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Gun Games for Hunting Season

If you are from where I grew up, the first day of deer hunting season is practically a holiday. Schools are cancelled, the roads deserted, pick-up trucks can be seen parked on the side of fields every few miles and bright orange camouflage is the uniform of choice.

Fall is a great time of year. The leaves are changing, hoodie and jeans weather is in full effect and more time can be spent in the warmth of the indoors with your family and friends. With all of this quality time spent indoors what could be better than having an arcade gun game to practice your marksmanship and challenge your skills?

Gun arcade games have been game room standards since the dawn of the arcade video game. Weather you remember sniping waterfowl in Nintendo’sclassic gun arcade gameDuck Hunt or hiding for cover in Time Crisis as you reloaded to unleash a hailstorm of virtual lead into the monitor- chances are that you’ve had a good time or two playing a gun arcade game.

There are a variety of gun games on the market with everything from Aliens to carnival games being your targets but finding the right one for your game room or venue is the key. Here are a few of the gun video games we offer here at Game Room Guys to give you something to aim for with your next arcade game purchase!

Big Buck Hunter

Undoubtedly one of the biggest arcade gun games of all time, Big Buck Hunter has been adorning the corners of bars and game rooms for the better part of the last two decades! Inspired by Duck Hunt, the object of the game is to shoot the male game animals as they run and jump across the screen. Watch out though! The game will have female animals run in front of the males attempting to trick you into shooting the wrong target. To add to the excitement, Trophy animals will bound into frame and attack if you don’t shoot them first!

Up to four players have four game modes to choose from that include turn-based play, head-to-head competition, online play (requiring internet connection) or nothing but bonus round target practice. Take on your friends and family while you simultaneously try to out-shoot one another in one of the many game scenes or just have fun and see how many bonus targets you can hit!

The fun doesn’t stop at game animals though! In Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead is an upgrade to the game you can purchase to take your Big Buck Hunter arcade game to the next level. Have you ever wanted to fight on the frontlines of the zombie apocalypse? Who hasn’t?! Get your zombie-killing trigger finger ready because not only will you be bustin’ caps in zombie humans but also zombie raccoons, chickens, deer, and even a zombie bear! A great twist on the already fun premise and perfect for Halloween parties!

With the purchase of the Duck Dynasty upgrade players can even go duck hunting with their favorite Duck Dynasty characters as they go on hunting excursions with the Robertsons themselves. The animals are different but the great game- play is the same. Featuring video clips and sound bites from the stars of the hit reality TV show, this is a must-have for any Duck Dynasty fan.

As previously mentioned Big Buck Hunter can go online for the ability to participate in Big Buck Hunter Tournaments against players from all over for cash and prizes, making this a great addition to your bar or restaurant. The repeat business is great for revenue and gives your customers yet another entertainment option!

As with any arcade game this popular, the fact that there is one of these in every bar in America makes it easier to find parts and accessories for your Big Buck Hunter. This will help get your gun arcade machine up and running faster, meaning less lost revenue (and fun) from downtime.

Equipped with a dollar bill validator and coin mechanism, the unit is ready for commercial action, but can also be set to free play for home use. Home models don’t have an online contract and will not have the equipment to put the unit online. The units can be modified at a later date to be online compatible via an installation kit and online contract.

Big Buck Hunter is the clear front-runner in arcade hunting games but if you’re sick of shooting at deer there are other options for the trigger-happy gamer!

Aliens Armageddon

It’s up to you to save the human race!

The Aliens Armageddonfirst person arcade shooter is a great option for those looking for a little more action and excitement in their game room.

A Xenomorph plague has almost whipped-out mankind and caused irreversible damage to Earth. The human race’s only hope is to shoot their way out, find a deep space cargo ship and leave Earth for good! Players battle side-by-side, or solo, as they blast, shoot and execute scores of alien foes in the battle to leave Earth.

Four chapters lead players on a non-stop shooting adventure through destroyed cityscapes and flaming wreckage. Force feedback guns simulate the gun recoil from each shot, while the deluxe model comes with a massive 55” HD LCD display enforcing the realism and immersing players in the extraterrestrial experience. Cutting edge graphics and sound will have you feeling the alien attack as they swoop, jump and swipe at you.

The giant red cabinet is sure to make a statement in any room and attract young and old to try their hand at shooting down some alien invaders. Cabinet lighting synchronizes with in-game action for even more enveloping game play. Speaking of lighting, the lighted multi-layered alien topper is sure to attract game plays and sets this game apart from anything else around it.

The competition never ends with online leaderboards, so players can check their stats against the best in the world. The game can be set to free play for home use (unless you feel the need to charge your free-loading friends) but operators can set their own prices.

With a theme based on the mega-hit movie franchise, the game’s recognizability will entice players who are familiar with the Alien movies to play, while the action-packed game play and eye-popping cabinet design will attract people who may not even know what Alien is! A great option that involves a little more action than a normal hunting game and might attract someone who’s more into hunting for monsters than for their dinner.

Halo: Fireteam Raven 2-Player Arcade Game

With over 40 million online players in its heyday, bringing the Halo video game franchise to the arcade was a no-brainer for game manufacturer Raw Thrills.

Halo: Fireteam Raven, brings one of the world’s best known video game franchises to the arcade with exclusive content, competitive online leader boards and the ability for players to connect to their Xbox Live account for even more content and stat tracking.

Adapted from the insanely popular Halo: Combat - Evolved for an exclusive arcade experience that drops players into the action as a soldier in Fireteam Raven as they fight alongside Master Chief to stop the alien Covenant alliance from taking control of an ancient super-weapon. The game features 45 minutes of gameplay over 6 heart-pounding missions.

This 2 player model is a smaller, more location-friendly version of the larger four-player Halo: Fireteam Raven. The smaller footprint allows for more versatility and the ability to fit the game into smaller venues and home game rooms. The four-player is perfect for larger game rooms with heavier traffic and features a gargantuan 130” panoramic 4k display. Owners and operators can set prices or set to free play for home use.

The immersive cabinet design inundates players with a booming 5.1 surround sound system and intelligent lighting that encourages drop-in play from other gamers for more fun and more revenue. The 55”, 4K display puts players right in the middle of the action and fun! In fact, this game is so much fun that more than 50% of players pay to continue their games so they can experience the entirety of the game.

The fully lit character marquee features Master Chief and beckons players from across the room to come and join the fun! No matter where this game is placed it’s sure to make a statement.

The easy-to-use guns feature a simple reload button, so the action never has to stop. The force feedback actually makes the gun recoil, so you can feel the action with each squeeze of the trigger. With the arcade gun controllers being mounted to the game it cuts down (almost completely) on game gun repair and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a game that will make statement and back it up with fantastic, addictive, fast-paced game-play, you’ve found it in the Halo: Firetream Raven 2 Player Arcade Game!

NERF! Arcade Redemption Game

Fun, fast and family friendly! One of the top toys of all time, NERF, and a leader in arcade entertainment, Raw Thrills, have teamed-up to make one of the coolest games to come out in years! The first and only licensed NERF arcade game, NERF! Arcade Redemption is a fun-filled, target-shooting frenzy that is bound to entertain both young and old while boosting revenue and good times.

Players sit in the durable, comfortable molded seats and shoot the two fun oversized NERF Blasters to try and hit as many targets as possible to win tickets or set a high score before time runs out. Players can compete over 4 levels of skill-based play. No matter if it’s points or tickets, the game play is so much fun, everyone walks away a winner!

The extremely easy game play makes it so almost anyone can participate- just point and shoot! The built-in Force Feedback lets you know when you shoot by simulating a real gun’s kickback. The guns are mounted saving on costly gun and game repairs that are more common on arcade gun games where the guns are not mounted.

The attention-grabbing cabinet features LED lighting and effects that flash with intensity during gameplay drawing in players with the vibrant cabinet colors. The 500W sound system thumps and provides a great soundtrack to your video game experience. A huge 65”, commercial-grade display provides bright, crisp graphics, making the targets easier to see and shoot. Players can post their scores online using their smartphone QR code to join the Raw Thrills Hall of Fame- an interactive feature that lets your guests compete against players worldwide.

Operators and owners can set the game to either redemption or amusement mode, so players can play for tickets or high scores. Units can also be set for a specific price or set to free play. Income reports have been consistently at the top of every test location. Comes with a standard 2-slot coin door; DBA and card swipe ready. Ticket dispenser included and e-tickets supported so it’s ideal for your Family Entertainment Center!

Gun arcade games are great for bars and game rooms because of their straight-forward nature and simplistic game play that anyone can enjoy. Whether shooting ducks, deer or aliens it’s always a good time and with a little more action than your average arcade game, these are the units that’ll entertain your guests for years to come.

At Game Room Guys we have all of the gun arcade game parts and accessories you need to keep your games in tip-top shape. We also carry pool tables, billiards supplies, darts, dartboards, pinball machines, jukeboxes, bars, stools, arcade games, theatre seating and so much more! That’s why when it comes to all of your game room needs, we’re the guys!


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