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Game Room Guys Father’s Day Gift Guide

(What to get the dad that has everything.)

My dad is my best friend and the worst to shop for. He worked hard his whole life to provide for his family and was able to provide for himself in the process- so when it comes to buying him presents, every year is a new lesson in futility. What he doesn’t already have, he doesn’t want or need.

Every year I think “Oh! A new golf club will do the trick!” only to hear him praise his set he’s been playing with for 20+ years. Then I’ll think “Maybe he could use a new grill…” and he’ll invite me over to have burgers on the one he just bought. So I’ll go through the list of Father’s Day and birthday gifts I’ve gotten for him over the years. It looks a little something like this:

  • 2009: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2010: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2011: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2012: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2013: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2014: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2015: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2016: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2017: Golf Balls and Bourbon
  • 2018: Golf Balls and Bourbon

You get the idea: He’s never short on golf balls or booze but he is short on being surprised when he opens gifts from his eldest son.

As you might have guessed, my dad enjoys a round of golf and a fine beverage in his off time- so I’m getting him something that allows him to enjoy both from the comfort of his own home. A gift that he never knew he wanted or even needed. This year I’m getting him his very own Golden Tee Golf Home arcade game!

No matter who your father is I’m willing to bet that he would never expect a brand new arcade game in his den or game room, so there’s no bigger or better surprise than this. (Well, you could buy him a Lamborghini or a Private Island, I suppose. That might be bigger and better. Get back to us if you do this- we’ve never driven a Lambo!)

With 74, 18-hole courses, new content released through-out the year (with online subscription), golfer character customization, ‘Real Time Rivals’ feature that allows you to play as or against PGA Legend John Daly, multiple game modes including Skins and Closest-to-the-Pin, the entertainment options with Golden Tee are endless!

Just like playing at his favorite watering-hole, the Golden Tee Home edition is set-up to play exactly like the commercial models, so there’s no re-learning of the controls or gameplay. Simply plug-in, turn on and hit the links! The great thing about Golden Tee is anyone can play it! The controls are simple so the learning curve is gentle.

When dad isn't playing a game mode he can challenge the family to some friendly rounds of golf as well. Up to 4 players can join in at once on one machine for some great family fun! Family members can create their own golfing avatars and with all the gaming modes and options, this will be a family fun spot for years to come.

If you’re worried about space, don’t be. This big game has a small footprint (25” x 53”) and depending on the model, dad can choose his own size screen that best fits his preferences. Choose a unit with a monitor stand or simply mount your game monitor to the wall. The game is always set to ‘Free Play’, so keep your quarters for the arcade.

2019 marks 30 great years of the Golden Tee arcade golf franchise, showing that a true arcade classic never dies, only gets better! We look forward to seeing what innovative ideas and updates Golden Tee will have over the next 30 years!

Looking to Buy Golden Tee Arcade For Your Father?

Father’s Day is just around the corner (June 16th) and the time to start purchasing your dad’s favorite Father’s Day gift ever is NOW.

Visit our website or call our friendly staff for more information. You can also swing into one of our fun-filled showrooms in Livonia and Grand Rapids with any questions! We can’t wait to see you and remember: For all your game room needs, we are the guys!