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If you have a game room in your house you know that having the right games to entertain is a must but just as important is your game room furniture. If you’re going to entertain company you’re going to have to provide ample seating, plenty of counter space for drinks and, of course, a spot to play a few games of cards or enjoy a meal with friends. [Read More...]

Most of us would agree that hardly any gameplay experience can match the excitement of a gun arcade game. The exciting and brazen nature of these games ensures that even if you are not the one playing, you still can’t help but remain fixated on the screen. Gun arcade games are sure to bring out the best of your competitive spirit while testing your concentration. [Read More...]

Metro Detroit is now Air Hockey Town and Michigan’s premiere one-stop game room shop, Game Room Guys, is providing all the fast-paced action and fun! Game Room Guys specializes in high- quality game room games, accessories and more! [Read More...]

Growing up in the 80s and 90s I went to a lot of Showbiz Pizza birthday parties. (Now called Chuck-E-Cheese for you that didn’t get a chance to get into the ‘Biz.) I remember trying to split my time between the fun of the disgusting ball pit (I now gag at what must have been in those pits- yuck!) and maximizing my ticket earnings by the end of the party so I could invest my winnings in a fake tattoo or a kazoo. [Read More...]

When it comes to game room games, the choices are endless. From pool tables to golf games to strength-testing punching bags, there’s something out there for everyone and every game room. Few games, however, have captured the imagination and captivated fans like the always-entertaining bubble hockey. For a blur of excitement and friendly competition, not many games come close to the excitement a good bubble hockey table can provide. Unique because it is basically a simulation that is a much smaller version of the real thing, bubble hockey has been around for almost 90 years and continues to entertain with its fast game play and easy-to-learn skill set. [Read More...]

Shuffleboard really is the perfect game for a state like Michigan. With our long winters keeping us inside for months on end (is it summer yet?), we need something entertaining and fun, that’s easy-to-learn but takes years to master. Shuffleboard checks all the boxes and is a great way to spend a cozy evening with friends and family for some light-hearted competition on some hardwood. [Read More...]

When it comes to pool tables and billiards accessories in the Metro Detroit area, Game Room Guys is bringing the goods! We offer all the tables we’ll talk about below, plus a variety of billiard accessories as well as pinball machines, air hockey tables, dartboards, foosball tables and more! We like to have a little something for everyone in our showroom to display our wide selection of products and knowledgeable sales staff. [Read More...]

Finding quality time to spend with your friends and family gets harder and harder every year. Everyone has obligations: the kids are involved in sports or clubs, the parents work until their heads spin and weekends are a blur of yardwork and fleeting moments of relaxation. In this digital age, with everyone walking around glued to their smartphone and access to entertainment at the swipe of a finger, it’s hard to hold anyone’s attention, let alone convince them to spend actual time with you! What you need is a form of family entertainment that is modern enough for the teens but familiar enough for the adults. You need an arcade gaming cabinet! [Read More...]

Golden Tee Golf arcade game for sale in Metro Detroit, chances are you’ll find one but finding the RIGHT one is the hard part. There are plenty of companies that will sell you whatever you want but will they be there for you when you have a question or need some help setting up your new purchase?  Game Room Guys has been playing and selling Golden Tee Golf arcade games since we started in the business of fun over 18 years ago. [Read More...]

Foosball tables come in an array of different shapes and sizes for all skill level of player. From the toy-like table top foosball games for kids, to the weighted professional tables that are built like tanks, there’s a foosball table for everyone. Game Room Guys specializes in carrying quality-built foosball tables, in a variety of styles that are competitively priced and made to withstand the beating that these tables can endure. [Read More...]

It’s never been easier to get your favorite pinball machines in Metro Detroit delivered straight to your front door! The classic arcade game is back and better than ever! Some people think of pinball and think of the old machines of the past: A quarter a credit, a few blinking lights, some dinging bells, and the occasional multi-ball bonus stage. Well, those games still exist and are fun to play, but there is a new generation of pinball machines on the rise and they are ready to make their way into your home today! [Read More...]

Music, it has been said, is the universal language. It can bring us up when we’re feeling down, calm us down when we’re worked-up and can literally change lives. The mood of any gathering can be lifted by simply adding some familiar tunes for your guests to mingle and dance to. [Read More...]

Redemption games are a great way to get people into your establishment and keep them there unable to escape the fun! They range in all shapes and sizes, from a small-footprint Whack-a-Mole games, to gigantic crane games, to games of skill like Skee Ball and Basketball. No matter what your audience there is a redemption game out there for them! [Read More...]

There’s nothing like the first round of golf at the start of a new season. The smell of freshly cut grass on a cool summer morning as you tee-up your shiny, white, dimpled ball on the first tee. The rising sun on your back, breeze on your face, a buzzing lawnmower from a distant green and knowing you have this, along with 17 other beautiful holes in front of you. It can really make for the perfect start to the perfect day. One thing that can ruin a great day on the links like this is being out of practice from months of inactivity due to a long winter. [Read More...]