Pinball Machines in Metro Detroit: Motown is now PINtown!

Looking for a pinball machines in Metro Detroit?

It’s never been easier to get your favorite pinball machines in Metro Detroit delivered straight to your front door! The classic arcade game is back and better than ever!

Some people think of pinball and think of the old machines of the past: A quarter a credit, a few blinking lights, some dinging bells, and the occasional multi-ball bonus stage. Well, those games still exist and are fun to play, but there is a new generation of pinball machines on the rise and they are ready to make their way into your home today!

This new breed of pinball features color displays on high-definition LCD screens, top-of-the-line audio components for the best in sound quality, mini-games within the machine, and crisp, bright LED lights.

Here at Game Room Guys we offer and service pinball machines from Chicago Gaming, Valley-Dynamo and the oldest pinball manufacturer in the world, Stern Pinball. Between the three we have quite the array of fast-paced, game room ready pinball machines, with new models being released every year. For our new location, we wanted to make sure to put some of our favorite pinball machines in Metro Detroit and here’s a rundown of what you can play when you visit us today!

Ghostbusters (Stern)

Take everything that you loved about the definitive 80’s action comedy, wrap it up and put it into a pinball machine and you’ll have Stern’s instant classic Ghostbusters Pinball.

An ingenious design coupled with great game play makes this pinball one of the best to come out in recent years.

Featuring the timeless theme song by Ray Parker Jr. and game narration from original Ghostbuster Ernie Hudson, it’s the next best thing to seeing the film for the first time.

All of your favorite ghosts and characters from the movie come into play! From the Spooked Librarian, to an interactive dangling Slimer feature, to everyone’s favorite: The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, who makes an appearance in one of the game’s many challenging stages.

The multiple movie scene stages in the game are fun and familiar! Start your turn with “Okay, Who Brought the Dog?” and play your way through all 9 movie scenes including “He Slimed Me” and “We Got One!” as you relive all of the movie’s best moments and quotes.

There is so much going on in this game it’s hard to choose what we like best. Is it the mini-game where you use the flippers to control your Proton Streams to stop them from crossing or is it the Ecto Goggle feature that simulates ghosts on the playfield? There’s only one way to find out and that’s to stop by and get slimed today!

Aerosmith (Stern)

A hard rock’n game for a hard rock’n band! Dude, looks like a good time! This classic rock machine is made for the one and only Aerosmith! Boston’s bad boys are back and ready to evoke some sweet emotions with this crazy pinball that is definitely not the same old song and dance.

Stern’s first pinball to feature the new LCD display, which showcases unreal animated graphics that augment the game’s song-based, concert-themed levels and challenges. The game is made to simulate the high-energy of an Aerosmith concert and does not disappoint!

Breathtakingly awesome cabinet art was done by esteemed rock’n roll artist ‘Dirty’ Donnie Gillies (Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age) and focuses on the band members and the varying themes of their essential song catalog.

Multiple toys and gadgets decorate the elaborate playfield including a ball launching elevator and an opening and closing toy chest with game character ‘Jacky’ on the toy box. Players can activate the Toy Chest multi-ball to experience up to 6 pinballs at once!

In addition to the over-all mind-blowing pinball experience, the game includes a high fidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations, so you and your friends can blast all 9 of the classic Aerosmith tracks while you play.

Get your pinball and your hard rock fix at the same time with this stunning rock’n roll machine!

Star Wars

If there’s a faster paced pinball this side of The Death Star, we have yet to play it! The Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition is based on the original movies and features characters and movie scenes from all three cinematic masterpieces.

Beautiful movie-themed cabinet and back-glass graphics are sure to excite any hardcore fan but the real fun begins when you hit start and go into hyper drive. The blur of the silver ball will amaze you as you try to track it and react to the game’s intense play.

Mini-games within the game make for even more intergalactic fun! Players can navigate the Millennium Falcon through an asteroid field on the LCD screen or, using the game’s 3rd button, shoot Tie fighters on the game’s built-in 4.25" center-mounted, color, HD playfield display.

With an insane up-to-6-ball multi-ball feature and over 400 HD video scenes from the original films displayed on the brilliant LCD scoring display, the Force is definitely strong with this pinball!

This isn’t the droid you’re looking for but we think you may have found your new pinball machine!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Join Star-Lord, Rocket, Gamora, Drax, and Groot as they battle Ronan in this block-buster movie themed, mega-fun machine! This game has all the action and adventure of the movies put into a pinball that will fit perfectly into your game room.

Fast-paced with ramps for days, the pinball features characters from the movie with various modes and levels players can choose from to complete challenges, based around the movie’s plot.

The most impressive feature of the table has to be the large, interactive Groot head at the top of the playfield. With an opening and closing mouth, players can lock balls by getting them in Groot’s mouth to try to achieve an insane Groot Multi-ball!

The table also showcases an orb target that players can smash to try to activate the Orb, as well as a lightning-fast ball shoot-back feature, that is sure to surprise many first-time players.

Vividly decorated with out-of-this-world cabinet art and Stern’s LCD scoring display, this cutting edge pinball machine will keep the fun going for lightyears to come!

Attack from Mars (Chicago Gaming)

Oh, NO! In the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Aliens? YES! IT’S ALEINS! It’s an Attack from Mars!

Get tractor-beamed straight into a worldwide crisis when you hit the launch button and embark on your first earth-saving mission on Chicago Gaming’s remake of the legendary “Attack from Mars!”

The 2nd game in a series of remakes (the first being Medieval Madness) Chicago gaming took a great game and made it even better!

Revamping the machine with more reliable modern electronics, LED lights, higher quality cabinet construction and scratch resistant lacquer finish, the designers made sure to leave no stone or spinner unturned. They even went so far as to program the new LED playfield lights to mimic that of the old incandescent bulbs to brighten slower and appear warmer. All of this while striving to keep the exact same look and feel as the original.

Family friendly fun engages as you save the planet one country at a time! Slam the pinball into flying saucer targets, jumping aliens and twisting, winding ramps, while the killer sound effects and light-hearted game narration fully immerses you in this one-of-a-kind Martian experience.

Help! Our showroom is under attack and you’re the only one that can save us!

Medieval Madness (Chicago Gaming)

Hear ye! Hear ye! All ye Kings and Queens, Knights, nobles and pinheads! Thee remake of Medieval Madness is here ye and is awesome!

Back and better than ever, Medieval Madness pinball has been remade and has once again created a Renaissance in pinball.

Building off the immense popularity of the original released in 1997, the designers made sure to include all of the original features that fans everywhere know and love- like the trade-mark taunting trolls that pop out of the playfield, catapult ramp feature, moving drawbridge and iconic exploding castle.

The humorous, family-friendly game features voice overs from Tina Fey, wise-cracking Royalty characters, bright and crisp LED playfield lighting but the innovations don’t stop there on this great remake. Stereo sound, a crystal clear LCD display, 2 protective clear coats applied to the playfield and shaker motor integrated into the castle explosions, come together to modernize this unique remake.

Play your way through the various stages and destroy the castles of evil Kings, Dukes and Earls as you battle to save the captured princess! Be your family’s knight in shining armor when you bring this incredible machine home today!

These are just a few of the pinball machines in Metro Detroit that we carry and all of them can be played right now at our Game Room Guys showroom.

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