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Golden Tee 2019 Home Edition Review

Golden Tee 2019 Home Edition Review

The undisputed king of arcade golf games is back and ready to blow you away for the 30th year in-a-row! Building on 3 decades of arcade golf innovation, the Golden Tee 2019 Home Edition takes what you’ve always loved about Golden Tee and adds even more fun features for you to enjoy.

If you’ve ever spent time in any sports bar or hotel game room you’ve probably seen Golden Tee arcade games in action before. It’s easy-to-spot with a crowd of people standing around it sharing laughs, high-fives, jabs and beers. It looks like fun, right? Did you know that you can have that much fun in the comfort of your own home? With the Golden Tee Home Edition, now you can!

TheGolden Tee Home Edition unit, boasting 74 beautiful 18-hole courses, provides you with an endless supply of golf entertainment and family-friendly fun! The game has kept all the features that have captivated audiences for decades and added new ones that keep the good times going into 2019. As with previous home units there isn’t a coin mechanism or dollar bill validator, so you get to keep your quarters. Unit comes with a card reader for using your player’s card. (You can also add an optional keypad.)

Spending 30 years perfecting the arcade golf experience hasn’t been an easy task but one that manufacturer Incredible Technologies has made all their own. The game play of GT 2019 is just as immersive as ever! The graphics have only gotten better throughout the years and this year’s looks life-like, to say the least. Now the courses and beautiful hole fly-bys are more impressive than ever before, showcasing the challenging course designs and sharp graphics.

One feature that stands out when watching someone play Golden Tee is the variety of crazy hats, shirts, shots, suits, clubs and accessories players can customize their golfer with. The game lets you dress up your golf avatar so it’s uniquely your own and invests players that much more in the gameplay. This is also a favorite with kids that play the game because of all the zany costume combinations they can create. This year’s edition adds even more crazy character customizations for everyone to have fun with!

Online connectivity with the home edition is optional but with access to the internet, and a subscription, players can track their stats, customize their golfers, upload shots to YouTube and compete against other players in online contests and Player Invitationals. This is a huge feature that really sets Golden Tee apart from other arcade video games. Imagine the fun you can have when you invite friends and family from all over to compete in private tournaments that you control from your own game room! As an added bonus, this year’s update will have more time-released content distributed throughout the year than ever before!

In a first for Golden Tee the new ‘Real Time Rivals’ game mode lets players compete against computer competitors, with the top challenger being none other than PGA golf legend John Daly. Players can work their way up through the Rivals starting with the bronze level and play their way all the way up to the golden tier where Mr. Daly presides. You can even skip the build-up and take on John your first try. All but impossible to beat, you’ll have to play the best game of your life to best Daly, making this feature one that will have you perfecting your game for years to come. (If you get sick John beating you, the game also allows you to grip- and-rip as Daly too!)

Although not a new feature don’t forget that you can also challenge up to 3 players on one unit, so live action play can still be enjoyed by you and your friends and family. The thrill of victory is so much sweeter when your competitors are in the room!

The new shot feedback meter is all the buzz on this year’s model. Previously there wasn’t a way to analyze shots after your turn. You’d try to put the right angle on your swing for just the right shot but it was impossible to know what you did right or wrong. Not anymore! This new feature lets you see your stroke on the trackball the instant you swing. This allows you to see your shot and improve it based on your findings. This is a great training tool and also is visible when playing against the computer, so you can learn a thing or two from the A.I.’s play. The shot feedback meter is also easily turned off, in case players don’t want or need the advantage of the graphic.

Looking to buy Golden Tee 2019 Home Edition?

With a game as solid as Golden Tee it’s no surprise that this year’s model is the best yet! They have been crafting the best possible arcade golfing experience year after year for three decades now and are closer than ever to pixelated putting perfection! Golden tee has always been a great game for any game room but with more options than ever before, there’s no better time to buy a Golden Tee Home Edition than now!