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Jukeboxes In Metro Detroit

Jukeboxes in Metro Detroit

Music, it has been said, is the universal language. It can bring us up when we’re feeling down, calm us down when we’re worked-up and can literally change lives. The mood of any gathering can be lifted by simply adding some familiar tunes for your guests to mingle and dance to. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you add music things get a little more fun! That’s why the jukebox and the musical magic it brings to any room has been a mainstay for the better part of a century and continues to live on.

Throughout the years the jukebox has seen fluctuations in popularity with various technological advances as well as social trends impacting its prevalence in today’s bars and homes. The jukebox was even thought to be a ‘thing of the past’ when digital and streaming music services were introduced, but it prevailed and is still rocking great tunes new and old!

At Game Room Guys we have been in the jukebox biz from the very start. (That’s over 18 years!) So we know a thing or TUNE about the nostalgia-inducing music centers and all the funky fun they can bring to any environment. We stock a full selection of jukeboxes (both home and commercial units) to fit a wide variety of styles and tastes to match our customer’s wants and needs. Here are few of the models that we carry and the various features they provide to give you an idea of just all the fun jukeboxes can be!

Crosley iJuke Bluetooth Deluxe Full Size Jukebox CD Radio and Matching Stand

The Crosley iJuke Jukebox is a perfect blend of classic antique styling and modern technology.

At first glance your guests will think you found an old juke from a local soda shop from years gone by. Sporting wood grain, the classic jukebox silhouette, a mirrored display and a color changing light theme- everything about this unit is a throwback to yesteryear. Upon closer inspection, however, your guests will notice the built-in CD player, AM/FM Radio, digital station/track display and wireless Bluetooth connectivity that brings this classic-looking unit into the 21st century.

Nearly endless musical options make this a great unit for entertaining! The front loading CD player allows you to play your favorite albums and even reads MP3 and WAV file CDs. With Bluetooth technology you can wirelessly stream any song from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other Bluetooth enabled device of your choice.

The chrome accents bolster the classic feel of the unit and the decorative song panel adds to the authenticity. LED light show is customizable to match almost any environment. Matching stand adds height and the always-needed extra storage. Compact remote adjusts music, volume and LEDs so you can control the party from anywhere in the room!

If you’re looking for all the throwback nostalgia that comes with a jukebox but with the convenience of today’s technology, the Crosley iJuke might be just what you’re looking for!

Crosley Rocket 45 Vinyl Jukebox (With Bluetooth)

If you’re a music junkie and the only way you can get your nostalgic fix is by listening to the real thing, then the Crosley Rocket 45 Vinyl Jukebox is exactly what you’re looking for. Made for those who aren’t satisfied by simply recreating the look of the retro jukebox but need the entire vinyl listening experience.

Hand-built to commercial specifications in the United Kingdom and individually numbered by the skilled craftspeople at Crosley, the Rocket 45 is the culmination of years of research and development. The Rocket 45 is the only vinyl-playing jukebox being manufactured anywhere in the world today, so this is truly a one-of-a- kind show piece for your game room or bar.

With the ability to hold 70 7-inch, 45RPM records the Rocket gives you a selection of 140 tracks to choose from for your rocking and rolling pleasure. The records are stored on a unique rotating vinyl mechanism which is almost as much fun to watch as it is to play!

The 5-way built-in speaker system is pushed by a D4 Digital Amplifier that features 4 channels, 2 tweeters, 2 mid-range drivers and 1 12” twin cone bass speaker to lay down your favorite beats. With the auxiliary out you can even add more speaker options to your room if you wish.

Rotating title rack allows easy selection of your favorite songs while included software allows you to print out your very own labels for your records.

Auxiliary input allows other music sources to play through the unit and even has a microphone input for announcements.

Your music options aren’t only limited to your auxiliary input and collection of 45’s, this unit even has a built-in Bluetooth receiver! That means that anything you can stream through your Bluetooth enabled smartphone, laptop or tablet you can now stream through the Rocket 45! A great feature that makes your music listening options almost endless. Included remote allows operators to control volume, enable shuffle play and record reject.

Equipped with a coin mechanism and side coin return, this unit looks every bit the part of the original vinyl jukeboxes of old. Just find your favorite track, pop in a quarter and press the buttons to select your jam! The glass and chrome shine brilliantly on this choice piece of Americana that is the perfect accent to your rock-and-roll-themed game room or venue.

One of our friendly sales associates would be more than happy to help with any questions and help blast your favorite songs!

Crosley Slimline Bluetooth Full-Size Jukebox

All the music and features in a cutting-edge jukebox with a smaller footprint! Featuring a smaller frame, the Crosley Slimline is made for the customer who might be big on sound but not on room.

Masterfully crafted and hand-built in the United Kingdom this jukebox is made to look like the originals but with all the modern conveniences you’d find in a current home stereo system, just with a lot more character.

80 disc CD mechanism gives you ample room to stock all of your classic albums along with some of your new favorites in this attractive piece. Rotating title rack makes it easy for guests to find and select songs to listen to.

Auxiliary inputs for a microphone and audio allow owners to connect other music playing devices and can turn unit into an announcement system for your bar or game room. Auxiliary outputs allow for up to 6 additional speakers.

Built-in Bluetooth receiver means the sky is the limit when it comes to your song options. Stream whatever you want from your Bluetooth enabled tablet, smartphone or laptop and please the masses with instant song gratification.

All of your tracks will be played through the two tweeter/two mid-range driver speaker system with a 12” twin cone subwoofer to bring the bass. It’s all powered by a D4 digital amplifier with 4 Channels at 60W RMS per channel, so you’ll be immersed in the swinging sounds of all your favorite songs all night long.

The hand-crafted cabinetry looks great and adds to the authenticity of the jukebox with percolating bubble tubes running up the sides just like you remember them!

The unit can be controlled with an included remote to toggle tracks, volume and shuffle play.

This jukebox is a lot of fun anywhere you put it but with its compact design it is optimal for those looking to put this somewhere in their home and not take up a whole lot of space.

Perfect for large parties or just a nice family gathering, put a soundtrack to all of your favorite memories with the Crosley Slimline Jukebox.

Rock-Ola Harley-Davidson Nostalgic Music Center Jukebox

If you love the character of a jukebox but want something that’s even a little more unique, Rock-Ola makes classic-looking jukeboxes that are full of modern day conveniences that make for great music centers for homes and bars alike.

The Rock-Ola Harley-Davidson Music Center is a great example of form and function meeting to make a beautiful entertainment piece for your home.

Featuring the 19” Auto Magic touchscreen this jukebox has all the latest in technology packed into an antique-looking package. Touchscreen has a ‘drag and drop’ feature so you can select tunes and add them to your playlist simply by dropping them in the desired location in your queue. Want to hear that track sooner? Simply drag and drop it to the top of the playlist! Users can double tap any song and hear a 7 second preview, so no more picking the wrong song by accident!

One of the coolest features is the ability to load in any CD and (with an internet connection) get instant album information, including cover art, loaded into the system. What if the album is a mix that you made personally? No problem! The touchscreen allows for manual input of track information as well. So getting those obscure tracks from your mixed CD’s won’t be an issue.

With jukeboxes of the past there was a limit as to how many songs due to the fact you could only fit so many albums in one machine. With digital music technology this is no longer a problem. The massive 1.0 Terabyte storage allows for up to 13,000 CD’s to be stored in this machine alone!

As if the ability to put every album imaginable into this machine isn’t enough, the unit is also equipped with Bluetooth, so you can stream music from any of your Bluetooth enabled devices. This makes your musical options virtually limitless!

All of your music will be pumped through a professional grade Peavey 1600 Watt Amplifier, enough power to cover two volume zones. The two zone volume control allows you to customize your music system with external speakers. 5-Band graphic equalizer makes sure you get the sound just how you want it.

Classic bubbler cabinet looks awesome and will be the focal point of any great game room. Carved wood shoulders and molded eagle crown frame in the custom Harley Davidson graphics on the top light panels. “Live to Ride” and “Ride to Live” are proudly screen printed on glass panels with motorcycle riders displayed beneath them to tie the ‘Open Road’ theme of Harley-Davidson motorcycles together.

The unit even has the ability to be hooked in to your own home computer network for even more file sharing and music listening capabilities. You can even customize the screen saver with personal photos or artwork- making this one of the most customizable jukeboxes on the market today! The perfect jukebox for the motorcycle-loving, music fanatic!

No matter where your game room is or what you like to play, music makes everything better! Jukeboxes are a great way to add music to any venue while at the same time adding personality. There’s no easier way to infuse a good time into any space than to put on a familiar party classic or jam the hottest new track for everyone’s dancing pleasure.

Looking for Jukeboxes in Metro Detroit?

This is a small sampling of our jukebox inventory. Game Room Guys stocks quality, top-of-the-line jukeboxes that span the spectrum of our customer’s needs to fit a variety of lifestyles. The party isn’t started until someone puts a song on the jukebox so come down and talk to one of our friendly associates today. We can’t wait to see you and remember: For all your game room needs, we’re the guys!