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Things To Know When Buying a Golf Arcade Game

Arcade golf has been featured in a variety of different arcade games over the years in different forms and functions. From Golden Tee arcade cabinets at the bar, to simulators that take up an entire room, there is a golf video game for every level of enthusiast.

Back in 1978 Magnavox was the first to try to digitize the game of golf for the masses with ‘Computer Golf’. Then in 1984 Nintendo took a swing and released ‘Vs. Golf’, the first arcade cabinet to feature golf. It would be 5 years before Incredible Technologies would develop and release the next golf arcade cabinet game, the still incredibly popular ‘Golden Tee’.

Depending on your level of golf skill and the company you are planning on entertaining, there is a golf arcade game out there for you! To assist in your search, we put together this guide with products and tips on buying golf arcade games.

Let’s get started!

Golden Tee Live

Incredible Technologies offers two different versions of their Golden Tee Golf arcade games- Home and Live. Golden Tee arcade cabinets feature the trackball swing control that lets the player have more control over their swing. The game also features many customizable player appearance options like hats, clubs and clothing to customize your character. The simplistic controls make the game easier to navigate through menus and shots, but the game is more for adults than children, although kids are able to play the game. The cabinet has changed over the years from a boxy wood block to the more streamlined pedestal and optional TV stand. The new design cuts down on the weight of the unit while placing the monitor at a comfortable distance from the player. This also makes the size of the monitor something that is left up to you, the customer, to decide on what best fits your home.

The Golden Tee Home Edition is exactly what you might guess: A special Golden Tee designed for your home. This version doesn’t have a dollar bill validator but has features that the commercial version doesn’t- like game modes ‘Real Time Rivals’ and ‘Skins’. With optional subscription-based online access, players can participate in online tournaments and geek-out on their stats using their player card in the card reader. Player stats and profiles can also be accessed via an optional keypad.

The Golden Tee Live version of the game, of course, comes with a dollar bill acceptor but also has player tournaments where players can compete against players from all over the world for cash and prizes. There are also other contest options and game modes that players can choose from to compete for prizes. These games are great for establishments looking for a proven revenue builder that their clientele will keep coming back to for more fun!

Golden Tee also offers a GT caddy app where players can set up private contests (for money if your state allows), create clubs and balls, dress their golfer, add money to their player accounts and more!
Incredible Technologies issues yearly updates as well as continuous add-ons throughout the year, so your online content is always up-to-date.

Golden Tee is the most popular arcade golf game but is not the only option, there are many other golf video games.

Power Putt

The Power Putt golf game is made by the same company that manufactures Golden Tee, Incredible Technologies. With the same pedestal and optional TV stand design as Golden Tee, Power Putt simulates the classic game of putt-putt with all of the familiarity of Golden tee.

Like its predecessor there is a home and a commercial version of Power Putt. Both feature 11 18-hole golf courses. The commercial unit includes great online daily cash contests and achievement badges awarded to players as they reach career milestones in the game. Excellent features that will encourage repeat business.

The home version offers the same in-game options and features but is offline. Features include 11 18-hole courses with hundreds of different pin and flag positions, a variety of clothing options and adjustable difficulty settings.

Power Putt is a great game for the whole family to enjoy! Without the intricacies the other aspects of the great game of golf, the player can hone in on their short game and bring their putting to the next level.

Putt! Championship Mini Golf Home Edition

As you probably figured out Putt! Championship Mini Golf is a realistic golf game that focuses on mini-golf or putt-putt. Three 9-hole mini-golf courses await you and your friends in this interactive game of skill. Up to 4 players can participate at once and use the real putter and ball to try to best one another on each fun-to-play hole. The player must hit the ball across the green and into a bank of sensors that continues the shot on the built-in 32” monitor. Depending on the touch of your stroke, the ball will react with surprising accuracy.

With a concept and course designs that will dazzle any child’s imagination, this is a perfect golf game for the house with a few little Arnold Palmers running around.

This is a great unit if you’re looking for something everyone in the family can enjoy. From the little ones to the adults in the room, this immersive putting game will provide hours of good, clean fun.

Multicade Games

There are also arcade cabinets known as multicades that will have multiple games on them and include Golden Tee or other golf video games. The most popular multicade being Chicago Gaming’s Arcade Legends 3.

Multicade cabinets are great if you are looking for a little more from your arcade cabinet. These units will often have dozens of classic video games that will bring on a flood of nostalgic memories while also providing that golf fix you’re searching for. The obvious trade-offs are that your golf game won’t be current with technology and you’ll be limited on gameplay options like tournaments.

Multicade cabinets are perfect for the game room that is looking to maybe fill more than one family members needs while still appeasing the golfer in the house.

Golf Simulators

For the golf enthusiast that wants the closest to the real thing there’s the golf simulator. Simulators are by far the best reproduction of playing a real round of golf there is.

Simulators are large in nature to allow for a full swing and contact with the ball but offer actual results and can help improve your real game. With the added size and accuracy comes a higher price tag but one that reflects all of the options and technology that is available at your fingertips.

TruGolf Golf Simulators are some of the best in the industry and feature TruFlight and TruTrack2 Technology for a more accurate reading of your shot. This makes simulators the most difficult of golf games to play but also the most rewarding. Some simulators have training programs built into them, making them an instructor as well. Another feature is that a simulator can also simulate other sports like soccer, hockey or baseball. This adds to the versatility and overall enjoyment that your family will have with the simulator. The projector and screen can also be great for TV, movies and even video games! Simulators will have the most courses, the best graphics and be the closest to the real deal you can get, but it all comes with a price to match, so see if a simulator is what best fits your needs.

Golf arcade games have come a long way since the late 70’s and keep improving with each passing year. The longer you wait, the less amazing rounds you’re going to be playing with your friends!

So call us today and we can get started looking for that perfect golf game for you!