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Eight Ball (Solids and Stripes)

Eight Ball Pool is played by 2 players with a complete pool ball set, 1-15 numbered pool balls and the cue ball

Typically the game is a ‘Call Shot’ game, meaning that the players call their shots before they shoot. “7 Ball, Corner pocket.” With a gesture towards the intended pocket is enough to count as a ‘called shot’. If an opponent is unsure on the pocket, they can ask the shooter to specify. 

The Eight Ball is placed in the center of the rack for the break, with a stripe and a solid at each bottom corner.

Flip a coin to determine who breaks. On the break the player must either pocket a ball or cause 4 balls to touch rails. If this isn’t accomplished on the break the opposing player can accept the break and shoot or ask for a re-rack with their chance to break or make their opponent break again. 

Players are assigned either stripes or solids depending on who legally pockets the first ball.  If a player scratches on the break, it is a foul and the opponent can treat it as a scratch. If the player pockets the Eight Ball on the break the opponent can have the ball spotted or ask for a re- rack. 

The table is always open after the first break. Your ball group is chosen when a player legally pockets a called ball after the break shot. When shooting for the Eight Ball, a scratch is not the loss of the game. If the Eight-Ball is not pocketed or jumped off the table the opponent can treat it as a scratch. Combination shots can’t be used to legally pocket the Eight-Ball.  

The first player to get all of their balls in plus the Eight ball is the winner. 


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