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Guide to Buying Used Air Hockey Tables

If you want a fast-paced used game, look no further than an air hockey table. There are several different styles of air hockey tables from multi-game units, arcade tables to table top models that are made for children. Because air hockey is such a high intensity game you are going to want to avoid the ‘toys’ and look for something in the intermediate range that will take the game play that an air hockey table is prone to.

Air hockey tables take up a considerable amount of real estate in your recreation area, so determine how much room you have to work with before starting your search. A good quality air hockey table will be at least 90” long by 50” wide, with regulation length being 96”, so make sure you clear a large spot. While you’re preparing the area also take into consideration where you will be plugging the unit into for power to the motor.

A good sturdy cabinet is a fairly easy way to spot a quality air hockey table. The cabinet will give the table the strength it needs while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the unit and also hide the motor. To check for stability, nudge the table to see how sturdy it is. If it seems to sway or have loose joints, examine the hardware to see if it needs to be tightened or if the table itself is coming apart. If the latter is true, skate away from that table.

Pay attention to the overall construction of the table. Does it have leg levelers? Are the legs strong enough to endure the abuse the average air hockey table will take? What are the side walls made of? The best material is for walls is aluminum, but nylon walls will work as well, they just don’t have the ‘bounce’ that aluminum walls will provide.

Feel the playfield for any warping or abnormalities. Moisture will cause playing surfaces to bubble and will ruin a playfield, so look closely for water damage. Examine the air holes closely and look for blockage and debris in the holes. Anything blocking the air holes will negatively impact game play. Also pay attention to chipping around the air holes as this can be a sign of a table in decline.

Finally play the used table if you can. Make sure to play a few games in succession to make sure the motor doesn’t overheat. A good motor can really make a table. The more powerful the motor the better action and play the table will have. These motors will also run smoother and quieter.

Consider when buying a used air hockey how you are going to move it once you buy it. As previously mentioned air hockey tables are rather large and can weigh a considerable amount. Usually the unit will move well on its side using a 4-wheeled dolly, but if you need to go up or down stairs other arrangements will have to be made. Some tables will come apart but not all are meant to do so, so proceed with caution. Make sure to consult the owner’s manual if you have one, this may be a good resource for deconstructing the table.

A good used air hockey will be worth the search when you see how much fun your friends and family are having once it’s up and running in your game room.