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Gun Games in Metro Detroit

Most of us would agree that hardly any gameplay experience can match the excitement of a gun arcade game. The exciting and brazen nature of these games ensures that even if you are not the one playing, you still can’t help but remain fixated on the screen. Gun arcade games are sure to bring out the best of your competitive spirit while testing your concentration. Here at Game Room Guys, we offer a variety of gun arcade games that are sure to bring out the competitive spirit of all types of gun game players.

Our premier gun arcade games would be none other than the classic Big Buck Hunter Series". Releasing its original arcade game in 2000, the fun-loving associates of Play Mechanix, Inc. brought the world a game that enveloped all the best things of real-life hunting to gun game lovers.

Having made numerous sequels and games based on the original, this series of gun arcade game has brought the same level of excitement to gun game lovers as real-life hunting did to those who partake in it. At Game Room Guys, we offer Big Buck Hunter machines that you can use at home or coin-operated ones that can be utilized on a commercial property. This particular game is also compatible with different-sized monitors up to 80 inch displays that help you make the most of your visual experience.

Besides the differences in these machines, we also offer many updates and different versions of the game. We offer 1 and 3 year upgrades of the game which allow for newer hunts and more capabilities. Upgrades also include versions in which you can play add-ons such as Big Buck: Zombies and Big Buck: Duck Dynasty. Just when you thought this game couldn’t become more addicting - they provide features that only make the arcade experience more memorable. With these add-ons, the world of Big Buck becomes more exciting and more enveloping to gun game lovers, young and old.

In addition to our Big Buck gun games, we also offer the next most exciting gun arcade game on the market; Halo: Fire Team Raven. Since being created by the gifted minds at Microsoft Studios, this game is second to none when it comes to epic group shooter games. It offers exciting, cutting edge gameplay, while giving you a tenacious flashback to playing the original Halo games years ago on your own Xbox.

Believe it or not - this game actually allows players to link their gamertags and accounts if they are Xbox Live members to receive exclusive stats and rewards. Game Room Guys offers two versions of Halo: Fire Team Raven - one of which is 2-player and the other is 4-player. Partner up or get a whole group of friends and delve yourselves into one of the most adventure-filled arcade worlds to date. The best part about this gun arcade game is that it gives you a realistic feel of going into battle with your friends by means of an incredible sound system and stunning first-person visuals on a 4k display. These features differentiate it from playing with a controller and a gaming console like the Halo games of many years ago.

To go along with Halo: Fire Team Raven, we carry Aliens: Armageddon - an action-packed shooter arcade game based on the hit movies that have captivated audiences for decades. The terrifying Alien species combined with the realistic video play and touch-sensitive gun controllers provide an experience that is fun, strategic, and somewhat terrifying. The realistic nature of this game gives you the impression that you are desperately fighting for your life against a swarm of creatures not of this earth. The game allows you to brave the beasts by yourself or with a partner. With the most upgraded version - the realism is brought to a whole new level with controller recoil and physical reloads. Do you think you have what it takes to defend Earth from a legion of unwanted aliens? If so, Aliens: Armageddon may be the gun arcade game for you!

If you’re a big fan of shooter games but are not necessarily the biggest fan of battle-type situations or hunting; we have something for you, too. We carry the Shooting Mania arcade game by LAI Games as well as the Nerf! Arcade Redemption Game from Raw Thrills.The games are simple: Shoot the moving targets at your discretion and hit as many as you can to advance to potential bonus rounds. Shooting Mania focuses on the shooting of targets in multiple carnival scenarios while Nerf! follows a similar pattern, but utilizes video game Nerf darts for the tasks. Both games include no violence, no scary situations, and still keep the competitive spirit alive. These gun games display the warm, fun side of shooter arcade games and are age-appropriate for all potential players. We carry the coin-operated versions of the games and we are happy to fulfill your age-appropriate gun arcade game needs at your earliest discretion.

At Game Room Guys, we carry a variety of options when it comes to gun arcade games and we take pride in the fact that we have something for every type of player out there. In addition to these games, we also carry gun game arcade kits that help you to perform all the necessary maintenance on your machine. Whether it be something internally or on the exterior of your machine, we carry all the tools you may need to take care of your gun arcade game. For more information on our line of gun arcade games or the maintenance kits to fix these machines, please visit our website or stop by our Grand Rapids location for more information. Keep calm and reload!


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