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How to Keep Score in a Shuffleboard Game

Players take turns sliding pucks to the opposite end of the shuffleboard, trying to score points, bump opposing player's pucks off, or protect their pucks from being knocked off by other players. Points are scored when a player gets a puck to stop in one of the scoring areas. The puck needs to be completely across the zone line to score full points. Pucks that are hanging off the edge of the board are called 'hangers' or 'shippers' and will receive an extra point. Pucks hanging off the end corner receive no additional scoring other than being 4 points for hanging over the back of the board. Pucks that don't pass the foul line closest to the player, as well as pucks that are knocked off are removed from play for the round. When all players have played their pucks, the puck closest to the far edge of the table takes points for all pucks that are ahead of their opponents furthest shot. Other players do not take points. The player who scores will shoot first in the next round. <