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New Star Wars Pin Announced

Teasing fans around the world, Stern Pinball shared images and video on the Official Star Wars YouTube channel. The vlog hosts provided the following description of the soon to be released pin:

"The new game, designed by legendary pinball designer Steve Richie, and themed around the original trilogy, comes in three different models: Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition. The game features speech and film footage form the original trilogy, sculpted Millennium falcon and Tie Fighter toys on the playfield and...an exploding Death Star and 2 LCD screens and a hyperspace ramp on the playfield."

As seen in the image below, each model has it's own unique cabinet art.

There were only 2 images of the playfields, and from this angle the differences are hard to discern. But the Death Star (definitely going to be an 'exploding' multi-ball, what do you think?) and Millennium Falcon look great!

This may only be a teaser, but we're pretty excited to bring this game to our customers and to have our Pro in the showroom. For more information give us a call at 616-785-7353 or send us a message on Facebook (@GameRoomGuys)

The original Star Wars vlog can be viewed here: