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The Installation Process

Upon placing your order, a sales member will contact you to verify that the room in which you will be putting your simulator will be the proper size and have the proper electrical work (1 dedicated 15 amp circuit), as well as setting up an installation date (white glove, expert installation is required for the S4 and S8 models).

The S2 can be installed and assembled by the owner, however, we do offer a white glove service for delivery and installation. Installation by the owner usually takes approximately 2 days.

Pre-installation Requirements for S2
    • Room dimensions: Height x Width x Length
    • Are there any obstructions or room features we should be aware of (e.g. soffits, windows, fire sprinklers, garage doors, etc.)?
    • Ceiling material
    • Floor material
    • Power and internet

    Pre-installation Requirements for S4 and S8

    • Confirm Shipping Address
    • Confirm there is clearance to load a 12’6” L x 4’ W x 3” Thick panel into the designated simulator room.
    • Space Requirements of unit confirmed: Height x Width x Length
    • Conduit Requirements as outlined in drawings: If choosing not to run conduits, client accepts that not all cables can be run internally and may be exposed.
    • Electrical Requirements as outlined in drawings: Outlets finished-not roughed-in, Outlets live, Cover plates installed
    • Internet Connection as outlined in drawings: Live internet connection, Hardwire junction with cover plate or cable with end terminated
    • Equipment Cabinet or Rack in place if not using Full Swing provided cabinet.
    • Room Clean and clear of debris and building materials.
    • Floor Leveled to best of ability.
    • 6’ Ladder available for tech during installation: Technicians are unable to travel with ladders, if space requires a taller ladder, please provide.