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Guide To Buying Bottelsen Darts

We think it’s time to unleash the champion within you:

Game Room Guys is proud to announce that we now carry Bottelsen’s line of Fantastic Darts. 

Bottelsen has created a finely constructed army of darts and dart accessories that make you a champion, literally. Bottelsen American Dart Lines have withstood the test of time as one of the only remaining dart crafters in the United States. Each Bottelsen dart is crafted to a specific standard with over 40 years of expertise behind every design. No professional dart player is made equal and Bottelsen understands this. We all have a unique physique, preference, and priorities, that stand between us and the bullseye. Player diversity has lead Bottelsen to cater to everything your dart should be, because after all, there is no game like yours.
Each element of a Bottelsen Fantastic Dart is built with the champion in mind. Because Bottelsen does not just want to make darts, they want to make darts they’d use themselves. These darts and dartboard accessories are made for players, by players. 

So everyone wins. Well...everyone except the competition. 

Bottelsen darts have multiple claims to fame, in fact, they are so good, they broke their own record! Jimmy Damore was sitting in first place on the dartboard scoreboard, holding the title of the most bullseyes thrown in 10 hours. This title was won using Bottelsen’s Hammer Head Darts. But then, Perry Prine broke the world record again, in 1998 with another set of darts from the American dart manufacturer: the Hammer Head G.T. Darts. Additionally, two other U.S. champions have been made using Bottelsen darts. These wins come on the tail of years of trial and error. Bottelsen works out the kinks in your darts, so you can work on perfecting your game. 

Bottelsen’s founder, Walt Bottelsen set out to solve problems with his game in 1977 when bounce-outs cost him the title in a competition. With the intuition and knowledge only a dart player can have, Walt created the unprecedented Hammer Head No Bounce Darts. Revolutionary Hammer Head technology allows the point to retract into the dart shaft upon dartboard impact, virtually eliminating bounce-outs and changing the future of darts forever. Today, Hammer Head technology is available for any player in a variety of styles so you can always find what you need, always in a set of 3 darts. 

Can’t decide between all of Bottelsen’s amazing options? No worries, Bottelsen provides the perfect solution to your dart dilemma in the Skinny’s Convertible Darts. These darts are just the tool for the avid dart player that enjoys a hybrid of both steel and soft tip darts. Skinny’s come equipped with Hammer Head Steel Tips but also feature a carrying case, extra soft tip darts, and flights. With these darts you can seamlessly flow from board to board and practice to tournament.  

ColorsKnurls, and Grams, oh my! Bottelsen’s capacity for creating effective solutions to everyday dart problem does not stop when it comes to a precise grip. Their famous Shark Skin Knurling is available on a range of barrel styles and provides a unique sandpaper texture for a no-slip grip. Shark Skin knurl feels great in your hand and looks even better on the dartboard, for a one-of-a-kind hold. Bottelsen provides knurl options that range from their timeless smooth grip to the strongest hold on planet earth, the Gorilla Grip. Each style of dart is available in a range of knurling options, weights, and even colors. Bottelsen’s years of expertise provide quality darts to solve problems you didn’t know you had and gives you options you did not know you wanted! Bottelsen darts are formatted for maximum hold, fantastic flight, and with your best game in mind.  


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