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Game Room Equipment for Your Bar

Bars and taverns can be places where friendships are created, good times are had and memories are made. This is the ideal atmosphere for a hopeful bar owner. There are a number of things that can determine whether or not your bar is the talk of the town - anything from original cocktails, scenery, and even the furnishings of the bar itself. Some people like to stand or sit while others may want to play games. When patrons want to play, having games available for them can be the deciding factor in whether your bar is empty or full of customers. Because of this, Game Room Guys carries the best game room equipment for your bar.

Pool/Billiards Tables

Pool and Billiards games are known for being staples of the bar scene. There isn’t anything quite like grabbing a drink, securing a table for your friends, and having a friendly competition amongst each other. This is why we recommend pool and billiards tables as the premier game room equipment for bar owners. Here at Game Room Guys, we carry 12 different quality brands of pool tables. There are eight different-sized tables ranging from 6’ to 9’ long. We offer coin-operated or free-play pool tables. Based on certain factors, an owner will most likely only want one or the other and not both. You may even want to check out some of our specialty tables like the Pac-Man pool table or our collegiate team-theme pool tables that would be perfect for a bar in a big sports city or a small college town. Another great purchase for your bar would be any one of our versatile Fusion Pool Tables, that go from game time to dinner time in seconds. With many sleek design options to choose from, it will be almost impossible to not find a perfect fit to match the other furnishings of your bar. This pool table can also be transformed into a regular dining table - so if you’re in need of more room for your guests, you are able to create a whole new seating area. With the help of Game Room Guys, any bar owner can obtain a pool table or few and provide the most sought-after bar game for their guests.

We also offer all the pool table parts and accessories you might need to keep your tables in the best shape possible such as pool table chalk, felt, pool table leg levelers, and more!


Another fun, yet competitive, bar game that patrons frequently like to play would be darts. As a bar owner, this is another ideal piece of game room equipment for your bar because it’s not as expensive as other options and it’s a game that you don’t have to have any skills to have fun. You can find your traditional dartboards or electronic style dartboards here at Game Room Guys. We carry a variety of both styles of dartboards, both coin-operated dartboards and free-play dartboards. We have a variety of dartboard packages that can include dartboards, cabinets, darts, dart throw lines, and more. If you are a bar owner and are struggling to find all the dartboard parts and accessories you believe to be necessary for your patrons to have a good time, look no further. We are sure to have a dart package that has everything you are looking for.

Game Room Guys carries all the necessary dart replacement parts that you could ever need. We have great deals on everything from replacement dart tips to new dartboard parts.


When it comes to game room equipment for bars, some of us wouldn’t immediately think about shuffleboards and their ability to get patrons in the door. As an owner, there are a number of reasons you might want to give a shuffleboard table a chance at bringing in customers. Like a pool table, you can adequately involve up to four patrons in a game, which is good for groups who are going out together. Unlike some other games, shuffleboard game rules are simple and the game is relatively quiet when being used so the sound does not bother other customers in your bar. We carry coin-operated shuffleboard tables and free-play shuffleboard tables that come in a plethora of different color options so you can find the perfect one to match your bars’ interior. Maybe your bar gets crowded quickly and you have trouble finding room for all your guests. A Game Room Guys 9' Stainless Steel Shuffleboard with Dining Top can solve this problem. You can provide a unique gaming experience for your guests and if no one wants to play, it can be transformed into a dining table to provide more area for guests to have a seat. You can’t lose with a shuffleboard table!

Most maintenance needs for this game are simple. We carry all the necessary shuffleboard parts and accessories like shuffleboard glaze, shuffleboard cleaner, and shuffleboard sweeps that will help a bar owner keep a shuffleboard table looking new every night when it’s time to open.

Golden Tee Games

Golden Tee arcade games are an all-time classic in the video game world, so it makes sense why you may want to put one in your bar. This game is aimed towards an older generation of gamers, rather than teens or children, so you won’t have to worry about a lack of interest in a crowded tavern where everyone is over 21 years old. Golden Tee Arcade units are also generally quiet so you can be sure the gameplay will not disturb other guests. We offer many different package options that include arcade game cabinets, monitor stands and various Golden Tee Golf updates. Best of all - with easily-available annual Golden Tee updates for purchase, the gameplay will keep your patrons coming back for more year after year. If you’re looking for a classic quiet video game that is sure to peak the interests of your golf-loving patrons, the Golden Tee Arcade series may be the right call for your bar.

Big Buck Hunter

Maybe you want to purchase an video arcade game for your bar, but you think the Golden Tee Series doesn’t match the demographics of your patrons. The other video arcade game that we would suggest is the Big Buck Hunter Arcade Game Series. Being a fun shooter game with exciting visuals and multiplayer options, Big Buck Hunter is great for a wide range of patrons. Your customers who may not be fans of the pace of a golf arcade game like Golden Tee will be sure to love this. Gameplay can be spiced up with exciting upgrades like Big Buck Wild: Duck Dynasty or Big Buck Zombie Upgrade Kit. With the variety of options and upgrades that you can add to Big Buck Hunter, there’s no limit to who it will attract when you pull back the doors for a long night.


Although it’s not a competitive game customers can play with each other, a jukebox is undoubtedly a necessary feature for any bar. Everyone loves a bar with music and most people prefer the option of being able to choose what they listen to. With the ability to tailor your bar jukebox based on personal or customer preferences, you will be sure to have a packed house every night. Game Room Guys carries multiple styles of Crosley jukeboxes and Rock-Ola jukeboxes that you can pick from. Does your bar have an old-fashioned theme? Add a Rock-Ola Nostalgic Jukebox to complete the aesthetic. Do you own a biker bar? Complete it with a specialty Harley-Davidson Jukebox. Even if you don’t have a themed tavern, you can be sure that providing a jukebox for your patrons to use will keep them happy and coming back.

We also carry all of the jukebox parts and accessories to keep the music playing, so the fun at your bar doesn’t have to stop!

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Besides these great bar-friendly games, we carry pinball machines, ping pong/table tennis tables, arcade cabinets like Pac-Man and Galaga, golf simulators, air hockey tables, bubble hockey tables, crane machines, redemption games, basketball games, foosball tables and all the game room parts and accessories that go with them. To learn more about the games, parts and accessories we carry for bars and what might be best for your place, please visit our Game Room Guys website or come in and visit us at our Metro Detroit or our Grand Rapids locations.


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