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Ping Pong Tables in Metro Detroit

When it comes to outfitting your game room with quality, well-built game units you’ll notice one thing that most games have in common: they are stationary. Where you put them is where they stay, especially if it is an air hockey, pool table or shuffleboard. Another commonality is they most of them need to be plugged in to be enjoyed. A great option for those who may be in a limited space or power is the ever-classic game room game of Ping Pong!

Ping Pong tables require no electricity, can be folded up to a fraction of their footprint and wheeled in and out of storage with ease. Ping Pong is also a perfect game room game because it is something that almost anyone can take part in. From little kids, to high-energy teens, all the way up to grandma or grandpa showing you a thing or two, the game of Ping Pong lets you choose your speed, so everyone can enjoy a match.

At Game Room Guys we only deal in top quality Ping Pong tables for our customers, so if you’re looking for Ping Pong tables in Metro Detroit, your search is over. We want to provide a product that is going to stand up to the abuse that these tables can take over the years and be a game the customer can rely on for quality entertainment every single night.

Ping Pong (also called ‘Table Tennis’) can be played with 2 or 4 players, with some tables having the option to flip up one side and practice against yourself. The rules are simple: players must allow a ball hit towards them to bounce one time on their side of the table and return it so that it bounces on the opposite side one time. A point is scored when one of the players fails to return a ball after the bounce.

Anyone who has ever seen professional players serve or volley, knows that the game of Ping Pong can be quite fast and intense. A game that lends itself to such fierce game play needs a unit that is going to stand up. These units are going to experience bodies bumping them, balls bouncing off them and the occasional errant racket ricocheting right off the play surface.

With many models having a portable, collapsible design, you also want to have quality components that are going to work flawlessly, time after time, as you fold and move your table around your game space.

At Game Room Guys, we proudly carry Stiga and Killerspin Ping Pong tables. Stiga Table Tennis started in Sweden in 1944, giving them a long history in the sport of over half a century. This history is displayed prominently in their Ping Pong Table design, functionality and quality. Stiga doesn’t stop at tables but specializes in paddles and accessories too.

Throughout the years Stiga has worked closely with players and coaches to identify their ever-changing needs and apply appropriate advances to their products. Their research and development, coupled with their attention to detail and quality in manufacturing procedures, makes it possible for Stiga to consistently provide new and innovative products, year after year.

For customers where space is a priority, Stiga produces one of the best table top conversion kits we’ve ever seen. Simply place the regulation-sized Stiga Conversion Top T8101 on your 7 or 8 foot pool table and let the Ping Pong begin! Sponge rubber strips protect the pool table rails and also keep it from sliding or moving during play. Center-mounted steel supports brace the table top for a balanced, level surface, for quality game play, just like a full-sized table. The best part is when you’re done, the top comes apart in two pieces for easy storage and transport. A great solution to your game room space needs!

Killerspin Ping Pong, out of Chicago, Illinois, began in 2000 when Robert Blackwell Jr. sponsored a Ping Pong Festival in Chicago. Amazed by the interest and intensity at which the participants played, in 2001 Robert started Killerspin. Killerspin’s mission is to make top-of-the-line equipment while also building support and engaging with communities to host events, run tournaments, educate, train and inspire their customers. Like Stiga, Killerspin also produces their own line of paddles from beginner to pro-level, as well as a multitude of other ping pong table accessories.

Game Room Guys is excited to be bringing these quality Ping Pong Tables into our Metro Detroit showroom in Livonia. We stock a complete supply of Ping Pong paddles and accessories and even have a Killerspin MyT7 BlackPocket Ping Pong Table on display to check out and play.

The MyT7 BlackPocket fuses style, quality and attention to detail to make a high-quality Ping Pong table that looks great and is built to last. 18mm MDF table top provides exceptional action and ball bounce while the table feet are adjustable for a perfectly level playing surface anywhere. Setting the table apart is the unique storage capabilities that allow players to store their racket and up to 8 balls on each end of the table. No more chasing balls mid-match or trying to locate your paddles before you can start- just put it all in the pockets for the next game! Collapsible design and quality components make folding up and moving the table a breeze.

Looking For Ping Pong Tables in Metro Detroit?

The Killerspin MyT7 and Stiga Conversion Top are just a sample of what Game Room Guys has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a more permanent solution for your Ping Pong needs or you want a table you can leave outside, we’ve got you covered! From nets, to balls to rackets to tables, we’ve got it all and more! Stop in to our Livonia location today and see why when it comes to all of your game room needs, we’re the guys!