is secured by two locks for extra safety and peace-of-mind.

Between the large cabinet with its eye-popping art, the blur of a large wheel spinning, the great sound package and videos playing on the game’s screen, this game practically begs your guests to try their luck.

Skee Ball

Last and certainly not least is the absolute classic that we like to call Skee Ball! This is one of those games that everyone has played and if you haven’t played it, well we have to get one of these into your home or game room as soon as possible!

The game-of-skill that brings all of your hand-eye coordination to the table, relying on your finesse and accuracy. Bring it all together for big points and big winnings! Players score tickets by simply rolling 9 balls up the lane and shooting for a high score.

Familiar and fun as it gets, Skee Ball has been an arcade game room standard since they first came onto the scene back in 1909. (Talk about some staying-power!) Although the look of the game has changed throughout the years the fun you can have on one has not! (Both Classic and Modern units are available.)

To say that Skee Ball is a proven arcade redemption game is an understatement. The only thing better than a Skee Ball in your arcade is 2 Skee Balls in your arcade! The units can be linked with an optional linking cable and players can compete head-to-head. The more units you add, the more fun that is had!

Skee Ball units are made for commercial use and can stand up to years and years of play and abuse. The simple design and construction means they are solid and easy to work on with many how-to’s available for common fixes and replacement parts readily available.

Skee Ball is such a nostalgia-inducing game the unit attracts players of all ages and walks of life, with a gentle learning curve and a premise anyone can understand. All of these factors make it a solid choice for any venue or home game room where you need familiar games that anyone will enjoy playing!

Looking for Redemption Games in Metro Detroit?

This is just a sampling of the redemption games that we carry at Game Room Guys for our customer’s game playing pleasure. If you didn’t see a game that fit your home or establishment, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you find something that will work perfectly.

You can shop all of these great units online, call us or stop into our showroom and talk to a sales associate. Game Room Guys sells and stocks everything from pool cue chalk to pinball solenoids- so whatever your game room needs, we’re your guys!